Moving Beyond Separation

From New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016–©John Armitage:

The whole idea of most beings of light on earth is to come out of this idea of separation, that you’re actually separate. This is the project. By incarnating into this dense reality, you’ve got amnesia, in general. Of course the young ones coming in now, some are saying, “Why am I living here? I thought I was this, that.” They don’t have the amnesia. But in general when you incarnate you have amnesia. You forget your lifetimes—so-called past lives.

This term of course is a mistake. Time doesn’t exist, so there’s no “past.” Actually every lifetime you’ve ever lived is happening now. This is why sometimes you face challenges in this lifetime. So if sometimes we mention the dreaded “c” word [channeling], some people have a real dread of this but they don’t know why. It could be that you were an extremely powerful person in one or more of your incarnations and you misused the energy. Maybe you were harmed in some way or another by others who had access to a lot of focus and energy. You have to understand that in general, those people who habitually reincarnate on planet earth, everybody’s been the killer, everybody’s been the killed, everybody’s been the rapist and the raped. You’ve been so many things.

So this is why some people are really scared of energy or scared of channeling. I find when I do crystal workshops, some people are really afraid of the energy. This is because they’ve misused it in one or more of the Atlantean periods [or had it used against them—or both]. People are afraid of extraterrestrials and so on. You have this memory of not very pleasant times, somewhere. It’s also in the racial memory, the collective consciousness. A lot of people are afraid of snakes and so on, of reptilian beings living on the planet now, because somewhere in their memory they can remember not so interesting times with reptilian beings. Also this irrational fear of spiders, these tiny things that for the most part can’t do anything to you. This is because you have memories of interactions with spideroid beings that weren’t all that friendly.

We’ve all lived in these different forms across the universe. Maybe parts of us are living in these forms now. It isn’t only the humans who are talking about God and Love, allowing love to flow through their hearts, living in the energy of divine Love. Not only the humans are doing this. There’s a lot of different species across the universe. Why be afraid of extraterrestrials? It’s not logical, this. You aren’t in general afraid of other humans, are you? And look what humans are doing to each other. It’s illogical. Now I feel I’m channeling Mr. Spock.

Photo: Echinacea-the essence helps you welcome change instead of fearing it. Release old patterns, develop new more useful ones. Helps to lessen trauma stored in the 3rd chakra from this and other lifetimes.

video introduction to NPMDT

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