John Armitage, at the 13D Teacher Training, 2017:

We have various forms of sacred geometry in our bodies and around our bodies. There is a tendency for people to think, through things said on the internet and so on, that we all have the same sacred geometry around our bodies. This is not true. The generally accepted consensus is that it’s two interlocking pyramids, and these counter rotate. Also a lot of people call this sacred geometry around your body a merkabah, which is also not correct. Actually merkabah is an energy that is generated by your sacred geometry, and merkabah energy is generated when the counter rotations of your sacred geometry around your body actually reach a certain speed of counter rotation. Then it’s poof! You actually look like a UFO.

So we [me and my upstairs department] don’t say that this sacred geometry around your body is your merkabah. We have scared geometry in our blood, in various parts of our body, at the base of our spine. We have specific sacred geometry. And sometimes because of our experiences in another lifetime, maybe in another place in time and space, you’ve maybe been engaged in certain activities that create a phase lock in the counter rotations of the geometry. This actually creates blockages and holds things back energetically. So we remove any phase locks. This has a very distinct effect on your energy system, and the way that you process energies.

With this counter rotating geometry, everything that exists, whether it’s a planet, a star, a galaxy, whatever, has sacred geometry around it, because without it the energy wouldn’t be stable. For us as human beings, we have a counter rotation. One piece of sacred geometry goes left, one goes right. The one that relates to your emotional body goes to the right, the one that relates to your mental body goes to the left.

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