[Merlin channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

Many things have been shared with you about how to work with the consciousness of these living beings you know as quartz crystals.  To be sure, to use the words of Sananda [Jesus], these crystals are the promise of Mother Earth and Mother/Father God of the Love that is yours, for the receiving. Notice here that I didn’t say “yours for the taking”!  Open yourselves to the magic of this Love, for unconditional love transmutes everything. Open yourselves to the love that the consciousness of these crystals brings you. Where or how do you think these crystals get their Love to pass on to you? From the same place as it is available to you: from Mother/Father God.

Of course, questions have been asked, “Why use crystals?”  It is an easy answer. Some people do not feel at this moment capable of just opening and receiving. The crystals can work with you as your friends, and they, as friends, can show you this love. Many wonder, deep in their hearts, what this term Love really means. The Love of which we speak is not the emotional love that most humans upon the Earth experience at some time or another. It is a state of being, and this state of being is being in wholeness. Wholeness is love.

When you use your crystal technologies and your crystal friends to facilitate healing for people, that is what you are doing: you are bringing them into wholeness, the wholeness of love for themselves.  I have to remind you that this is also illusion—to believe that you can love others if you don’t love yourself.  Many will speak about the ancient alchemists: the quest for the formula to transmute lead or other base metal into sparkling gold. This quest, of course, was not transmutation of this metal into gold. Through interaction with the illusion, the alchemists thought this possible. They also thought, through their greed in the third dimension, that they would become very rich.  But in fact, the truth about alchemy is that it is a quest for transmuting base consciousness into the consciousness of Mother/Father God and the achievement of this is magic.

It brings about the realization of your true self and what you are.  With this realization and this love you can create anything.  Consciously create!  Consciously you have already created your situations. Have you noticed how powerful your creations are? You are living within your creations. If you consciously create, imagine how much more powerful your creations could be!  The magic of life!  The magic of your life is being the creator of your situations!  The creator of your abundance!

It is very true and very obvious that the energies upon planet Earth continuously transmute and change. As these energies transmute and change, humans also transmute and change. They are entering a period of planetary history that is moving faster and faster.  To go through these changes you need to be aware of your potential of creation, and allowing this magic to flow through your life streams smoothly makes this transition.  Remember, not only are you alchemists, you are also chameleons.  It is possible for you to adapt to any energetic situation.  Again I say to you, do not judge yourself.  Allow yourself to go forward with joy and happiness in your hearts and minds. In other words, be compassionate to yourself until the transformation to love takes place. Very easy! There is nothing difficult about any of this. The only difficulty that you can experience is your insistence to interact with the illusion of fear.

Photo: Clear Quartz Crystals–Strong thought amplifier; essence alleviates emotional extremes.

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

We can get ourselves completely emerged and integrated in this Divinity of Love. We have a tendency as human beings to ignore, or not understand, that this is the essence of us. So when it comes to the Divinity of Love, for me with Shamballa energy, with NPMDT this is the essence of the plan.

At one time we called it Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, but I started to think that was already judging people, saying they’re sick, imbalanced, they need healing. It’s another reason I’m happy with the name change. I don’t see this as a healing system any more. I see it as personal transformation, personal transformation on an individual level. The essence of Love. There’s a big difference in the emotion of love and loving in the essence of Love, understanding that Love is everything.

A lot of other things come with that realization. Living in non-judgment, and that other great word that sometimes we have a lot of difficulty with, forgiveness. Forgiving the self, not judging the self, loving the self. The word “unconditional” has a bit of condition in it, so now I say Love totally without condition.

So this is what I see as the energy of New Paradigm MDT: assisting people in their own ability to understand this divinity of Love in the best way that each individual can understand it. This is very important. Everybody isn’t in the same place. On another level we’re all on a collective trip, but on a personal level it’s individual. We can’t write a manual of enlightenment. If we could, the planet would be different. Everybody has their own relationship with reality and with their Self. Things are seen from so many different perspectives. So the changes that one has to make in order to come to the understanding that we are the essence of Divine Love can be very different for each one.

