John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

We can get ourselves completely emerged and integrated in this Divinity of Love. We have a tendency as human beings to ignore, or not understand, that this is the essence of us. So when it comes to the Divinity of Love, for me with Shamballa energy, with NPMDT this is the essence of the plan.

At one time we called it Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, but I started to think that was already judging people, saying they’re sick, imbalanced, they need healing. It’s another reason I’m happy with the name change. I don’t see this as a healing system any more. I see it as personal transformation, personal transformation on an individual level. The essence of Love. There’s a big difference in the emotion of love and loving in the essence of Love, understanding that Love is everything.

A lot of other things come with that realization. Living in non-judgment, and that other great word that sometimes we have a lot of difficulty with, forgiveness. Forgiving the self, not judging the self, loving the self. The word “unconditional” has a bit of condition in it, so now I say Love totally without condition.

So this is what I see as the energy of New Paradigm MDT: assisting people in their own ability to understand this divinity of Love in the best way that each individual can understand it. This is very important. Everybody isn’t in the same place. On another level we’re all on a collective trip, but on a personal level it’s individual. We can’t write a manual of enlightenment. If we could, the planet would be different. Everybody has their own relationship with reality and with their Self. Things are seen from so many different perspectives. So the changes that one has to make in order to come to the understanding that we are the essence of Divine Love can be very different for each one.

We hold a vision in our hearts that these teachings, clearings and activations will assist you in speeding your journey into freedom. When we say assist you in speeding your journey, what this means is your own personal freedom, outside of the illusion of fear, desire, expectation and so on, into the mode of allowance and Love, so that you may actually be able to live more freely. Also as well, you will allow your hearts to radiate this essence of Divine Love. This means that everywhere you go, every step you take, wherever you go on the planet, you will touch the hearts of others, whether or not they know it.

Don’t let this go to your ego. When you touch the hearts of others, you’re doing very important planetary service. We don’t want missionaries. We don’t want you out there raving about this to everybody you meet. Just wait until people ask you why you are different. Don’t push it down people’s throats. That just makes people more resistant to listening.

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“We can experience in two basic ways. We can be in the experience for what it really is at the moment, or we can process it through our file of past experiences, assigning meaning and value to it as it relates to our past. The first is truly creative; the second is ego-based conditioning and leads to no true creativity.” Quantum Creativity, Amit Goswami, pp. 31-2.

I’m walking out to the car, hurrying because I’m running a bit “late”—suddenly I notice that it’s a lovely misty morning, there are a few birds chirping in the distant tree tops, the air is vibrant with life and possibility, my heart lifts.

I run across a book I read a long time ago (perhaps a New Paradigm or Shamballa manual?), and I pick it up, open to a page. The words jump out at me. I don’t remember reading this at all! It just slipped right past me then, not registering. NOW I am open to these concepts…

I’m doing Yoga stretches in the morning, and suddenly I remember to breathe deeply. I begin to feel parts of my body that are tight or stiff or hurting, and allow the breath to seep into them. They begin to relax. I continue breathing and listening and feeling my body…

I’m driving home, trying to get there before dark, and the road turns so that I am facing west. There’s a beautiful sunset happening, free for all, colors divine, energy off the charts…

It’s dinner time, and I haven’t even started preparing anything. I check the refrigerator and begin throwing stuff onto the counter, wondering how I can put it all together into a meal. Then, I do it! And it’s fun and it comes out great!

I’m walking down the street, thinking about all the things I have to do, worrying about some of them, and I see a child crying. I stop and breathe and begin to run Mahatma, and send some of this love energy around the child and the tired-looking mother. My heart lifts as I walk on.

I hear about death and destruction on the “news” and begin to despair. Then I allow myself to become curious about how we’re going to turn this around into an ascended Earth and humanity. I begin to envision Light flowing into the hearts of all the people—murderers, fanatics, refugees, politicians, stockbrokers, moms, children, teachers, medical personnel, newscasters…all stopping and realizing that we are One, what I do to you I do to me, and to any concept of God that I hold.

