What Box?

John Armitage, NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Once we can stop all this [see previous blog: The Slavery Planet], then Mother Earth ascends to her next level, which will be her 5th dimensional self, and the physical 3D earth won’t be here, or Mother Earth decides not to do it, and in the end we live in heaven. Heaven isn’t in the sky, it’s here. Look outside, the immense beauty we have everywhere here. So it isn’t the way people have been programmed to believe. As I said, don’t think outside the box. What box is the question. And don’t struggle to get outside of it. What box? I’m not in it.

This takes various steps, because your ego drives you. But if you find fear and do it anyway, don’t let it hold you back. Some people say they want to change, but then when you give them the knowledge and opportunity and even the energy to change, when things begin to change they freak out and want them to be the same as they were before. They’d sooner stay within their self-constructed prison than step out into the unknown. But the unknown is exciting. But the ego says, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid. I don’t know the system. I don’t know what freedom is. Oh dear I’ll have to take responsibility instead of being told what to do? I’ll have to live responsibly?” Many people are miserable being told what to do, but they don’t want to take responsibility. I think that this is one of the challenges we face on planet Earth.

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The Slave Planet

John Armitage at the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

All religions have different versions of heaven. These are illusory places in time and space. You can get stuck there as well. I said this to my mum, don’t go to “heaven”—it will be boring as hell.

It’s possible to get stuck in these illusory places in time and space. Be careful not to do it. Remember, there’s a whole universe out there, or rather a multiple of universes, with multiple levels of existence, where you can go and experience before you actually go home. Going home is going back to Source. We’re sparks of the Creator’s essence, having an adventure. It is an adventure. Of course, the way that we’ve developed these emotional bodies, which wasn’t part of the original plan—this can make things a bit difficult for us. We get emotional. Believe me, I know it. I’m an extremely emotional person at times.

So, you can be free.

This planet is commonly known as Slavery Planet, or Prison Planet, because of this potential of constantly reincarnating over and over again. When you incarnate, you’re a slave. You might say, “Well I’m not a slave!” But most people are slaves. They’re slaves to money, they’re slaves to possessions. And most people have to go to work to get money, just to put food in their mouths when food is abundant everywhere. It even costs money to buy seeds, if you want to grow your own food.

So you’re a slave to this illusion of money. Also as well, the way that the mentality works in the Western world, the more money you have and the more possessions you’ve got, the more successful you are. I put on my Facebook page the other day, “Some people are so poor the only thing they’ve got is money.”

I did put as well that there’s nothing wrong with having money, as long as you remember the love as well. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have money. Actually, you can’t do anything without it. We couldn’t do the Cambodia school project without it. This is the way the system is set up. But we’re slaves to it. We’re slaves to religion, we’re slaves to the controllers, we’re slaves to money.

It depends on what kind of mentality you approach it in, whether it’s all a joke and you see if you can change it from within the system, like the Melchizedeks, or whether you’re going to believe everything they tell you. So this is why it’s known as Prison Planet, and this is why we’re doing our best to free people from this, and to free them from the constant round of birth and death.

This tunnel of Light bit has been put forward so much now that it’s in the collective consciousness, and it’s an accepted belief. I’ve known the opposite for a long time, but I’ve not talked about it. A couple of years ago I was told by the Upstairs Department, “Now it’s time to burst another bubble. Share this information with people when you get the opportunity.” But don’t worry about getting stuck on earth or anything. The people who get stuck on earth are in different circumstances. I can move them on with love and compassion, it’s easy. I’ve done it lots. Usually they are happy to go.

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From the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, Jonh Armitage:

People seem to think that they are human beings and will always be human beings. This isn’t true. There’s one other species that does take birth as humans relatively often, and that’s dogs. They are the embodiment of love without conditions. You treat a dog properly and it will always love you. Our first relationship with dogs was in the early days of Atlantis, when wolves were first incarnate. The wolves soon found out that hanging around the periphery of humans was a good way to get food easily. If other animals or beings approached, the wolves barked. Perfect arrangement. Over the years they’ve become more and more tuned in with us. Because of their ability to love without conditions, they occasionally move on to human lifetimes.

