[Channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

When we speak about disease, many people don’t understand why they suffer from disease. What do you think happens when a person manifests a phase of disease?  Do you think it is some kind of accident, or that you are a victim of something? Remember, your I Am Presence is the reason why you are here, and if your I Am Presence wants to withdraw from this dimensional reality then it needs to destroy the body. That’s why one day you can work a miracle –a supposed miracle- and another day you can do nothing with the situation with another person.

When you incarnate, your number of breaths and the number of heartbeats are already predestined. Of course, it is possible, in association with your I Am Presence, for this to change. Your I Am Presence may decide that the project is going very well and decide to extend the life of the body. The I Am Presence may decide that the ego and the consciousness of the body are so ingrained in the third dimensional illusion of separation that it withdraws early and destroys the body.

People ask when a small child dies, “Why does God allow this?”  It has nothing to do with Mother/Father God whether a child lives or dies. Of course that is a very broad statement, because Mother/Father God has Love, but Mother/Father God has no interest in whether energies are in a third dimensional body or in a different dimensional reality. Some beings choose just to be carried within the womb of the mother and experience birth and leave this dimensional reality—that’s their life project. Others choose to be inside the mother for a period of time and then leave the womb through natural or induced circumstances. It is a very controversial subject, this subject of abortion. Believe me, no one child is aborted that does not wish it.  It is the freedom and the free will.  It is the choice of the being.  You see, there is much more to life that many would understand.

You must have heard the New Age phrase, “This is your wake-up call”. Ask your I Am Presence, “Is it time for me to wake up? What year, what day, month or hour is my wake-up set for, and am I listening for the tone?”

PHOTO: Merging with the I Am Presence–silk painting by Phyllis Brooks

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The Biology of Belief

I’ve been meaning to write something about epigeneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book of this title. Now he has some great videos out. This free series is available through the Hay House website.

The video I just saw is about vaccines, the immune system, and the part that tonsils play in the whole thing. It’s fascinating.

Also about the lack of enthusiasm from his colleagues about his latest research on the cell membrane in its interaction with the environment of the organism as communicator to the genes (rather than vice versa). One told him, “it’s not where we’re at. It’s just too simple.” He recited Occam’s Razor back–when two competing theories predict the same result, the simplest one should be considered first, for it’s likely the most accurate. This is not the first time that an honest researcher runs up against medical belief systems that don’t correspond with true findings. So-called science in our society has become a kind of religion to many, with catechisms that are sacrilege to counter or go beyond.

I recommend the book, The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, and the videos.


John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

Disease is a multi-dimensional manifestation of something. Where disease is concerned, there’s no hard and fast rule about how the disease manifests into the physical, or into the mental faculties attached to the physical.

Disease has many trigger points, many different types of triggers. On the third dimensional level, it could have to be with defective nutrition, with total denial of who you are, etc., and you actually want to get out of it. Parkinson’s is a bit like that. Usually there you find people who don’t want to be here; they’re not totally present, they’ve never enjoyed themselves here. They may be arch controllers, but in the end they discover that none of this works, and they’re afraid to kill themselves, so they manifest “I’m not here.” The lights are on, but nobody’s home. But a lot of abnormal behavior is caused by multiple occupancy of the body. Once you learn to communicate on an I Am Presence level, it becomes simple. You just ask the I Am Presence of the person what’s going on, and listen to the answer.

There are so many different things happening in our world, and in other dimensional realities. I’ve been facilitating healing since I was a small boy, and I’d always known that disease manifests first in the emotional, in the astral bodies, and then works its way down to the physical. That’s where the doctors fall short in their treatments; they don’t treat the cause, only the symptoms.

But I never realized, as well, that there’s multi-dimensional disease, that disease can be manifest in many dimensional realities. It could be manifest in the eighth dimension, or the seventh, and then it falls down eventually into the third/fourth. We have a body that equates to each dimension. We are actually experiencing in a body in every dimensional reality, up to twelve—some even higher now. So you can have disease in other dimensional realities that actually also starts to manifest here, in the physical. So it’s not quite as simple to explain as our human conscious minds would like it to be. But when you work with guidance, it becomes dead simple. There’s nothing too much to work out.

One of the problems we have with our ego-driven conscious mind is that it wants to know the ins and outs of everything, to put everything into a box or pigeonhole. That’s impossible. Creation is complex. It’s not that it’s incomprehensible, it’s that everything affects everything in creation. The only way we can get to the bottom of it all is to work with our guidance. Your 3D ego mind can’t comprehend, in many ways, or easily, how you even work with your guidance. The information often that you’re given in guidance, your conscious mind says, “What?!” Just get out of the way, so we can do the job. Just allow rather than control. Humans think they have to control everything. No, you have to allow everything, not control.

[From Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 34]

[Photo: Calendula, a great healer]

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Our bodies are like poems, speaking to us in metaphors about where we need to put our attention in our lives. Each night we dream—what a riot of colorful metaphor we create, each of us, no matter how “mundane” we may think our lives! Each of us has a wonderful creative spark that is irrepressible, and if we don’t pay attention to it in our “waking” hours, it will burst forth on its own during our “sleep”.

