From John Armitage, 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

These are different versions of humans that have been on the planet. We’re the 5th Root Race, the version created by Yahweh. Before this there were 4 other versions. But other versions as well; it comes to be a rather complicated subject in the end. It’s like there were model T Fords, then a better one, then a better one, etc. The 6th Root Race is now incarnating, in Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay. A lot of the children there are actually a slightly different format. Their DNA has a different format; their RNA has a different format, they have a different consciousness. This is moving on from the experimentation of the Indigo children and the crystal children, who were also part of the 5th root race, but they were an experimental sub-race, you could call them. In the end the 5th Root Race will die out, if we don’t destroy ourselves first, or our environment, make our environment unlivable for us.

Source doesn’t really mind this. We’ve had situations on the planet before where there were only 30 or 40 people left. actually the Source has other beings that assist in various aspects of creation. This particular time, when the last Ice Age came, there weren’t many people left. It was thought by the hight Councils that it might be better to pull the few left off and repopulate with a different kind of human body. But the decision was to give it a bit of time and see what evolved. And humans did survive. Here we are. We’re part of that survival, a few thousands of years on.

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