John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

When we speak of the Upstairs Department and the ascended masters and so on, people think there’s only a few of them. There are millions, billions of them. We often ask you, “Who are the multidimensional masters?” You mention a few names you’re familiar with. The truth is, you’re the ascended masters as well. You’ve ascended before. Everyone on planet earth has ascended before, no matter what they’re doing—at least 5 times. You’ve just chosen decension for an adventure. Think about it. What’s the struggle? Think about it. Laugh, love, be real. Don’t be judgmental, angry and all the other things that our ego can drive us into. Follow your heart. When you follow your heart, everything’s cool and cosmic. You’re happy. As soon as your ego starts driving you again, well you know the result, don’t you? We all know the result. I know the result as well.

So this is it. We’re all one. One is all. Behave with this understanding. But don’t limit our human experience. We’ve all had human experiences that we weren’t particularly interested in. But we’ve all had marvelous human experiences too. Even if you’ve had what you consider the worst possible life on earth, there have been moments where you’ve had a fabulous experience, even if it’s only a smile or a laugh or a touch of gentleness in some way.

That’s what we’re here for, to laugh, to experience what we can as human beings. Look at the beauty of the planet. We didn’t come here to be miserable, judgmental, to kill each other. Heaven is not “up there.” They only tell you that to keep you distracted, to keep you looking up. “I want to go to heaven.” You’re in heaven! Look at the beauty, look at all the other beings living here. The birds don’t say, “I don’t like you because you have big ears.” They just share their happiness, sing their songs, do their bird stuff. That’s it.

So, it’s magic! Look at the flowers, the stones, the seas, look at the other creatures. This is a magical place. We’re here to realize we’re not separate.

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