We hold a vision in our hearts that these teachings, clearings and activations will assist you in speeding your journey into freedom. When we say assist you in speeding your journey, what this means is your own personal freedom, outside of the illusion of fear, desire, expectation and so on, into the mode of allowance and Love, so that you may actually be able to live more freely. Also as well, you will allow your hearts to radiate this essence of Divine Love. This means that everywhere you go, every step you take, wherever you go on the planet, you will touch the hearts of others, whether or not they know it.

Don’t let this go to your ego. When you touch the hearts of others, you’re doing very important planetary service. We don’t want missionaries. We don’t want you out there raving about this to everybody you meet. Just wait until people ask you why you are different. Don’t push it down people’s throats. That just makes people more resistant to listening.

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training–2016

We need to learn to listen to our hearts. It’s also very important to link our heart chakras together—the higher heart chakra/thymus and the physical heart. Linking them generates a massive energy field. It’s nothing to do with our light bodies or etheric bodies or anything. Our intention is strongly manifested through this energy field.

We all have a choice whether to participate in a co-creation, especially on an individual level. It’s part of standing in our own power. We don’t have to let people walk over us. But we need to avoid judgment and blame, and see everybody is on their own journey. What they are experiencing we don’t know. We don’t know what they’re thinking, what they’re living. It’s very easy to jump to conclusions and judge, and judgments of ourselves as well.

I’m the first to admit that this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But when we remember to allow the love, then it becomes easy. Allow the love to flow through. Be in a mode of allowance. Some say “Think outside the box.” I prefer to say “What box?” It doesn’t exist. Be free.

As the links get stronger, the sacred heart manifests. Gregg Braden has done a lot of work on this and has the scientific explanation for it. I’ve noticed what a difference this has made for me, and also for the ones who have done the Cosmic Heart workshop.


Photo: Bleeding Heart-Deals with affairs of the heart.

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

A woman came to me at a workshop. “Can you give me some advice? I don’t know whether or not to divorce my husband.”
“Oh he’s not spiritual.”
“I know you’ve got children. Who’s looking after the children while you take this workshop?”
“Oh, my husband.”
“I also know that you don’t work. Where did you get the money for this workshop?”
“My husband gave it to me.”
“So he has a good job and he works hard.”
“Oh yes, yes.”
“So he’s generous, isn’t he.”
“Oh yes, he’s very generous.”
“Is he good in bed?”
“Not bad.”
“So what’s the problem?”
“Every time I want to talk about energy and healing and so on, he picks up the remote control and starts clicking the channels.”
“OK, I do have some advice for you.”
“What is it?”
“Don’t talk about it. And you’ll have a happy family house. Everything’s cool, isn’t it? Every time you try to push this down the man’s throat, you’ll make him more resistant. So don’t talk about it.”

Photo: Blue Curls–The essence can  help you feel at home in your body so you can test energy coming at you, sense where it comes from and the intent behind it.

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A Message for Your Soul June 9, 2016

Channeled by Salena Migeot

Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we greet you today. You are rapidly spiraling into a higher manifestation of yourselves. This process will continue for some time and while it transpires, you will feel that you are on a roller coaster – sometimes experiencing ease, flow, and oneness seemingly effortlessly, and for brief periods of time, you will experience the exact opposite. There is no ‘cure’ for these symptoms. We have said before that you will have some odd physical sensations which many of you will interpret as symptoms of something. Know they are not something that can be cured, but something that must be endured in this process. They include everything from minor to not so minor aches and pains, tingling, dizziness/vertigo, visual strangeness with light and color, greater awareness of movement in your peripheral vision, headaches, digestive rumblings, greater awareness of movement or energy in certain parts of your body, and many other odd sensations. These are not things that need or can be addressed through medical attention. They are merely side effects of the recalibration you are going through that is by no means only physical.

As far as your emotional and mental bodies, you are not having an emotional breakdown, a psychotic lapse, or anything other than transitional surges in your energy field. These will be different for each person but some common manifestations are the feeling that you are very vulnerable in a way you might not have felt since you were a small child or a teenager. This may cause you to be defensive, blame others, or want to avoid others for fear of what you will say or do that is a departure from your normal balanced dealings with them. We are talking about those closest to you whom you love and adore. At times they will feel like the enemy as though they have become different or are acting differently towards you when they are actually the same people that you know and love and who know and love you dearly. It is your perception colored by the emotional residue that you are releasing on this journey to a higher version of yourself.