So things aren’t so much like your religious conceptions. This thing about a wrathful God in heaven, for me, I know that somewhere in the Old Testament it says God was angry at some people so he lined them up and burned the flesh off their bones. I’m not interested in a God like that. But of course, it wasn’t God—these were the Annunaki. The ones who came to earth in fiery chariots. This is also in the Bible. The gods they’re talking about are really aliens. It’s not that I want to break your bubble of Christianity. I’m not anti religion. But I AM anti control systems, and all the religions of the world have been overlighted by reptilians. The images are there. They’re all over the Vatican [for instance].

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

We can get ourselves completely emerged and integrated in this Divinity of Love. We have a tendency as human beings to ignore, or not understand, that this is the essence of us. So when it comes to the Divinity of Love, for me with Shamballa energy, with NPMDT this is the essence of the plan.

At one time we called it Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, but I started to think that was already judging people, saying they’re sick, imbalanced, they need healing. It’s another reason I’m happy with the name change. I don’t see this as a healing system any more. I see it as personal transformation, personal transformation on an individual level. The essence of Love. There’s a big difference in the emotion of love and loving in the essence of Love, understanding that Love is everything.

A lot of other things come with that realization. Living in non-judgment, and that other great word that sometimes we have a lot of difficulty with, forgiveness. Forgiving the self, not judging the self, loving the self. The word “unconditional” has a bit of condition in it, so now I say Love totally without condition.

So this is what I see as the energy of New Paradigm MDT: assisting people in their own ability to understand this divinity of Love in the best way that each individual can understand it. This is very important. Everybody isn’t in the same place. On another level we’re all on a collective trip, but on a personal level it’s individual. We can’t write a manual of enlightenment. If we could, the planet would be different. Everybody has their own relationship with reality and with their Self. Things are seen from so many different perspectives. So the changes that one has to make in order to come to the understanding that we are the essence of Divine Love can be very different for each one.

We hold a vision in our hearts that these teachings, clearings and activations will assist you in speeding your journey into freedom. When we say assist you in speeding your journey, what this means is your own personal freedom, outside of the illusion of fear, desire, expectation and so on, into the mode of allowance and Love, so that you may actually be able to live more freely. Also as well, you will allow your hearts to radiate this essence of Divine Love. This means that everywhere you go, every step you take, wherever you go on the planet, you will touch the hearts of others, whether or not they know it.

Don’t let this go to your ego. When you touch the hearts of others, you’re doing very important planetary service. We don’t want missionaries. We don’t want you out there raving about this to everybody you meet. Just wait until people ask you why you are different. Don’t push it down people’s throats. That just makes people more resistant to listening.

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When I started this blog it had two purposes: to sell the book (to get useful information out there to interested people), and to talk about ways of living in freedom and love without conditions, without judgment. I hoped at the time that other people would be inspired to share their own experiences of how to live in freedom, how to move beyond judgment, how to open to love without conditions in their lives.

I doubt I’ve sold any books from this! I have had a few comments along the lines of “thanks for the inspiration”, and one or two insightful additions from readers. I would LOVE to hear more from you. So now I will focus on some of my own experiences in living in this world focused on freedom and non-judgment. Today’s is on health.

We are going through a major transition and transformation. This is happening physically as well as emotionally, mentally and spiritually. People often ask me for a flower essence that will totally “heal” them on whatever level they are currently focused on. I want to tell them, “It took you lifetimes to create the mess, so don’t expect to immediately and totally turn it around with one or two drops of an essence. These are not pills treating a symptom, but consciousness treating consciousness. Healing comes with a change in attitude.” Of course, that’s exactly what essences can do:

Flower essences, and to a good degree gem elixirs, work through the subtle bodies to affect the pure consciousness of the individual.
~Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Higher Sciences, in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, by Gurudas.

