[Merlin channeled by John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

Who do you think or who do you believe that the Ascended Ones are?  They are you, each and every one of you. Who are the Masters of creation? You, each and every one of you. Not only the beings in this room, but all the beings on Earth, whether they know it through their ego and their conscious mind or not. This should make you understand that you are our equals. In fact we are sisters and brothers in creation. The only difference to this is that you have taken on projects in association with the Mother Earth, the goddess Gaia, and you have chosen to put yourself in a situation where it is possible for you to forget that you are a master of creation, that you are a master of your universe.  You are a master of your world, and now is the time to remember.  We don’t support you in love for the reason that we think that you are inferior to us. We support you in love because you are our equals.

Allow the magic into your hearts and lives. Wake up and realize the glory that is yourselves. Promise yourselves through your hearts, through your minds and through your souls that today will be the day that you will live in magic forever more. Remember the dream of many humans, that is to create heaven upon the Earth. You should, by now, realize how strong your creation abilities are, because you have only to look around you and see what humans have already created upon this Earth. If you could manifest outwardly from yourselves oppression and suppression and lack, well then, you can easily create harmony and peace in heavenly way.  It even takes less money to create heaven than oppress, suppress and kill.  It is much cheaper to give people food and spiritual education than it is to kill them. Hold the vision of equality, because it is through vision and dream that we create.  People complain about the state of the world in third dimensional reality. They complain about the war and the strife. It is a reflection of all that is going on in the hearts of many humans – as above, so below.

So, magicians in love, I will leave you with my love and my support and my encouragement. I remind you again, every one of you, this is marvelous, this Mother/Father God. In that marvel and magic I leave you, and the divine within my consciousness sees, salutes and recognizes the divine within your consciousness.  NAMASTE.

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