Dissolving Contracts & Vows

From the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016-John Armitage:

Often we need to dissolve contracts that we’ve made before incarnation, or during some lifetime. Sometimes we make vows, such as vows of poverty. Or we might vow, “I’m never going to stand in my own power again, because I’m dangerous.” This vow is there, real and living. So on the 3rd dimension your heart is pushing you, “I want to stand in my own power! I want to stand in my own power!” But actually you’ve got a signed contract that you’re not going to do it. You have a vow on an I Am Presence level, that you’re not going to do it. So it’s necessary to cancel all these contracts and vows.

It’s necessary to cancel all the vows, cancel all the contracts, because we do some very amazing things. People have a tendency to think, “My I Am Presence is in the 8th dimension and it has not done anything silly.” But sometimes your I Am has, and it’s necessary to cancel it all.

The bad news in this is, I’ve never managed to cancel it all in one go. The kind of energy it would take would be more than your body could take at once. You’d burn up. It’s like these clearance meditations we do. People will say to me, “John, I’ve got this and this, and I’ve DONE the clearance meditation!” “When did you do it, this morning?” “Oh no, I did it two years ago, in a workshop.” Yeah well, come on.

Photo: Hyssop–its essence alleviates guilt. This does not mean its suppression, but rather an honest confrontation with the basic cause of one’s thoughts and actions. By acknowledging and releasing guilt feelings from within the self, more constructive tendencies within the personality can develop. Useful in past life therapies in which certain actions in other lifetimes have caused strong feelings of guilt that disrupt the present. In alleviating guilt it takes the strain off DNA in the cells (relieving many stress related diseases).


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