[John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a Gem Remedy workshop, 2003]

When you’re using remedies, both gem and flower remedies, you are going to trigger clearances.  Usually, and especially when you’re using them in 10MM, the clearances are extremely gentle.  They don’t particularly bring about physical aggravations.  But in some circumstances you’ll find that they can trigger emotional clearances, which can be reasonably strong.  Actually, the secret of it all is to see the emotion and to let it go, instead of holding on to it.  But a lot of people find it hard to do that.  It’s the same as when you’re meditating, a lot of people say, “How do you stop yourself from thinking?”  There’s not a meditator on the planet who can stop thoughts.  What you do is, you allow the thought to rise, and you let it go by, as if it was a bus you didn’t want to catch.  “Oh I don’t need that one!”  And it’s gone! 

But some people really hold on to their emotional processing.  They hold on to it and hold on to it.  One thing I’ve discovered is that this affects your solar plexus chakra.  The more you process, the more activation you’re going to bring about in your solar plexus.  It is the seat of the emotions; it’s where your emotional body, or your astral body, connects to your physical.  Over a period of time if you process emotionally, and you keep at it, of course it becomes self-perpetuating.  What happens is it then starts to open your solar plexus, your heart chakra, your third eye, the top of your head, and closing down anything below that.  So you become ungrounded.   The energy shoots out of your crown chakra into your aura, and then comes back into your etheric matrix, back through into your solar plexus chakra, amplified all over again.  So you’re on a big processing roll, the energy gets stronger and stronger and stronger. 

Then what happens to a lot of people is that they come up with the idea—because they can perceive somehow that the energy is coming into them—people think, “Oh, I’m under attack, from some kind of entities that don’t have my best interests at heart!”  I’ve had people call me up in this situation saying, “Ahhh, I’m under attack!!!!  Ahhh!!!!”  and I tell them, “Just settle down.  Let me have a look through your energy field.  No you’re not under any kind of attack at all.”  Well over 99% of the time why people feel that they’re being bothered by energies outside of themselves is because of the degree of their emotional processing.  This kind of thing [psychic attack] in a very, very slight percent of the time can happen, but mostly the people saying “I’m under psychic attack!” and everything, what they’re feeling is their own energy becoming amplified, coming back into their solar plexus. 

Also as well, have you ever noticed that when people are extremely emotional, processing over a period of time, they often feel sick all the time?  This brings about nausea.  But this pressure, this stress, also brings about an increase in the white blood cells in the body as well.  Somehow or another I’ve been told by the Upstairs Department that this increases this feeling of nauseousness.  They don’t want to go into it more than that at this time.

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