Being an Energy Recycling Bin

From the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016. John Armitage:

Our I Am Presence isn’t a human being. It can incarnate in any kind of life form anyplace in creation. Allowing some of these to download their stuff on you can cause a lot of confusion, pushing and pulling from other directions.

So there’s you and another 143 of you wandering about somewhere in creation [see Your Soul Family, 2/27/17]. This is why we say as well, those of us in the 3rd dimensional reality, sometimes others in our family who are in other dimensional realities might use us, being in the dense 3rd dimensional reality, as rubbish bins. They might download their stuff to us for processing in the 3rd dimension. This could make our lives a bit complicated. Or maybe even we volunteered it.

This might seem like a brave move, but when you step further and further into the light, that light goes through to your soul family. So it’s more constructive to put your focus on walking further and further into the Light, and self-realization, than being a rubbish recycling machine. I worked this out a number of years ago, It was my old friend Joshua Stone who put me on to this. “I’ve notified the rest of my soul family that I’m not going to recycle any more of their stuff. I’m not the bin.” Djwhal Khul had told him about this and gave him the suggestion. Joshua told me, “Your life will become a lot easier if you notify the rest that you’re not going to recycle the rubbish, but rather focus on freedom and love. This will be more constructive for the whole group.”

How do you notify them? The same as you notify anybody. “Hey you lot! Listen! Take note!” Tell your I Am Presence—I mean, sometimes we do some silly things. Sometimes we make these contracts on an I Am Presence level [sharing our bodies], and we think it’s going to be constructive. But we need sovereignty over our own energy system. We think it’s a good idea, but actually it turns out not to be such a good idea, when you’re in 3rd dimension.

Photo: Iris–this essence increases the energy of the filtering part of the aura, so that what comes through is altered subtly, in a 5-6D way.

video introduction to NPMDT

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