[Master Germain channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 1996]

Take your freedom, take your power into your own hands, fill your hearts with love, create your own reality, create abundance in your lives and in your minds and realize that these words ‘I Am’ are the most powerful words in the language that you speak. It is the true meaning of attunement and empowerment – I Am.

Of course, you’ll hear us use these words ‘I Am that I Am’. These words ‘I Am that I Am’ actually tune you in with your I Am Presence, and this is the reason why the I Am statement is so powerful. Now we’ll give you one or two little things to work with.

The first thing is, when things start happening in your life which are not really happening in accordance with the will of your I Am Presence, and energies start moving into your life that you don’t want to be in your life, what you can do very simply is say, “Back, this is not part of my reality, I am not part of this, I am that I AM, I am love.” It’s amazing how it works. You can be in situations where there is complete mayhem around you but you can be totally focused in love and totally focused in light, just by saying, “Get back, you’re not part of my reality.”

If you can’t get focused enough to do that, another great thing is, when you get discordant thoughts coming into your thoughts and discordant energies coming into your life, call in the silver-violet flame. This flame has an insatiable appetite for discordant energy. It transmutes anything into love. It transmutes all known unwanted energies. This silver-violet flame you can invite into your life and into your energy system. It’s very easy to work with. You can use an affirmation that transmutes discordant energies very easily. You’ll meet people that you can give this affirmation to in your energy work, whether you’re working with the New Paradigm MDT/Shamballa energies or Reiki or whatever. The affirmation is: “I am a being of silver-violet fire, I am the purity God desires.”

Now, if you use this affirmation everything around you becomes violet. And if you chant this affirmation in your healing room or in your living room or in your car or even in your office, you’ll find that everything becomes violet, if you’ve got clairvoyant sight. As soon as you have discordant energies and thoughts moving into your consciousness, use this affirmation: “I am a being of silver-violet fire, I am the purity God desires”, and the energy immediately changes. You can also use shortened versions of that, you can just say, “I consign these thoughts to the silver-violet flame.” It is so powerful.

Most of you humans will be amazed when you use it, how powerful it is. 

Don’t forget life is not a dress rehearsal.
LOVE is the answer to fear.  
Don’t give your power away to anything or anybody.

PHOTO: Water Hyacinth–Accessing & activating chakras 6 (Third Eye), 7 (Crown), and eventually chakra 16 (Ascension).  Knowing Self as a part of a greater whole; merging with the greater whole and reaching up and out, ever expanding.  Energy of Mahatma (Unconditional Love)—gold, silver & violet.  Energy of the silver-violet flame of transmutation.  Joy.  Connection.  Wholeness.  Aspiring to ever new adventures in consciousness.  There is also a fairy connection.

video introduction to NPMDT

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