John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

There’s a lot of misconception in all of this. Another reminder: nothing is “up there”. Not the 5th dimension or anything. But everybody’s always looking up there since Jesus supposedly ascended on Mt. Tabor.

Every dimensional reality exists simultaneously in every point in time and space. Get your brain around that one. In the whole of creation. So actually we don’t go “up”. Actually this idea of going up is about raising our vibrational frequencies. Nothing is solid. Because of our conditioning we thing the wall is solid, the floor is solid, the ceiling, the table. Everything is in constant movement. Everything in creation is actually a wave form of a vibrational frequency. So this is what enlightenment and ascension is all about. It’s about achieving a vibrational frequency in our bodies so we can merge with the next dimensional frequency. Some people have the ability to see through the energetic membranes that separate the dimensional frequencies.

If you throw paper into a fire, the paper burns, because the frequency of the paper is incompatible with that of the fire. If it were vibrating at the same rate as the fire, actually it would just merge with it, not change its form. Nothing ever disappears in creation. Things just change their form, but they still exist.

I’m always saying I’m not spiritual. I used to be very spiritual. I was a fundamentalist vegetarian. I used to stick my head in butcher shops and yell, “Murderers!” and then run off down the street. But being very spiritual didn’t get me anywhere. It didn’t give me even a taste of the divinity of Love. All it did was to encourage me to deny myself as a human. I was in denial. Can’t do this, can’t do that. When I lived in the temple with my guru, we were so fundamental that we weren’t allowed to touch food that wasn’t already cooked. We weren’t allowed to drink tea. We weren’t allowed to eat onions, garlic, mushrooms. This is fundamentalism. Why weren’t we allowed? Because it might stimulate our sexual desire. Mushrooms live on decaying things, so they live in the mode of darkness. In the teachings it was the mode of ignorance. This is fundamentalism on a big scale. When you’re English, a cup of tea might be nice occasionally. In England, they could nuke the country, aliens could land, we’ll just put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea, and everything will be all right.

So don’t be fundamental about anything. Not to be judgmental. If you’re a vegetarian and it suits you, OK. Just don’t be fundamentalist about it don’t be judgmental. In the last years of me being a vegetarian I was beating myself up,”I want to kill a cow and eat it! God, what’s happened to me? I’m not spiritual!” Of course in India we don’t have confession, just karma that will haunt you forever.

Photo: PINE, PRINCESS– Opens third eye chakra (6th), which is the doorway to our other dimensional senses.  Can open one to the wonder of the Nature kingdom, can help in seeing/sensing nature spirits. Also accesses the 16th chakra, which has to do with ascension and becoming a universal being. 

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What Box?

John Armitage, NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Once we can stop all this [see previous blog: The Slavery Planet], then Mother Earth ascends to her next level, which will be her 5th dimensional self, and the physical 3D earth won’t be here, or Mother Earth decides not to do it, and in the end we live in heaven. Heaven isn’t in the sky, it’s here. Look outside, the immense beauty we have everywhere here. So it isn’t the way people have been programmed to believe. As I said, don’t think outside the box. What box is the question. And don’t struggle to get outside of it. What box? I’m not in it.

This takes various steps, because your ego drives you. But if you find fear and do it anyway, don’t let it hold you back. Some people say they want to change, but then when you give them the knowledge and opportunity and even the energy to change, when things begin to change they freak out and want them to be the same as they were before. They’d sooner stay within their self-constructed prison than step out into the unknown. But the unknown is exciting. But the ego says, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid. I don’t know the system. I don’t know what freedom is. Oh dear I’ll have to take responsibility instead of being told what to do? I’ll have to live responsibly?” Many people are miserable being told what to do, but they don’t want to take responsibility. I think that this is one of the challenges we face on planet Earth.

Photo: Vivianite-the elixir is for thinking “outside the box”; moving beyond old thoughts & ideas. Moving beyond obstacles, clarity of intent.

