Power of Words & Thoughts

John Armitage, founder of NPMDT, has often reminded us that thoughts and words are energy. Anything we say after the words, “I AM” is taken as instructions by our subconscious. So we need to be aware of what we are creating for ourselves. At the 2016 13D Teacher Training he gave a few more examples of the power of thoughts and words:

We’ve been talking about how words and the way we think affect everything. I’ve got this friend in England who’s a great devotee of Sai Baba. Here’s one from him about the power of the word. One day he said, “Poor girl, she works so hard.” Sai Baba replied, “You are blessing her with poverty! Are you sure you want to bless her as ‘poor girl’”?

I”m often demonstrating to people the power of thought and the spoken word. So here’s an opportunity to do that. I need one volunteer. Who’s brave? Or mad…? What we’re going to do is use kinesiology/muscle testing. First we’ll test her strength [pushes on her arm]. She’s got a lot of strength.

Now look at her and think in your mind that you don’t like her. Focus on her. [muscle tests again and she’s much weaker]. She’s disempowered, and you didn’t even have to say anything.

Now think “I love you. You are beautiful. You are a fantastic person and I love you.” [tests again] Now I can’t even push her arm down with all my strength. So this is a practical demonstration of the power of thought, and the power of the spoken word is even stronger.

Photo: Clear Quartz is a strong thought amplifier.  www.taliloquay.com

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