A Salute to the Feminine Divine

quan-yinThe following is from a channeling of Quan Yin through Hari Das Baba/John Armitage. I include it here today in honor of all the beautiful goddesses (and gods) who are standing in their power right now, all around the world, in LOVE.

All the females in the human race are representations of the Divine Mother, or should I say, they are the Divine Mother incarnate. Over the years, over the centuries, over the eons, this knowledge, or this acceptance that the feminine side of the race IS the Divine Mother incarnate–this knowledge has been lost, and the understanding has faded away from the mind. It has faded away, not only from the female mind of the race, but also from the male mind of the race.

Of course, it follows that if the females of the race are the Divine Mother incarnate, then the males of the race must be the Divine Father incarnate. Also, the knowledge that the males are the Divine Father has slipped away and been lost in the mists of time, so there has been a lot of confusion on who and what human beings are. …

You are the Divine Mother, you are the Divine Father living presently in these bodies, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a male body or a female body. Remember, I said to you that the males are a representation of the Divine Father and the females are a representation of the Divine Mother. These are representations. The energies that, shall we say, animate these bodies, and the energies that keep the substance of creation together throughout the realities, is pure essence of Mother/Father. So, it follows that within the males is the Divine Mother and within the females is the Divine Father.

So I encourage you to live in harmony and balance and to balance this Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Then, the true realization will sink into your minds and your hearts, and you will realize that you are God and Goddess now and that there is no struggle.

This struggle for enlightenment and freedom is an illusion. All you have to do is allow yourselves to be free through the recognition of the truth, the Divine Truth, of who you are. As such, you will be instantly free.

So I put my arms around you as the Divine Mother, and I hold you in my Love, just as your physical mother held you. Then we bring the energy of the Divine Father. The Divine Father supports the love of the Mother. The Divine Father comes to you and also puts his arms around you, and you are held in the true harmony and balance of Source, of the Father and the Mother.

So, I would ask you please just to sit or lie quietly and allow the true harmony and balance of the Love of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother to be with you. Allow yourselves to experience, without struggle, without question and without denial, this true balance of creation.




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