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A Message for Your Soul June 9, 2016

Channeled by Salena Migeot

Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we greet you today. You are rapidly spiraling into a higher manifestation of yourselves. This process will continue for some time and while it transpires, you will feel that you are on a roller coaster – sometimes experiencing ease, flow, and oneness seemingly effortlessly, and for brief periods of time, you will experience the exact opposite. There is no ‘cure’ for these symptoms. We have said before that you will have some odd physical sensations which many of you will interpret as symptoms of something. Know they are not something that can be cured, but something that must be endured in this process. They include everything from minor to not so minor aches and pains, tingling, dizziness/vertigo, visual strangeness with light and color, greater awareness of movement in your peripheral vision, headaches, digestive rumblings, greater awareness of movement or energy in certain parts of your body, and many other odd sensations. These are not things that need or can be addressed through medical attention. They are merely side effects of the recalibration you are going through that is by no means only physical.

As far as your emotional and mental bodies, you are not having an emotional breakdown, a psychotic lapse, or anything other than transitional surges in your energy field. These will be different for each person but some common manifestations are the feeling that you are very vulnerable in a way you might not have felt since you were a small child or a teenager. This may cause you to be defensive, blame others, or want to avoid others for fear of what you will say or do that is a departure from your normal balanced dealings with them. We are talking about those closest to you whom you love and adore. At times they will feel like the enemy as though they have become different or are acting differently towards you when they are actually the same people that you know and love and who know and love you dearly. It is your perception colored by the emotional residue that you are releasing on this journey to a higher version of yourself.

As you continue this process, you might find you are keeping score of things loved ones said or did that ‘prove’ they don’t really love you. This will be a challenging time for those who are already questioning their relationships or another’s loyalty toward them. Dearest Ones, the most beloved advice we can give you is to recognize that all tests will be passed as long as, and as soon as, you recognize it is a test. If you give credence to these thoughts and feelings, you can manifest that which you do not want as far as your relationships are concerned. For those whose questioning of their relationships is an on-going process, it is basically your choice if you want to give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt and accept them as they are, knowing they are going through similar growing pains or end your relationship with them.

We lovingly suggest that you do not judge them on what you are perceiving, but on what they actually say and do on a day to day basis. Focus on all the things you love about them and everything about your relationship that you are grateful for. Do your best to allow the blessings of your relationships to exceed any perceived wrongdoing on the other’s part. If, during an honest assessment of your relationship over time, you find that it is consistently out of balance, then you might want to think about making changes. If however, you find that your problems with the person in question only arise when you are feeling defensive and emotionally challenged, that is an indication that it is a mood that will pass and not a true reflection of your actual relationship. We are spelling this out very clearly for you because many of you are questioning things as your emotional wounds surface to be released. These wounds have a way of skewing reality and clouding your perception.

Your reality is largely whatever you believe it is. Religion is the belief in a certain reality. Every religious person has accepted a version of reality that their particular faith espouses. The same can be said for every political party. Every form of ‘ism’ is a belief for or against something. You will soon see the extent to which you have been made to believe in a certain reality that is largely a construct of what those in power have wanted you to believe. When this ‘reality’ is exposed, many of you will feel a wide range of feelings and emotions – angst, betrayal, confusion, to name a few. However, there will be those of you who will feel relief, validation, and maybe even feel that you are being exonerated from stirring the pot or mistrusting what is. You will all feel that the Wizard of Oz has been exposed and you will not enjoy the feeling of learning the extent to which you have been duped. When all the players who make up the role of the Wizard of Oz are exposed, you will be shocked at the seemingly good guys that are part of the hoax and to what extent they have been working with those who you may have suspected all along were not so good.

As this exposure continues, you will question the reality of everything. Therefore, you will need your loved ones close by. So again, we caution you to be very clear about who your loved ones are and keep them close as you will need one another for support and solace as the emotional roller coaster of your life gets a little more scary. Remember that a roller coaster goes up and down and for each down there is an up. You will experience higher ups and lower lows than you ever thought possible. And things will continue to go on in that way as you begin to feel that you are living in a fun house that does not feel so fun but just gets weirder and weirder. And each time you begin to despair, there will be another up that assures you that the reality you are moving into is so much better than anything you have yet experienced. Trust that.

