From John Armitage, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Also as well, if the 5th Root Race dies out it means the Martian consciousness is then gone from the blood lines of the planet. In the blood lines of the planet we also have blood from Mars, from the Martians that came here before the destruction of the Martian environment. There were humans living on Mars, very similar to us. This being that’s commonly known as Lucifer, that the Christians name as the devil, Lucifer actually is—not was because they’re eternal—an archangel. This term Lucifer means “bringer of the Light.” Lucifer was in charge of spiritual development of the people on Mars. He had  been given this job and had been given a great degree of free will. They began to experiment with illegal merkabah experiments, that is experiments that are illegal in this universe.

Because he had this degree of free will he used it, and the people on Mars had this free will, and their idea was to use Sacred Geometry to spread their energy out to the surrounding planets and enslave the beings. These experiments were illegal. Some people who lived on Mars knew that this experiment was not going to work out well, and there was an application to one of the galactic councils. Some of the beings actually applied to immigration status on planet Earth. Because they’re so similar to us, the answer was OK. So there was an influx of beings from Mars onto our planet. We know that Mars consciousness is rather warlike. Through this influx we actually had a war for over 500 years on the planet, because these Martians wanted to take over. It was rather a destructive time. But in the end they realized they weren’t going to win, so they decided to integrate. But we still have this Martian bloodline, and because of this, the manifestations of aggression. This isn’t totally responsible, but there is some responsibility there.

The Martians who stayed on Mars kept up their illegal experiments, and actually they blew up the atmosphere. So that’s why Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere, and has very little water. It’s not habitable by human beings without life support systems. It is inhabited by human beings, but they need life support systems. They don’t want you to know this—it’s not on CNN or whatever.

So what happened to Lucifer? The representatives of Source, the High Council, relieved Lucifer of his job and he was downgraded in rank. In the early Christian Church some of this information was known, so they decided, “We need a name for the devil, to keep people under control, so we’ll call him Lucifer.”

Photo: Sapphires–PINK SAPPHIRE–Helps you to see the joy in all creation, all acts of creation. In order to create, there has to be a seed of joy, no matter how twisted the creation may be. This helps oe to see that seed, and to communicate on the frequency of that seed. When one touches or matches frequency with tht seed of joy, the being or energy, no matter how dark, that surrounds that seed, feels as if it just went Home, to the Creator.

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