John Armitage at the 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Asking for assistance is something we all have to learn. The ego tells us this could be a sign of weakness. I’ve learned that sometimes we need assistance. There’s a difference between crying for help and asking for assistance. As we’re talking I’ll send some energy towards you to assist with this.

If we cry for help we’re saying we’re helpless. I never answer cries for help. I do tell everyone in the New Paradigm MDT family that I’m always available. You can call me in in workshops or ask me for assistance in various ways. I can be in many places at once. I’ll always respond.

But if you start calling out HELP, I’m not going to reinforce your victim consciousness by responding. It’s the same with the Upstairs Department. Some of them have really nice things at their disposal. Let’s look at Archangel Michael for instance. He says he’s here to protect humanity. So sometimes people say they’ve called on Archangel Michael, why hasn’t he come to help? Archangel Michael won’t interfere in your life stream. It’s not allowed. It’s not allowable to interfere in anybody’s life stream. If you shout “Help Archangel Michael!” He’s going to say “Just be a victim.” If you say, “Archangel Michael, I could use some assistance,” then poof. “You got it.”

It’s the same with all these things. You might think that asking for assistance is a sign of weakness. At one time I thought it was. I’m sharing my personal journey. Now I’m open to asking for assistance if I think it’s necessary, if I think it will assist me in empowering myself and empowering myself in situations. So this is a great thing to learn. Are you coming from victim consciousness or are you open for assistance?

I was once on an airplane flying from America back to England. To do that you actually fly off the end of Canada, off Nova Scotia. This time we came on a massive storm. It may have developed suddenly, or maybe the pilot just decided to keep going instead of going around it. Anyway the plane got struck by lightning several times. It was very strong. Usually when an airplane gets struck by lightning nothing happens. It happens all the time. On this particular occasion we got struck. It was a plane that had two engines on the front and one on the back. One of the engines got struck by lightning and the plane suddenly lost altitude. People who weren’t strapped in hit the ceiling. All kinds of things went flying. It was like an airplane disaster movie. And this very loud female American voice was heard in the cabin, “By God! We’re all going to die!”

I said, “Archangel Michael, I think we could use a bit of assistance now.” A split second later the plane stopped dropping. This is an illustration of asking for assistance. Bang, you’ve always got it, some support. My laptop was blown up with this. It hit the ceiling. When the plane stopped dropping, one of the pilots came rushing out of the cockpit. It was in the dark; he was opening the window shades and looking out. Well, you know something’s happened when he does that. He says, “We’ve lost an engine. We’ve still got two and could probably make it to London, but I’ve decided to turn back.” We ended up in Detroit with all the bells and whistles on the runway.

So don’t think you’ve got to do everything by yourself. Don’t follow this program of being ashamed of asking for assistance.

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