Your beliefs create your reality so choose your beliefs wisely and well. And you are completely at choice as to what to believe. Our suggestions: Believe that the mass exposure that is happening is happening for the highest good. Once all is exposed, you will be more well-informed about everything that is possible for you to know, and you will not feel so small in terms of your personal power. You will feel small in relation to the vastness of the multiverses that you will learn more and more about. And you will feel empowered to be a part of the Oneness of All. You will recognize that everything matters and everything has significance including you. Dear Ones, there are such wonders in store for you! It is as though your world/perception/”reality" is a tunnel you have been living in and right now you are fast approaching the end of the tunnel. Soon you will be at the end of the tunnel and you will discover the wonders and limitlessness of who you truly are and what THE TRUE REALITY is.

And so it is.

With All of Our Considerable Abundance of Love for You, WE ARE:

Feel free to forward or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution. To receive these messages in your e-mail inbox in English, e-mail with “Guides” in the subject line. Thank you.


PHOTO: “Souldance” silk painting by Phyllis Brooks


—Master Germain through J.A.

Shamballa is a place in time and space, or Shamballa is a number of places in time and space. When I say a number of places in time and space, I mean that in every dimensional reality there exists Shamballa. So what really is Shamballa? In some ways I see the easiest way of explaining this to you is that Shamballa is a place in time and space where harmony, balance and love is the totality of the energy. If you wanted to see Shamballa in your mind, or in your mind’s eye, you can see Shamballa as a crystalline city of light. This is what you are connected with when you receive activations to the New Paradigm MDT energies, the Shamballa energies.

So where does the closest aspect of Shamballa exist? The closest aspect of Shamballa to your dimensional reality exists in the fifth dimension. But at this time, as the vibrations of the planet heighten or rise, sometimes there is an intermingling of the fifth dimension with the third or fourth dimension. This brings about sometimes very interesting results. Shamballa starts to manifest upon your planet as a city of light. So where does it manifest? If you could think about a map of your world in your dimensional reality, that area which takes in Mongolia, the place that is known as the Mongolian steps. This also, as well, spreads south towards the country of Tibet on top of the Himalayas. This is where the energy of Shamballa anchors into your dimensional reality.

It is also interesting to note that during these times, when the vibrations are so high upon the planet, and Shamballa starts to manifest into your dimensional reality, that some of the governments of the world see Shamballa manifest. Shamballa is perceived by them by means of the satellites that they have flying around the earth. Some of these satellites have very powerful imaging devices, and all of a sudden they see upon their screens something new that wasn’t there before. So they start to zoom in on this manifestation. You should realize that these satellites are powerful enough to zoom in on you to see which page of which newspaper you are reading in your garden. So when they see Shamballa manifesting, it makes them think a lot. They send their airplanes to check it out. Usually by the time the airplanes get there Shamballa has again disappeared.

So that is the first manifestation of Shamballa, from the fifth dimension. But you, my friends, the New Paradigm MDT™ family of light that live around the whole of this world, are the means by which Shamballa continually manifests itself energetically into your dimensional reality. As you focus, or as you keep yourselves aware of the fact that you can continuously bring through or ground the energy of Shamballa, through the New Paradigm MDT™, you can hold connections with multi-dimensional Shamballa.

Master Germain has also told us that the grounding of New Paradigm MDT on the planet at this time represents a bringing together of the Violet Tribe. Master Germain is Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of Transmutation. People come into each lifetime under the vibration of a certain Ray, according to who they are and what they wish to accomplish during that lifetime. You don’t have to be of the Violet Ray in order be activated to the NPMDT energies, but many who find themselves called to a NPMDT class have incarnated this lifetime under this Ray.  [from Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions]

PHOTO: Water Hyacinth–This essence helps one know Self as a part of a greater whole, merging with the greater whole and reaching up and out, ever expanding. Energy of Mahatma (Love without conditions) and of the Silver-Violet Flame of transmutation (of Master Germain). Joy, connection, wholeness, aspiring to ever new adventures in consciousness.

