FROM: John Armitage, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

But humans do wipe themselves out. There’s enough nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy the planet numerous times over, so if they go a bit loony, and destroy the environment like that, then a different kind of human who can live in those conditions, that kind of body will be created. Ultimately if we destroy the environment and can’t breathe—we’re oxygen breathing beings and there’s not enough oxygen for us to live, well then, OK. They just sit back and wait until the environment is livable again. The trees are not going to die. Nature will replenish itself when the time’s right. Decisions will be made. Let’s drop down a different version of human.

I can tell you that the blueprint is already in existence, for this next version of human, beyond the 6th Root Race. The 7th Root Race it would be. The blueprint is already created. A lot of the potentials that have developed in the 5th Root Race, the kinks have been ironed out in the new version. So there’s no chance of—well of course you can’t say 100% truthfully—but there’s no chance of ego developing and ruling everything. Therefore the desire to control, and war and everything.

Photo: BASTNAESITE–Energizes the most primitive part of the brain, helping raise its vibrations to better integrate with the rest of the brain as part of its evolution during the ascension process. Subconscious fears are brought to consciousness for release.

video introduction to NPMDT

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