This is really an extension of my previous blog, “Life begins beyond my comfort zone.” If we are not learning, we are not growing. We are just taking up space. And a lifetime on Earth is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and serve.

Things that keep us from jumping into the creative realm with both feet: FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of losing what we think we have (job, relationship, status), FEAR of not maintaining a familiar routine that works for us (meaning keeps us in that comfort zone), FEAR of what others will think of us.

One of my favorite quotes is: “When you find yourself in a hole–stop digging!” (Will Rogers). I would add: “Stand up, breathe, and actually experience the situation and yourself in it.”

There are many forms of FEAR to give us excuses to stagnate. There is one LOVE, without conditions and without judgment, that takes us out of all those fears and into the creative realm of all possibility. In order to access our creativity, it helps to stop, breathe, and really experience whatever it is we are experiencing, instead of filtering it all through fear.

In Love, Phyllis



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The Big Short

I just saw the movie The Big Short. It tried to explain what happened to cause the economic crash of 2007-8. What I got out of it was that these Wall Street people are addicts—gambling addicts. They lose all sense of proportion when they get caught up in the thrill of the game. It helps that they seem to start off with no moral compass at all. They don’t care who they hurt, what repercussions their actions—fraud, deceit, criminal behavior—will have in the world. Yes, true addicts. And they’re in charge of the world economy.

In the end, they won anyway. The taxpayers “bailed them out” and they all gave themselves bonuses. No one at the top went to jail. The common people lost their jobs, savings, homes. Somehow we’re supposed to be able to stop them. I’m not sure how. Perhaps the solution lies in a PARADIGM SHIFT, a change in perspective.

My favorite line in the movie came from a disillusioned member of the In Group. He’d decamped, “back to the land” style. A couple of young would-be players in the Game who knew him contacted him for help in investing in “shorts”—this means gambling that the current system would fail, basically. He agreed that it was a sure thing. He helped them. Later, after the crash, they asked him why he had helped them, since he no longer wanted any part of that scene. He said, “You wanted to get rich.” There was no “stuff” attached to his statement. You wanted to do this, so I helped you. There was an implicit “but I don’t care about that any more,” and you knew as he said it that he felt that getting rich was an empty goal. But if they wanted to try it, OK. There was no judgment attached to his statement. Just an implicit, “It’s not for me.” Best line in the whole movie.

It’s about perspective. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and not getting distracted by the bling. Addiction is all about trying to fill a hole in the psyche, a feeling that something is missing, so we have to get, get, get stuff, money, “love”, sex, religion, a guru, fast track to “ascension” as a kind of “beam me up Scotty” escape, whatever. It’s also about not wanting to do the hard stuff that gets you to the Truth, like soul searching, opening the heart, releasing fear, and taking responsibility for yourself.

Our whole society is set up to make addicts out of us. Then we’re easily controlled, and fleeced. If we have money, we want more. If we don’t, we what what “they” have. This is supposed to make us “happy”. The Pursuit of Happiness—it’s an American value and right, written into the Declaration of Independence. The common way to pursue happiness is to pursue 3D stuff—including status, ego boosting acclaim from others who are also pursuing their own stuff and status.

This lifestyle is enslavement, not freedom. It’s the opposite of living in freedom and love without conditions. Living from the heart and grounding the Love of Source is why I am on this path and writing this blog and teaching NPMDT classes, and making essences. This is why I am HERE. If you are following this blog, perhaps this is why you are here too. And perhaps this will make a difference.

Germain has told us, ““There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.”

In love, Phyllis


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John Armitage: As you know, the energy on the planet keeps changing and changing and changing. So many things have happened just in the last year, haven’t they? Many people are saying that the planet’s in a worse state than it was last year. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again, to encourage you. Don’t take any notice of this brainwashing. It’s all designed to stop you from looking any further. In fact, there’s less war on the planet than there has been for thousands of years. The thing is, you have it in the news all the time, because the communication systems really work very well, and the communication systems are actually used to keep the fear matrix active in humanity. It’s about ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear.

