When I started this blog it had two purposes: to sell the book (to get useful information out there to interested people), and to talk about ways of living in freedom and love without conditions, without judgment. I hoped at the time that other people would be inspired to share their own experiences of how to live in freedom, how to move beyond judgment, how to open to love without conditions in their lives.

I doubt I’ve sold any books from this! I have had a few comments along the lines of “thanks for the inspiration”, and one or two insightful additions from readers. I would LOVE to hear more from you. So now I will focus on some of my own experiences in living in this world focused on freedom and non-judgment. Today’s is on health.

We are going through a major transition and transformation. This is happening physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. People often ask me for a flower essence that will totally “heal” them on whatever level they are currently focused on. I want to tell them, “It took you lifetimes to create the mess, so don’t expect to immediately and totally turn it around with one or two drops of an essence. These are not pills treating a symptom, but consciousness treating consciousness. Healing comes with a change in attitude.” Of course, that’s exactly what essences can do:

Flower essences, and to a good degree gem elixirs, work through the subtle bodies to affect the pure consciousness of the individual.
~Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Higher Sciences, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, by Gurudas.

But essences are only an example of what I want to talk about today, an example in the front of my mind because I have been creating online classes about essences. This is from the second installment, HOW THEY WORK, titled How We Get Sick:

  • Dr. Bach concluded that disease is a physical manifestation of a block or imbalance in the psyche.
  • Hilarion (Gurudas books) describes this block as being in the etheric bodies surrounding the physical.
  • As a last resort, the imbalance manifests as a disease in the physical body, in order to bring it to the person’s attention, so he or she can deal with it.
  • Therefore, physical problems are manifestations of an imbalance in the ethereal realms: psychological (mental), emotional or spiritual. This includes inherited weaknesses and karma carried over from other lifetimes.
  • There is an added cause today, pollution. But again, our susceptibility can be influenced by old energies we are holding, from this or other lifetimes.

Amazing energies have been flooding the earth to help us with this transition. These energies also push us to release the low vibrational energies we are holding on to that can’t exist in the higher vibrational frequencies we are becoming. The old energies are on their way out, and sometimes kicking up a fuss.

A few years ago I developed an intense rash. It showed up on my chest, then moved to my arms and other parts of my body. It itched and hurt. I asked what this was all about. I got the impression of being burned at the stake. My partner Mark is much better at reading the Akashic records than I am. He wouldn’t tell me all he saw, except that it was from intense torture, during which I begged to be burned to end the pain. This was interesting, because the only way I could relieve the effects of the rash was by taking a very hot shower, that was on the borderline of burning my skin. When I asked how to release this, I was told that traumas we’re holding that were acquired physically often have to release through the physical body. So I kept saying, “I release this! I own this, I forgive this, I release this, I let this go, I am free!” Over and over. In about two months the rash was gone. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t consciously connected to any fear or psychological pain around this. I think I’d already processed that part in the past, and only the physical remained to be released.

I’ve had similar experiences with physical pains and maladies since then. I’ve been told that “it’s all clearing”. So I do my best to release, forgive, release, forgive, and accept the resulting freedom.

I hear people around me talking about physical symptoms that their doctors can’t seem to treat, intense cases of flu that don’t seem to respond to their normal flu medications, etc. If people realized what was going on, maybe they wouldn’t freak out so much around physical symptoms. So I share my experiences, in love, in the hopes that it may help you or someone you know.

Once we realize our own divinity, the rest is easy. … Every one of us is a healer.
~Dr. Edward Bach

Photo: INDIAN PIPES-Enhanced ability to receive love, universal love in the highest sense, which is all around us, although we may be unaware of it. Imagine the heart opening and being nurtured by this love, then send it on. Helps in envisioning planetary peace.

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  1. Thanks Phyllis, What a true, clear explanation. Thanks for doing this, even if you are not getting many responses. Love and light, Marilyn


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