John Armitage, New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

So, life is a transient experience. It’s not you. Byron Katie says, “Who would you be without your story?” Actually, you’d be yourself. This is why we’re always asking you to please let go, please let go, please let go. If you live in the moment, you’re real. Don’t judge me for my past. I’m not there. I’m here not. We can’t change the past, it’s gone now. We can’t change it. It’s not the true us. The experiences are part of us, but we are that now, it’s with us. Our true us is our I Am Presence, our Divine Selves. So it’s necessary to just let things go. Forget the past. Forget it. And don’t live in the future.

I hear this all the time: Aw, it’s my wife’s fault, it’s my parents’ fault, it’s the dog’s fault—excuses to be a victim and not to move on. I’m not sorry for anybody. Being sorry is not a constructive state to be in. I might have compassion, but that’s not being sorry. Every time you say “I Am sorry” you bring the energy of sorrow. it’s perfectly OK to take responsibility for your actions, but don’t be sorry.

People also say, “I hope that in the future…” We haven’t created it yet! The magic of a split second, when you see the rainbow in the drop of dew, when you smile at a stranger on the street and they smile back, when you were little and you got an ice cream. We have so much. There’s no need to look to the future or the past. Live in the now.

We’re all comedians in our lives, aren’t we. Step back. We’re not the story. We are eternal spirit souls on a journey through the universe. The destination is not in doubt—so enjoy the adventure of the journey.

People don’t understand that there are numerous levels of ascension, of self-empowerment, enlightenment. You know what happens then? You become a real conscious creator. “Oh, I’ll split off parts of myself and have an adventure.” This is what our Source has done. That’s who we are.

The programs have been put in your minds and in the collective conscious that it’s hard, and to be spiritual, you shouldn’t have fun. How crazy it that?

Seriously, life is about being human. We’re in human bodies. Forget the story. Forget the destination. Be in the moment, be in the experience.

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