From the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, Jonh Armitage:

People seem to think that they are human beings and will always be human beings. This isn’t true. There’s one other species that does take birth as humans relatively often, and that’s dogs. They are the embodiment of love without conditions. You treat a dog properly and it will always love you. Our first relationship with dogs was in the early days of Atlantis, when wolves were first incarnate. The wolves soon found out that hanging around the periphery of humans was a good way to get food easily. If other animals or beings approached, the wolves barked. Perfect arrangement. Over the years they’ve become more and more tuned in with us. Because of their ability to love without conditions, they occasionally move on to human lifetimes.

So things aren’t so much like your religious conceptions. This thing about a wrathful God in heaven, for me, I know that somewhere in the Old Testament it says God was angry at some people so he lined them up and burned the flesh off their bones. I’m not interested in a God like that. But of course, it wasn’t God—these were the Annunaki. The ones who came to earth in fiery chariots. This is also in the Bible. The gods they’re talking about are really aliens. It’s not that I want to break your bubble of Christianity. I’m not anti religion. But I AM anti control systems, and all the religions of the world have been overlighted by reptilians. The images are there. They’re all over the Vatican [for instance].

video introduction to NPMDT



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