My Druidic Education-Part 5

My grandfather was born in 1893 and came to the US in 1902. He came alone, at age 9, from Prince Edward Island, although he had a brother waiting for him here. He was strong physically, mentally and spiritually, although he had very little formal education. A strong body was necessary to survive then. There were no machines or electricity to do the work, so you had to use your body.

His marriage to my grandmother was a partnership. My grandmother dealt with certain aspects of their life together and my grandfather handled other aspects. Today, looking back, I see their division of labor as traditionally Marks family_0004_NEW.jpgsex-oriented for the most part, although my grandmother worked as a caterer and brought in much of the income, while my grandfather farmed and took care of the land. But they were Druids, so they fully respected each other as equal partners, as much as was possible in the times they lived. Although they had their differences, and sometimes loud ones, there was always an underlying respect and kindness. They would never intentionally truly hurt one another, physically or psychically.

When my grandmother died at age 75, my grandfather couldn’t figure out how to be here anymore. He had a stroke that cut off access to the left side of his body—the feminine side.

When I visited him in the hospital, I told him, “I really need you around.” I feel now that I should have let him go, but he loved me and understood that I wasn’t yet ready to face the world alone. He told me, “I don’t know if I can do it”—meaning stay here. But within 15 days he had put himself back together. He’d decided it was necessary to work with me for awhile longer.

He didn’t put it in terms of male and female energy, he just said he knew he was missing something. He reached out and asked his guidance, what he called “the angels”, and they gave him pictures of what to do. Being who he was, he had the strength to be able to do what was necessary to repair his body and rewire his brain. The reason he could do that was that he had worked with my grandmother so long that he realized he could expand himself to access and develop the more feminine part of himself. He lived for another 15 years.

I tell this story to let people know what is possible, what we are capable of doing. Yes, he was a Druid, and yes he had a strong body from his upbringing at the turn of the last century. But he also would tell me that he was more dense than I was, because of when he was born. People today are even less dense. It is becoming easier and easier to access our multidimensional consciousness, our true capabilities. We have only to believe that we can do it, and open to the energies that will help us to raise our vibrations.

And, of course, live in love without conditions and without judgment, for ourselves and others.

PHOTO: COMFREY-Essence is a powerful tonic for the nervous system; can help one regain use of the nervous system after it has been atrophied (such as muscular degeneration after recovery from an accident). Allows dormant or atrophied parts of the brain to be used.

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