Your Soul Family

From John Armitage (13D Teacher Training, 2016):

Let’s forget our cosmic aspects here, and let’s look at the generally accepted format. The Monad is a spark of consciousness, of Source. The Monad is never disassociated from Source, in harmonious connection. It’s of a vibrational frequency that it can’t project itself into this reality, so the energy has to be stepped down. So the Monad actually projects itself into the 8th dimensional reality. That’s where your I Am Presence lives, in the 8th dimensional reality.

The I Am Presence then projects itself into a lower vibration again and projects itself into 12 Higher Selves [or Souls]. Each one of these has 12 aspects as well [personalities]. This makes the 144 of you. So there are 144 of you in your Soul Family. This doesn’t mean that each soul in your soul group is incarnate in a human body. That’s not necessarily so. Remember, you’re not a human being. You’re living in a human body now.

So where are the others? They can be anywhere. They may be incarnate on earth in human bodies, they may have decided to incarnate into other kinds of bodies, they may be somewhere else in the universe, they may be incarnate in reptilian form, insectoid form, hybrid form, in another star system, whatever. So there’s 144 of you. This changes how you relate to yourself as a human being—me me me me me. Your I Am Presence is neither male or female. Your I Am Presence just IS, the same as Source is, neither male or female, the pure harmony and balance. This is the simplicity of it all.

Illustration: Soul-Monad Diagram©John Armitage, used by permission

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