But essences are only an example of what I want to talk about today, an example in the front of my mind because I have been creating online classes about essences. This is from the second installment, HOW THEY WORK, titled How We Get Sick:

  • Dr. Bach concluded that disease is a physical manifestation of a block or imbalance in the psyche.
  • Hilarion (Gurudas books) describes this block as being in the etheric bodies surrounding the physical.
  • As a last resort, the imbalance manifests as a disease in the physical body, in order to bring it to the person’s attention, so he or she can deal with it.
  • Therefore, physical problems are manifestations of an imbalance in the ethereal realms: psychological (mental), emotional or spiritual. This includes inherited weaknesses and karma carried over from other lifetimes.
  • There is an added cause today, pollution. But again, our susceptibility can be influenced by old energies we are holding, from this or other lifetimes.

Amazing energies have been flooding the earth to help us with this transition. These energies also push us to release the low vibrational energies we are holding on to that can’t exist in the higher vibrational frequencies we are becoming. The old energies are on their way out, and sometimes kicking up a fuss.

A few years ago I developed an intense rash. It showed up on my chest, then moved to my arms and other parts of my body. It itched and hurt. I asked what this was all about. I got the impression of being burned at the stake. My partner Mark is much better at reading the Akashic records than I am. He wouldn’t tell me all he saw, except that it was from intense torture, during which I begged to be burned to end the pain. This was interesting, because the only way I could relieve the effects of the rash was by taking a very hot shower, that was on the borderline of burning my skin. When I asked how to release this, I was told that traumas we’re holding that were acquired physically often have to release through the physical body. So I kept saying, “I release this! I own this, I forgive this, I release this, I let this go, I am free!” Over and over. In about two months the rash was gone. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t consciously connected to any fear or psychological pain around this. I think I’d already processed that part in the past, and only the physical remained to be released.

I’ve had similar experiences with physical pains and maladies since then. I’ve been told that “it’s all clearing”. So I do my best to release, forgive, release, forgive, and accept the resulting freedom.

I hear people around me talking about physical symptoms that their doctors can’t seem to treat, intense cases of flu that don’t seem to respond to their normal flu medications, etc. If people realized what was going on, maybe they wouldn’t freak out so much around physical symptoms. So I share my experiences, in love, in the hopes that it may help you or someone you know.

Once we realize our own divinity, the rest is easy. … Every one of us is a healer.
~Dr. Edward Bach

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The Big Short

I just saw the movie The Big Short. It tried to explain what happened to cause the economic crash of 2007-8. What I got out of it was that these Wall Street people are addicts—gambling addicts. They lose all sense of proportion when they get caught up in the thrill of the game. It helps that they seem to start off with no moral compass at all. They don’t care who they hurt, what repercussions their actions—fraud, deceit, criminal behavior—will have in the world. Yes, true addicts. And they’re in charge of the world economy.

In the end, they won anyway. The taxpayers “bailed them out” and they all gave themselves bonuses. No one at the top went to jail. The common people lost their jobs, savings, homes. Somehow we’re supposed to be able to stop them. I’m not sure how. Perhaps the solution lies in a PARADIGM SHIFT, a change in perspective.

My favorite line in the movie came from a disillusioned member of the In Group. He’d decamped, “back to the land” style. A couple of young would-be players in the Game who knew him contacted him for help in investing in “shorts”—this means gambling that the current system would fail, basically. He agreed that it was a sure thing. He helped them. Later, after the crash, they asked him why he had helped them, since he no longer wanted any part of that scene. He said, “You wanted to get rich.” There was no “stuff” attached to his statement. You wanted to do this, so I helped you. There was an implicit “but I don’t care about that any more,” and you knew as he said it that he felt that getting rich was an empty goal. But if they wanted to try it, OK. There was no judgment attached to his statement. Just an implicit, “It’s not for me.” Best line in the whole movie.

