John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

There’s a lot of misconception in all of this. Another reminder: nothing is “up there”. Not the 5th dimension or anything. But everybody’s always looking up there since Jesus supposedly ascended on Mt. Tabor.

Every dimensional reality exists simultaneously in every point in time and space. Get your brain around that one. In the whole of creation. So actually we don’t go “up”. Actually this idea of going up is about raising our vibrational frequencies. Nothing is solid. Because of our conditioning we thing the wall is solid, the floor is solid, the ceiling, the table. Everything is in constant movement. Everything in creation is actually a wave form of a vibrational frequency. So this is what enlightenment and ascension is all about. It’s about achieving a vibrational frequency in our bodies so we can merge with the next dimensional frequency. Some people have the ability to see through the energetic membranes that separate the dimensional frequencies.

If you throw paper into a fire, the paper burns, because the frequency of the paper is incompatible with that of the fire. If it were vibrating at the same rate as the fire, actually it would just merge with it, not change its form. Nothing ever disappears in creation. Things just change their form, but they still exist.

I’m always saying I’m not spiritual. I used to be very spiritual. I was a fundamentalist vegetarian. I used to stick my head in butcher shops and yell, “Murderers!” and then run off down the street. But being very spiritual didn’t get me anywhere. It didn’t give me even a taste of the divinity of Love. All it did was to encourage me to deny myself as a human. I was in denial. Can’t do this, can’t do that. When I lived in the temple with my guru, we were so fundamental that we weren’t allowed to touch food that wasn’t already cooked. We weren’t allowed to drink tea. We weren’t allowed to eat onions, garlic, mushrooms. This is fundamentalism. Why weren’t we allowed? Because it might stimulate our sexual desire. Mushrooms live on decaying things, so they live in the mode of darkness. In the teachings it was the mode of ignorance. This is fundamentalism on a big scale. When you’re English, a cup of tea might be nice occasionally. In England, they could nuke the country, aliens could land, we’ll just put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea, and everything will be all right.

So don’t be fundamental about anything. Not to be judgmental. If you’re a vegetarian and it suits you, OK. Just don’t be fundamentalist about it don’t be judgmental. In the last years of me being a vegetarian I was beating myself up,”I want to kill a cow and eat it! God, what’s happened to me? I’m not spiritual!” Of course in India we don’t have confession, just karma that will haunt you forever.

Photo: PINE, PRINCESS– Opens third eye chakra (6th), which is the doorway to our other dimensional senses.  Can open one to the wonder of the Nature kingdom, can help in seeing/sensing nature spirits. Also accesses the 16th chakra, which has to do with ascension and becoming a universal being. 

video introduction to NPMDT

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