As you continue this process, you might find you are keeping score of things loved ones said or did that ‘prove’ they don’t really love you. This will be a challenging time for those who are already questioning their relationships or another’s loyalty toward them. Dearest Ones, the most beloved advice we can give you is to recognize that all tests will be passed as long as, and as soon as, you recognize it is a test. If you give credence to these thoughts and feelings, you can manifest that which you do not want as far as your relationships are concerned. For those whose questioning of their relationships is an on-going process, it is basically your choice if you want to give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt and accept them as they are, knowing they are going through similar growing pains or end your relationship with them.

We lovingly suggest that you do not judge them on what you are perceiving, but on what they actually say and do on a day to day basis. Focus on all the things you love about them and everything about your relationship that you are grateful for. Do your best to allow the blessings of your relationships to exceed any perceived wrongdoing on the other’s part. If, during an honest assessment of your relationship over time, you find that it is consistently out of balance, then you might want to think about making changes. If however, you find that your problems with the person in question only arise when you are feeling defensive and emotionally challenged, that is an indication that it is a mood that will pass and not a true reflection of your actual relationship. We are spelling this out very clearly for you because many of you are questioning things as your emotional wounds surface to be released. These wounds have a way of skewing reality and clouding your perception.

Your reality is largely whatever you believe it is. Religion is the belief in a certain reality. Every religious person has accepted a version of reality that their particular faith espouses. The same can be said for every political party. Every form of ‘ism’ is a belief for or against something. You will soon see the extent to which you have been made to believe in a certain reality that is largely a construct of what those in power have wanted you to believe. When this ‘reality’ is exposed, many of you will feel a wide range of feelings and emotions – angst, betrayal, confusion, to name a few. However, there will be those of you who will feel relief, validation, and maybe even feel that you are being exonerated from stirring the pot or mistrusting what is. You will all feel that the Wizard of Oz has been exposed and you will not enjoy the feeling of learning the extent to which you have been duped. When all the players who make up the role of the Wizard of Oz are exposed, you will be shocked at the seemingly good guys that are part of the hoax and to what extent they have been working with those who you may have suspected all along were not so good.

As this exposure continues, you will question the reality of everything. Therefore, you will need your loved ones close by. So again, we caution you to be very clear about who your loved ones are and keep them close as you will need one another for support and solace as the emotional roller coaster of your life gets a little more scary. Remember that a roller coaster goes up and down and for each down there is an up. You will experience higher ups and lower lows than you ever thought possible. And things will continue to go on in that way as you begin to feel that you are living in a fun house that does not feel so fun but just gets weirder and weirder. And each time you begin to despair, there will be another up that assures you that the reality you are moving into is so much better than anything you have yet experienced. Trust that.

Your beliefs create your reality so choose your beliefs wisely and well. And you are completely at choice as to what to believe. Our suggestions: Believe that the mass exposure that is happening is happening for the highest good. Once all is exposed, you will be more well-informed about everything that is possible for you to know, and you will not feel so small in terms of your personal power. You will feel small in relation to the vastness of the multiverses that you will learn more and more about. And you will feel empowered to be a part of the Oneness of All. You will recognize that everything matters and everything has significance including you. Dear Ones, there are such wonders in store for you! It is as though your world/perception/”reality" is a tunnel you have been living in and right now you are fast approaching the end of the tunnel. Soon you will be at the end of the tunnel and you will discover the wonders and limitlessness of who you truly are and what THE TRUE REALITY is.

And so it is.

With All of Our Considerable Abundance of Love for You, WE ARE:

Feel free to forward or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution. To receive these messages in your e-mail inbox in English, e-mail with “Guides” in the subject line. Thank you.


PHOTO: “Souldance” silk painting by Phyllis Brooks


My Druidic Education Part 4
by Mark

The main reason that I had no self-confidence was the way I was being treated by my parents, especially my mother.

What happened with my mother was that she didn’t know how to open her heart. She was mentally tortured by the beliefs and teachings of the very strict “Christian” family she came in to. She was shattered and she didn’t know how to love.

There’s a darkness and a light here. In all of my earthly lifetimes, I have always acted from my heart to the best of my ability at the time, and I would learn from my mistakes. So living with my mother, a person who didn’t know how to open her heart, was traumatic. Because of her experiences of growing up without love, she could not know how to love with her heart. She wasn’t able to be a loving human, let alone a mother.