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Part of a channeling from Mary Magdalene through John Armitage

It is the energy of Mary Magdalen to speak with you. I have many things to share with you.

First, a short lesson on ego and defense. I gave [John] the information in the beginning about how we interact with ego, and the interactions between egos in 3D. My energy is very prevalent on earth now, but previously I wasn’t speaking in a pubic way. Nothing was being distributed about my words. One thing the channel asked me is, why did I never explain myself and stand up for myself. I did—I knew the truth of who I am and what I am.

My answer was, I know who I am. I have no desire to convince anyone else who I am. In my heart, I know who I am. I know that I am the pure essence of the Creator as my natural state. When you know who you are, no one can tell you you are anyone different. When there are interactions between people, and people attack you through ego, you must understand that if they didn’t have within themselves the subject or energy they make about you, they would not see it within you or see anything in anyone except the true divinity of Source-love. For beings, their true selves are this Divinity of Love. Please remember this.

There has been much talk about the re-manifestation of the goddess and pure feminine energy to bring about the energy of caring, support, and non-judgment. For those of you who have children, you know even though these children may have done acts not socially acceptable or out of balance with love, you still support and love them. You may chide them and try to bring them into balance, but the love never ceases. It is without conditions and supportive and nurturing.

This energy wave coming into earth now is about feminine energy and the supportiveness of feminine energy. As you ground this energy in flow, it goes into meridians of the earth and spreads all across the earth. Earth is a living biophysical being, and she has a multi-dimensional presence like all other things. Even the chair has a multi-dimensional presence. Earth has a multi-dimensional presence as do other plants and galaxies and exists simultaneously in time and space.

There is much talk about the New Earth now, the 5D aspect of earth. It is time for her ascension into 5D, and the planetary system of earth and the whole universe is in a forward movement into the next level of vibration. We could swap the word matrix for holographic projection. Some people think the New Earth is a different holographic projection. Let’s just say this ascension will take us to the 5D version of this universe. You will go with the Mother (earth).

Don’t forget, my love is always with you and, if you ever start to think through the actions of your ego or unbalanced thoughts, remember to say, “Mary, I am open,“ and immediately I can transmit to you this Feminine Divinity of Love, and immediately you will feel an experience of being nurtured, for you are being nurtured continuously. Sometimes we forget. There is no judgment in this. It is all part of the experience of life, so just be open to receive and you will. Remember my husband, Jesus, said, ‘Ask and you will receive.’ These words are as true today as when he spoke them.

THE NEXT ASCENDING WITH THE NEW EARTH WORKSHOP with John Armitage will be July 16-17, 2016 in Chicago, IL
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Photo: Yin/Yang symbol representing the balance of female/male energies

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Opening The Heart, with Grand Master John Armitage & Mark Lepuss

March 1 at 10 AM in UTC

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom

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From John’s ASCENDING WITH THE NEW EARTH workshop, July 2015, MN.

The planet and universe ascend at the same time. This is the project. The Schumann resonance used to be 17.5 hz. It will go up from 17.5 to over 26 hz. The vibrational frequency of the planet’s going faster, and everything else that lives on the planet will rise.

Ascension is about frequency/vibration. As we do this workshop, earth ups the basic frequency of her body. This expanded frequency will transmit energetic tone sounds on the frequency of 528, and this is the frequency some of the Russian esoteric scientists have been using to repair DNA. If earth vibrates on 528, this means the DNA of humanity will have something interesting happen. Russian scientists have told John they have seen miraculous results with this frequency on DNA.

A lot of diseases are coded in our DNA. As this 528 frequency activates, it will have a profound effect on the DNA of everything. John has personally accessed the 144,000th dimensional reality (not just 12). We must have presence in these realities. Ascending with the New Earth means, if we have multi-dimensional presence, the earth does too, and all beings (plant, animal, mineral) have multi-dimensional presences.

