John Armitage at the 13D Teacher Training 2016:

People want to know “what’s going to happen to me?” The Upstairs Department know I’m an expert in denial and resistance. So they only give me a bit of the project. When I get that done, they give me the next piece, and so on. If 20 odd years ago, when I started Shamballa [now New Paradigm MDT], they told me what was going to happen and what HAS happened, I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But they never told me it was going to end up like this. All they said was it was going to be big. All right, 100 people, maybe 200 people.

So what you have to do, what its necessary to do if you want to progress in an easy way, is to move into this mode that I’m always speaking about, into the mode of allowance. Don’t question it, go with the flow. Glow with the flow. If you glow with the flow you’ll find that everything works. Think about it: until I was 35 years old I couldn’t speak one word without stammering. Now I can speak for days. I still might stammer once in awhile, but you wouldn’t notice it. I’ve learned to deal with it. The only way I could speak without stammering was in Hindi or Hebrew. So if John Armitage can do it, anybody can!

Learn to flow with it, don’t analyze everything. The conscious mind does not have reference points for what’s happening. In the old days you’d have a big room of files and a filing clerk. So the papers would come through the office and the clerk would organize them. Then a paper would come through that the clerk didn’t have a pigeon hole or category to put it in. Then the clerk would become confused. “What do I do with it? I don’t have any reference points for it.” Well this is like your conscious mind, it’s like a filing clerk always looking for references, something you’ve experienced before, something you can compare things to. Actually what we’re doing are things you can’t compare. So we have to get our conscious minds out of the way and not try to compare.

If I tried to analyze the ways the energies have stepped up in the universe and on the planet, and the way my own abilities have been stepped up in order to bring it in, if I try to analyze that, how can I? All I have to do is to accept that it’s there and it works. You can’t analyze it. Hopefully this gives you a little more encouragement on how to do things. You do it with love in your heart and an openness. The Upstairs Department will never ever let you down. This is their promise to you, to all of us.

Photo: Wintergreen essence–Brings one to a state of calm, prepared to act but still at the same time. An energetic balancing with ease and grace.

video introduction to NPMDT

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