It’s about perspective. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and not getting distracted by the bling. Addiction is all about trying to fill a hole in the psyche, a feeling that something is missing, so we have to get, get, get stuff, money, “love”, sex, religion, a guru, fast track to “ascension” as a kind of “beam me up Scotty” escape, whatever. It’s also about not wanting to do the hard stuff that gets you to the Truth, like soul searching, opening the heart, releasing fear, and taking responsibility for yourself.

Our whole society is set up to make addicts out of us. Then we’re easily controlled, and fleeced. If we have money, we want more. If we don’t, we what what “they” have. This is supposed to make us “happy”. The Pursuit of Happiness—it’s an American value and right, written into the Declaration of Independence. The common way to pursue happiness is to pursue 3D stuff—including status, ego boosting acclaim from others who are also pursuing their own stuff and status.

This lifestyle is enslavement, not freedom. It’s the opposite of living in freedom and love without conditions. Living from the heart and grounding the Love of Source is why I am on this path and writing this blog and teaching NPMDT classes, and making essences. This is why I am HERE. If you are following this blog, perhaps this is why you are here too. And perhaps this will make a difference.

Germain has told us, ““There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.”

In love, Phyllis


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As I was reading a recent astrological report from Lorna Bevan  this phrase jumped out at me: “Life begins beyond my comfort zone.” I can relate. Looking back at my own life, I can see that such times “beyond my comfort zone” have been the times of greatest growth. The trick is to recognize this while immersed in new and probably fearful and painful territory.

The comfort zone represents complacency. I LOVE my comfort zone! It’s cozy, predictable, won’t push my buttons or push me beyond my perceived limits. It’s a great place for a rest. It’s also eventually boring. Why are we here? To feel comfortable? Or to experience life as a human in its fullest possibility, as a part of and representative of Source? I’m sure it’s the latter.

I’m not talking about drama, here. We create drama when we want to avoid dealing with something outside the zone. Drama drags us back into the zone, and is another form of it—a distraction from discovering and facing truth. To many, pain and suffering represent the comfort zone, because they are familiar and “predictable.” We can avoid self-searching and self-knowledge, we can avoid taking responsibility for ourselves, by immersing ourselves in drama and victimhood.

I remember John Armitage once telling a story about when he started teaching Shamballa as Master Germain wanted him to, helping people move beyond Reiki. Those who felt challenged by his teachings, who were afraid of losing comfortable doctrines and ways of doing things that they held dear, or perhaps just losing their livelihood, protested. Some sent hate mail. As he was driving to teach somewhere in Europe, he was remonstrating to Kuthumi (John often has conversations with multidimensional Masters on his road trips). “Why should I continue with this project? Look at how these people are reacting!” etc. etc. Kuthumi came back with, “My friend, you are not here to become the world’s most popular person.” John says that got him back on track. Yes, he was outside his comfort zone. John usually is. He’s learned to live there, and that is the mark of mastery.

One of my favorite quotes is from Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations With God:

The reason that the true master does not complain is that the true master is not suffering, but simply experiencing a set of circumstances that you would call insufferable.

I’ve got that one up on my bathroom mirror, staring me in the face every morning as I wash the sleep out of my eyes and the dream-webs out of my brain. There are many times in my life that I have found myself muttering, “I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing!” Such as the time my car died at a stoplight in the middle of a 4-lane highway (it turned out a tow truck had pulled up right behind me. THANKS, universe!). Or when my house burned down—and two years later my temporary house as well. Or last week when the water froze and the chimney got stopped up, all during minus 20 degree weather. That time I was shouting “What the bleep am I supposed to be learning here!” Not my finest moment.

Once we can get over ourselves and laugh during such experiences “outside our comfort zones” we are on the way to mastery, to living a joyful life, to experiencing life on earth as a true human and a spiritual being having a human experience.

So, pat yourself on the back when you remember to be thankful for those times that life pushed you outside the comfort zone. Laugh at yourself when you remember times that perhaps you went beyond merely experiencing, and those around you learned a few new words. You’re human! But not ONLY human. And human is a pretty cool thing to be.

In love & light, Phyllis

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