John Armitage at a 13D Teacher Training 2016:

Radiation also causes imbalances in the counter rotation of your sacred geometry. So when the planet is irradiated, we can get more emotional, because it slows down the counter rotations, or it makes the counter rotations more imbalanced. There’s been lots of times before on planet earth when the planet’s been irradiated, through nuclear activity during previous wars, maybe with extraterrestrials, maybe between ourselves and so on, and we’ve cleaned the planet up.

One of the most common stories about nuclear activity is in the Bible, this story of Sodom and Gomorrah. It says God was pissed off because everybody was having a good time. The thing was, there weren’t only humans present. This was a time when our starry brothers and sisters came and went on planet earth and didn’t hide themselves. The controllers were afraid that through interbreeding we might be able to trigger our 12 strand DNA and become fully conscious. so they decided they were going to nuke the planet, at Sodom & Gomorrah.

It’s very obvious when you see it. I used to live there for awhile. When I went down to the Negev desert, all of a sudden there’s this great hole in front of you. This is the Dead Sea, the lowest place on the surface] of Mother Earth. When you look down on it—I remember I was probably around 19 years old—I remember sitting there and looking out over it and saying to myself, “This place has been nuked.”

In the 60’s we had a lot of concern about nukes. The Cuba crisis was going on and other things, and we were very afraid of nuclear weapons being used on the planet. Then I got the information about it, yes it has been nuked. You have other places in America—the Salt Lakes are evidence of nuclear activity as well. We cleaned it all up and buried the stuff, but now they’re digging it up again. There are uranium mines there. They’re digging it up and trying to reuse it.

So this is just some information about radiation. It can affect our sacred geometry, therefore making us more emotional. You can see how this potential for us to become more emotional is utilized by the controllers, by feeding fear, feeding fear, feeding fear. Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists. Money, money, money. The favorite nowadays is terrorists. 7 plus billion people living on planet earth, and maybe 50,000 so-called terrorist fanatics. How likely are you ever to see one? But you have to give up all your liberties, you have to be constantly fed fear and everything else because of this. Think about it.

The next thing of course is money. Financial crisis. Financial crisis. Financial crisis. So these are the things, aren’t they, to keep you emotional. If we can balance our sacred geometry and keep it balanced, it will also assist us in keeping some harmony and balance in the way that we relate to the matrix. Remember, we’re living in a matrix, we’re living in a collectively accepted version of reality. This is the matrix.

Photo: Dead Sea

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