John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

The first rule of channeling is “open mouth.” Remember, we’re not puppets. Nobody’s going to open our mouths for us. All you have to do is open your mouth, and everything works.

People sometimes say, “Oh I’d like to be like Baba, etc.” How am I different? I’m in a human body, just like you. We’re not like automobiles, where you can order new gadgets and stuff. We’re all born with the same equipment. It’s just that some people ignore their inborn faculties. So you have a choice. You can say “I’m going to use the faculties I have , that I haven’t been using, that I’ve been born with.”

Everybody’s channeling, but their brain isn’t registering it. It’s saying, “not relevant, not relevant, not relevant.” Your brain is very choosy in what it puts into your consciousness, through habitual thinking. Everybody’s seeing things, everybody’s having their I Am Presences and maybe multidimensional masters talk to them. You can see energy, see auras—but your brain isn’t registering it. You’ve actually got senses that your brain’s not using, your brain’s not choosing.

Your brain is registering millions of pieces of information all the time. By the way you think it chooses what to put into your consciousness. You’ve got pathways in your brain that you habitually use, so you think the same way all the time. To change things, you have to burn new neural pathways in your brain. This changes the way you think, this changes the way you relate to so-called reality. This is the simplicity of it all. It’s got nothing to do with being spiritual or anything like that. It’s all to do with changing your relationship with supposed reality, or the version of reality you’ve chosen to react with, or your belief system.

So we encourage you to please integrate this. None of us are any different. We all have the ability. There’s other beings that come to the planet, of course, that may have avatar consciousness. They may have what we call maha avatar consciousness. Well, they’re different. There aren’t too many of them around on planet earth. But for the rest of us, we’re all the same. It’s only how we choose.

So please integrate this, and say to yourself, “Well, OK, it’s easy, isn’t it. I only have to change the way I think.” Well, I can tell you that often then the ego says, “That’s not so easy, is it.” —the ego being the driving force. So we have to get the ego standing behind us in a straight line, and keep it quiet. Then we can make a start on the way that we see things, on changing our belief systems. It’s all about belief systems.


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