Our nature is a creative nature. Who will not stop, even if for just a second, to notice a beautiful sunset? Mother Earth creating beauty and love around us, all the time, and then for a few moments turning on the stage lights, as if to say, “SEE! See how beautiful is this world I’ve made for you! See how much I love you!” The way to live is to live each moment in utter wonderment and delight at its beauty. We are the poem, and we the poet, moving into life lived from joy. What’s the difference between a good poem and a bad one? Honesty. Technique can make a good poem better, more aesthetic to the listener, perhaps better understood. But only honesty can make a poem good, and satisfying. Only self-honesty can do this for a life.

Some of the best poems are those that “capture a moment” and then spend verses, stanzas, paragraphs to take you into that moment, so that you can feel it in all its wonder. One moment, lived from total joy and ecstasy of beingness. And yet we live hundreds, thousands of such moments each day. What a wonder a lifetime is! What a wonder the dawn of a new day—the ecstasy of a single breath. The stuff of poets—and mystics—and ordinary people.

So how does all this relate to health, and dis-ease? Imagery is the way that our Higher Selves talk to us, to tell us what needs attention in our life, how our spirit needs to be fed. Our bodies are the poem the imagery is played out upon. For example, when the imbalance is small, perhaps just a memory of some past hurt or traumatic experience, our mental body may play the poem. We may dream our own creative vision of this hurt or trauma, and how to heal it. If this is ignored by the conscious mind, then our creative Self plays a louder tune, a more strident song, using our emotional body. We may start to re-experience, to feel again, the feelings that occasioned the original imbalance. If we stuff these away, due to fear, or because we have no time for such things, then our body becomes the medium of last resort. Pain wakes us up. At last our soul has our attention! We must change—or suffer, sometimes even die.

Obviously it would be less traumatic, to pay attention sooner. This is where vibrational medicine can help. Flower essences can treat contractions, or blockages, of the life-force energy flow, when they are still in our subtle bodies (the spiritual, mental, emotional), before they manifest into physical disease. Singing, toning, sounding, color, aroma, and other vibrational remedies can vibrationally rebalance our system. For we are vibration. All of creation is vibration.

 Wake up and Dream! ~John Armitage

Wake up, listen, dream and be healthy, be in balance, be whole.


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Most disease originates as thought (electro-magnetic in origin) which, if not brought back into balance, moves down vibrationally into emotion. Then, if this energy is not released, it continues to move down in frequency until it affects the functioning of the physical body. Our thoughts and emotions, to a very great extent, determine the state of our health. Treating physical symptoms with chemical substances can only affect such problems in the physical. Drugs leave the original cause untreated. We can achieve some physical comfort from pharmaceuticals (often with unintended side effects), but only we ourselves can initiate true healing, by changing our attitudes. In this effort, the vibrational or energetic methods and remedies can prove very useful. This includes homeopathic, flower and gem remedies, acupuncture and -pressure, hands on energy sessions (such as New Paradigm MDT with the energies of Shamballa, and other modalities), etc.

When we release fear and all of its manifestations—such as anger, despair, anxiety, hatred—we start on the road to wellness, to balance and mastery. (Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 27)

We also bring tendencies to various imbalances or diseases over from other lifetimes, if we have not sufficiently resolved those traumas in our psyches. For instance, I have felt intense pain in a certain part of my back, on and off, throughout this lifetime. Psychically sighted friends have “seen” various spear points, knives, bullets, etc. in this spot. As one is removed another eventually comes up to take its place. The original injury was traumatic enough that I did not resolve it; I transferred my feelings of victimization, betrayal etc. to other lifetimes, thus creating energy that drew to me similar incidents, which piled up like layers of an onion, and now need to be peeled back, layer by layer.

I have found this to be true with many others while doing Soul Wisdom™ karmic clearings. Someone who is having digestive problems may have been disemboweled in another lifetime. Another who feels worthless has been indoctrinated with that idea during a painful death. Another who has come down with an inexplicable rash has been burned at the stake, and the unresolved pain is just now coming up for clearing. We all have such traumas stored in our subconscious from this and other lifetimes, and this is all coming up for clearing NOW. Modern medicine finds such manifestations baffling. They don’t fit into its doctrines of 3D medicine, chemical cause and effect, and everything treatable by pharmaceuticals.

YOU are the only one who can heal yourself. Others can give you energy, can suggest ways of releasing old pain and trauma, can even prescribe pain-killers to postpone the ultimate encounter with your personal demons. But only YOU can decide to release your pain, victimization, anger, fear & terror, hatred, etc. Let it go and be free. I have a mantra that I repeat when I encounter such emotions in myself, or such physical manifestations of the unresolved past. I share it with you now: “I own this, I forgive this, I release this, I let this go. I AM FREE!”

Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind. It is only a symptom of the cause. Dr. Edward Bach

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