[Master Germain channeled through Hari Das Baba–11/5/2001]

HI YA , family of the Violet Tribe, holding the energies of Shamballa, it’s Germain here with an update through Hari Das Baba. So as you all know, lots going on around the world and around your own worlds! So where to start in all I have to convey to you.

Let’s think of world, family and personal peace. What does all this mean to you as an individual? Many different things to many different people, that’s for sure. But peace is what all beings crave deep within their hearts. On the outside it may not seem like that, but deep within the Godself is always searching for the direct connection with the Creator and the higher self.

Many suffer confusion during this search and feel that they need to control others and force their views on the rest of the world. They feel that if they are successful in that, they will also find peace in their hearts. Strange potential humans have in believing peace is something outside of themselves!!!!

Big mistake here, for the only peace there is, is the peace within. Don’t look outside of yourselves for it, because it is illusion and no more. “If only the world was at peace,” I hear you say, “all would be fine.” Let me tell you, it won’t happen, it will not be fine. Why? Because you alone are responsible for peace, in your own hearts. Only after you have found that peace will there be peace on earth, not before.

So the focus at this time is for all beings to search for the inner peace that is the Bliss of God. OH yeah, here he goes again!!

How is it possible with all this stuff going on? Easy—connect with the peace and LOVE of the God/Goddess and all is well. The troubled energy many experience in their lives is a refusal to allow this to take place. They align themselves with one religion, one teacher, one guru and the like, and they refuse to even think that others have anything to offer. Or on the other hand they become afraid that the others have something to offer and get into ego spaces about everything.

You all know what I mean? Or maybe it needs spelling out to you again. I will try to be brief with you and not bore you, so here is how I, Germain, see it from the view of world teacher.

Many marvelous ways have been given to you to find this Bliss and LOVE within yourselves. One teacher teaches one way of doing it and the others teach another way. Many people still have the need, through their cellular programming, to give their power away to anybody that will take it from them. They start to follow a teacher or a guru, no problem here.

Most need another person or people to help them find that LOVE within.
The problem arises when people get fixed on the teacher or the method. The blinds come down and they see nothing but the greatness of their teacher and the teachings. It is not wrong to see the greatness in others and their teachings, but it is a mistake to believe that there is only one teacher or way of doing things. Why? Because this limits the way you can develop. Remember, creation is full of gifts, all waiting to fall upon those who will open their hearts and minds to receive them. Opening your hearts and minds to one system only and one teacher only limits the flow.

Have you noticed how the energy gets splintered when this happens? You can see the way this has happened in the New Paradigm MDT family at times. It makes my heart feel heavy when I see the splintering of a family of Light like this. It brings even more discordant energies to the planet and the universe. You see, as beings that are working with the Light in even a small way, you have much power. That power manifests the discordant energies into the world.

THE TIME IS NOW. Unite in LOVE, all of you. Realize when you have allowed yourselves to fall into the illusion as well. Unite through your hearts and minds in balance, harmony and LOVE. Guess what? You will be going on a journey of inner peace, and that peace will manifest on earth.

So OK my friends, I leave you now and hope you take at least a slight bit of notice of the words I share with you. Of course free will abounds here on earth, so you may do it now or later.

Blessings, your servant Germain

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