New Earth won’t be a new planet, but we will collectively move into the next dimensional reality and so will Mother Earth. 3D will be gone because the vibrational frequencies will have changed so it won’t be present. We will be moving into 5D reality for earth and the whole universe. We have already been going through 4D, and 3D’s been melting away. 4D is still very dense and has energy imbalances, and this is why we see a lot of imbalance on the planet now. We are programmed with fear to keep us in 4D via the media (TV, movies, etc.). Get away from the fear program by turning it off.
©John Armitage 2015– used with permission.

THE NEXT ASCENDING WITH THE NEW EARTH WORKSHOP with John Armitage will be July 16-17, 2016 in Chicago, IL
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Photo: Flower of Life Grid over the Earth, showing the energy vortexes/”sacred” sites

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Opening The Heart, with Grand Master John Armitage & Mark Lepuss

March 1 at 10 AM in UTC

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom

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John Armitage, from Pathway to the Cosmic Heart:

So, we’re asking you now to please make more of an effort, even though you’ve definitely been making an effort before, to allow your heart to make the decisions. Because your heart always makes the right decision, or the correct decision. Ultimately there’s no such thing as right or wrong anyway. They’re 3rd dimensional concepts as well. But the heart will always make the correct decision. Don’t allow your mind to question the decision. Instead of saying, “Shall I do this, shall I do that, shall I do the other thing?”, just say to the heart, “OK, let’s take the correct path.” And then it comes your mind—we’ll just make it simple, the heart says, “OK, turn right” and the mind says, “Why?” And the heart says, “No, just turn right,” and the mind says, “Yeah, well why? Maybe I should go left, instead.” You know, there’s two opposites again.

So, make more of an effort, or allow, allow, allow the heart to make the decisions. Ultimately, we’ve become so programmed in the matrix, that oftentimes we’re not wanting change. The mind says, “I’m happy with the position I have in the illusion, or in the matrix.” Then the emotions say, “I’m not happy, I’m not happy, I’m not happy, I want change.” And the heart says, “Well, we can have changes any time.” Then the change starts, and the mind says, “No, I won’t, no don’t. Nooooo! What’s going to happen to me now? I don’t want this change.”

A lot of us look at ourselves as free thinkers, and we understand, to a certain extent anyway, how the control works, and so on. But then the mind says, “Oh, how will I live, what will I live on, what will happen. yahdiyahdiya.” And the heart is aching, saying, “Come ON, let’s move, let’s be free! Let’s experience another way of living!” “Oh, yeah, but I don’t want to move, I don’t want to leave my town, I don’t want to leave my country, my family” and all these kinds of things. “I like my job.” and the heart’s saying, “Don’t worry, be happy. Go with the flow, and we’ll take care of everything.” the mind is like, “Wrrrwrrwrrrrrr.”

So we’re encouraging you to go beyond mind, and the limitations that we’ve built up, through living in our heads. I understand from my personal experience that this is not always the easiest thing to do. And I consider myself, in many ways very, very adaptable, in the way that circumstances change, or my own circumstances change. If I don’t follow my heart, how my I Am Presence and Divine Self takes care of things is, if I don’t follow my heart, actually I wake up one day and everything’s destroyed. So now, you’ve got no choice anymore. Well, actually you’ve got one choice: either start processing or move on, and see how things work.

So I know this, that sometimes it can be difficult to actually step outside the comfort zone, step outside of your own personal matrix, or your own personal illusory reality that you’ve built up around you—and also the collective illusion. But it’s step by step by step by step. The best advice that we can give you is, don’t fight! As I’ve said, I’ve experienced so many different things like this myself. There’ve been times I’ve sat back and said to myself, “Why did this happen to me again?” and my Divine Self says, “Gonna listen up now? Are you going to get on with the project, or not? Come on.”


Photo–ROSELITE: Feel the Oneness of everything as a cellular knowing.

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