I was talking to an Afghani recently, my taxi driver, and he said, “Have you ever been to Afghanistan?” I said, “Yeah I have. It’s a pity what happened to the country.” He said, “The Americans have destroyed our country, and brought it to its knees. What for?” I said, “Well, actually there’s a lot of money in war, and as well to keep the fear matrix active, always, always, always. My concept in all this is, we have fundamentalists in Islam, in Christianity, in Judaism, in Hinduism. There’s actually billions of people living on planet earth. But the thing is, now it’s all about Muslim fundamentalists, and if you live an ordinary kind of life, you’re not going to run into any of these people. You’re never going to come face to face with one of them. There’s only a few thousand of them, and there’s billions of people on the planet. And yet, they keep ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear, ramping up the fear.

So I reckon that, with this Cosmic Heart energy, we can start to dismantle this planetary fear matrix, and get people to get out of the fear of being human, get out of this fear of living in this 3rd dimensional reality. Get people with their feet on the ground, and actually, the universal ascension process will move forward, very, very quickly. I mean, the universal ascension program is moving forward very quickly anyway.

When I say universal, a lot of people are actually thinking, “Well, ascension is like, for you personally, or ascension is for planet earth.” Well, there is a personal ascension project for each person, and it is possible to individually ascend to your next level of ascension. But the whole project is the universal ascension. The universe is going to ascend. So by assisting in the cracking up of this fear matrix, which is really manifest on earth—and of course, the core fear matrix which is manifest inside most people—the more we can dissipate this, actually the faster, or higher frequency energy we can ground on the planet. So this really is a worthwhile project.


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The following is a meditation from Pan, channeled through my friend Mark S.  Pan is the spirit, the energy of all Nature–throughout the universe, not just on this world.  It is not a goat-footed pipe-playing wood sprite, although it can take that form if that is what you require when communicating with It!

Pan, through Mark S:

Bring energy down from the Central Sun into your heart space, and radiate it through your body. Let that sit for at least a minute. Now attach this tie with the Central Sun to it’s own “attention”, separate from the rest of your reality. This is a space in your mind that will be a continuous process of bringing in the love from the Central Sun, for every lifetime if you wish, in the future.

Now reach down into the earth, separate from the last attention. Bring up the love of Gaia and fill every cell in your body with her love. Hold this for about a minute or more.

Allow both attentions to feed you with the love of creation. One is more physical than the other. This is the center of your power. This is anchoring your I Am in the “real” world. Let your body fill with a mixture of both of these energies. The world we live in has undergone an energy shift, which is the beginning of a new era of freedom; but we must all do the work to bring about the manifestation of this freedom. With both the love of Gaia and the love from the Central Sun filling your body, there is no room for fear. Feel that. Hold it for a minute or more…

This is the best antidote for fear, for being both loves is to be in the now, ever changing, ever growing.

Now set up another attention, where you are master of your own movement. You say when to begin, you say when to stop. You are entirely in control of yourself. Hold this state for a minute or more…

Move from the state of no-fear into the state of movement. The movement is because you say to move. Hold that state with the love of Gaia and the love of the central sun for a minute or more, in movement. Feel the generation of energy. The energy that’s not used for each movement, store in the solar plexus for use later. Practice storing for a minute…

Feel the storing in the marrow of your long bones. Feel that for a minute…

Feel the activity of your thymus during the storage…Remember when you did this as a child, 3-5 yrs. old, when you were doubling your weight. This storage is done the same way, creating incredible power. Practice this in the morning when you wake up, before you get up. Practice at night when you are in bed, just before you go to sleep. With these tools we can conquer all the “demons” that stop us from being loving through and through. In the name of freedom and loving kindness, MANIFEST!


For those who would like more information on Pan, I suggest reading the books of Michael J. Roads.  Or just go out and walk in Nature, with an open mind and heart!

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