John Armitage from the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training 2016:

How do we escape the matrix? This is all by understanding that you live within it. This is the first step of escape. Then working out how you can operate within the matrix without being a slave to it. These movies about the Matrix, many of you will have seen them. The first one especially was designed to trigger human consciousness. Actually the concept for these movies were created by one of the world’s most experienced and learned Kabbalists. But that’s not on the credits. I’ve actually had contact with these people. The second movie they asked me if I had anything to contribute that might assist them in reinforcing the message. A lot of movies are designed to bring you into fear. Fear is channeled into the content. Other movies are designed to trigger thought. This is what the matrix movies are about.

Even some 3rd dimensional scientists—and remember, on earth right now these people are considered to be gods, even though they’re working with some very incomplete theories. If it’s scientifically provable it must be real. But even now, some scientists are publishing papers that say “I am sure we are living in a matrix. I am sure that we are living in a computer generated hologram.” We reinforce the hologram by believing it’s real. I’m often saying to people, “Do you know why the sky’s blue? Because you believe it. You’re told that as a child, so it’s seen that way collectively.” This is how the matrix works. It’s a collectively generated and accepted reality. So actually in order to operate outside the matrix, you need to know this. Remember how we’re always talking about standing in your own power?

OK, I know I’m living within this illusory reality, but I know how to operate within it. What we are doing when we are radiating this love, non-judgment, compassion and so on, actually we’re creating cracks in the matrix and it’s starting to fall apart. How do I know the matrix is starting to fall apart? Because more and more people are starting to say, “This can’t be real. What we’re living. This can’t be real.” Somewhere in their minds and hearts they’re waking up to the fact that it isn’t real.

This is how we can change it. We just need enough people. Easy. Well it sounds easy, doesn’t it. I keep saying, we only need the 144,000 to be focused. When I say “focused” I mean not having a foot in one camp and one foot in the other. I’m often speaking about this. People say, “I want change! I want change! I want change!” and then when the changes start, they say “Fuck this! What’s going to happen? I want to know what’s happening, what’s going to happen!”

Glowing with the flow, glowing with the flow of your life stream actually allows things to change. Remember, we’re not in control of anything. You might be a control freak, but you can’t control anything. Unless we let go of the idea that we can control it, we haven’t let go, have we? We’re not flowing.

Photo: Papyrus–Preparation for 5th dimension Unity Consciousness. Balances the brain so that we can perceive reality beyond time.

video introduction to NPMDT

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