Caught in the Reincarnation Loop

From the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016-John Armitage:

Some incarnate with a specific goal and incarnate into a situation that has certain potentials. Either they manage it and grow, or go down under the weight of it, but then you can come back anyway. We’re only human because we incarnate into human bodies on this planet. This surprises a lot of people because of religious teachings.

When you incarnate, if you’re sensible and work things out, you incarnate into a family and into a culture which you think will give you the opportunities for growth. But everything is a set of potentials. It’s purely potential. You might turn right instead of left and change things. Your I Am might keep saying “Left! Left!” But you don’t listen and go right. Things change.

Many human beings come back over and over, thousands of times. Not me, I’ve only been on this planet 128 times. I only come here when things get a bit interesting. We’re living in interesting days now. People incarnate to have certain experiences.

Actually there’s a recycling of souls on this planet. Souls are captured, forget everything, die and reincarnate again. They get trapped. There is a way of avoiding this, but most don’t know how. The Buddhists talk about the Wheel of Birth & Death—this is what they’re talking about, being trapped and sent back.

When my mom was about to leave her body, I told her, “You’ll see this great light tunnel and maybe see relatives who’d passed on, maybe even an image of Jesus. Don’t go there. If you go there, you get trapped in the soul recycling machine.”

We talk about this thing called karma, the laws of cause and effect and so on. One time I was a great believer in karma, having been a Hindu monk for a number of years, but now I don’t believe in karma. I don’t believe in the theory, because the karma theory only works if we go through the recycling machine again. If we don’t, we’re not subject to it. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you can do whatever you like. Somewhere you’ll have to learn the lesson.

If you don’t go up the tunnel of light, you can go out into the void, where you can get some proper assistance from light beings who will assist you in going to a relevant place for you.

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