From John Armitage, New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

In all these years that I’ve been doing this [energetically clearing haunted spaces] I’ve never seen the “devil”. I’ve said, “Come on, you fucker! Where are you?” I’ve NEVER seen the devil. I’ve never seen a geezer with two horns and a tail, even when I’ve been into a satanic temple and called it in. It’s a figment of the collective imagination. The only devil that exists is in each and every one of us. That’s our dark side, in conjunction with the ego.

It says in the Bible Jesus was tempted by the devil. He decided to go out into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and get his head together a bit. He was starving. The story says the devil tempted him, “Why don’t you turn these stones into bread?” That’s his ego saying “Shall I do this?” Some being with horns and a tail didn’t just appear and start talking to him. Get real. But it’s part of the conditioning to control people.

So don’t worry about the devil. The devil’s in all of us. It’s our dark side, in an unbalanced way, if our dark side is unbalanced. Remember, we’re all light and dark. If we weren’t dark we wouldn’t know what light is. If we weren’t light we wouldn’t know what dark is. This is the harmony and balance that we speak of. The harmony of light and darkness.


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