The last time I saw my mother was when I was 17. We were both sitting in the living room. I was listening to some music that was dark, some hard rock. My mother was watching me. I was singing along. She saw how unhappy I was at that moment and that I was ready to just chuck it all, leave this body. I didn’t know how to get away from the darkness. The darkness is not knowing the Love.

I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When I came back, she looked at me and asked, “How can I get rid of this hatred?” She actually GOT it. I turned around and went back to the kitchen. I was shaking. My body wanted to hurt her, for all the hurt and torture she had put me through as a child. But then I turned around and walked back to her and said, “The hatred that you’ve felt, that you’ve acted on in this life, LEAVE it in this life, leave it here.”

Then she asked me to forgive her for how she’d treated me. I said, “I forgive you. Leave it all here.” I had to decide on my own to forgive her, and I did. This is what freed ME. I no longer felt like hurting her. I was freed of my own anger. I never saw her again. She died soon after.

I was still heavy into drugs—marijuana, LSD and others, but I no longer felt out of control. I was able to get on with my life. When someone who has injured you, tortured you even, asks forgiveness, and you are able to forgive them, then you are freed as well.

That was the beginning of me saving myself. But it never would have happened if I hadn’t had my grandparents. They helped me by loving me and teaching me through Love. Discipline with Love. And the way they taught me to communicate with and become one with Nature. The love that Nature gives us is always there with us. We only have to open to it.

Photo: CALLA LILY-the essence is for Forgiveness.

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My Druidic Education—Part 3
by Mark

My grandmother also taught me to speak with beings that had no body, what we call spirits or ghosts. There was a sailor who had lived in their house since he died in 1889. He was a sea captain. He had things to teach me energetically about life on the ocean. She helped me interface myself so I could receive pictures in my mind of some of his experiences. She changed the frequency of my beingness to match his, in order to do this. She never violated my personality, but she guided me by coming into my being and showing me how to alter my frequency, so that I could communicate with these spirit beings. When you match frequency with another, you are separate, but there’s no boundaries stopping energetic conversation. So energetically you now experience each other without interference and without harm to either.

I could tell when I meshed with the Captain that he wasn’t happy. I asked her why he didn’t go where he could be happy. She told me that that was between him and the Creator.

I thought it was all great fun!

When I got to be four, it was easier to walk around, so we would go walking in the woods. Almost everywhere we went, there were spirits of those who had come before us, the Red People. They were comfortable with themselves as they were. I noticed that was different than with the Sea Captain. My grandmother then told me that there was another level to life, that had to do with opening one’s heart to the ocean of love without conditions. The Sea Captain had been a nice man, but he didn’t understand love without conditions. The Red People were so enmeshed in the lovingness of Nature that they were entirely comfortable. Having or not having a body was all the same to them. These spirits would inhabit certain places that they felt tied to by their choice. In their mind’s eye eternity is a long time, so staying in a place for a few hundred or thousand years is nothing to eternity. Eventually they would move on.

My grandmother taught me how, as with the Captain, to mesh myself with each one of them, if I chose. When I could allow myself to mesh with all of the beings, all of the living plants, all of the insects, all of the microbes, all of the rock beings—then I would feel a special kind of peacefulness and sense of belonging, a knowing that I was not alone.

My grandmother helped me by partially giving me direction and helping me change my body frequency in order to experience these things. She told me that at some point she was not going to be there to help me, and that I had to learn to do for myself what she was now doing for me. She had made it seem so easy, that I couldn’t see any reason why she couldn’t keep doing it. I asked her why I needed to learn to do it myself. She told me that all the things we had done were merely a beginning of what I would do, and that I had to make up my own mind how to balance myself, without help.

I told her that I didn’t think I was capable of doing all this myself. She looked at me and shook her head. “Well, we’ll have to figure it out,” she replied. I know now that she was being kind and firm at the same time. She could see that I didn’t have enough self-confidence to venture out on my own, and do things that I had no support for from the greater world.


Photo: Birch Trees Entwined-The essence of white Birch brings the experience of the Divine Mother into your life. Aids in tapping into the healing energies of the Divine Mother: compassion and enveloping love without conditions. Enhances awareness of the creative source of being and how you are a part of it.

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