[Merlin channeled by John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

Who do you think or who do you believe that the Ascended Ones are?  They are you, each and every one of you. Who are the Masters of creation? You, each and every one of you. Not only the beings in this room, but all the beings on Earth, whether they know it through their ego and their conscious mind or not. This should make you understand that you are our equals. In fact we are sisters and brothers in creation. The only difference to this is that you have taken on projects in association with the Mother Earth, the goddess Gaia, and you have chosen to put yourself in a situation where it is possible for you to forget that you are a master of creation, that you are a master of your universe.  You are a master of your world, and now is the time to remember.  We don’t support you in love for the reason that we think that you are inferior to us. We support you in love because you are our equals.

Allow the magic into your hearts and lives. Wake up and realize the glory that is yourselves. Promise yourselves through your hearts, through your minds and through your souls that today will be the day that you will live in magic forever more. Remember the dream of many humans, that is to create heaven upon the Earth. You should, by now, realize how strong your creation abilities are, because you have only to look around you and see what humans have already created upon this Earth. If you could manifest outwardly from yourselves oppression and suppression and lack, well then, you can easily create harmony and peace in heavenly way.  It even takes less money to create heaven than oppress, suppress and kill.  It is much cheaper to give people food and spiritual education than it is to kill them. Hold the vision of equality, because it is through vision and dream that we create.  People complain about the state of the world in third dimensional reality. They complain about the war and the strife. It is a reflection of all that is going on in the hearts of many humans – as above, so below.

So, magicians in love, I will leave you with my love and my support and my encouragement. I remind you again, every one of you, this is marvelous, this Mother/Father God. In that marvel and magic I leave you, and the divine within my consciousness sees, salutes and recognizes the divine within your consciousness.  NAMASTE.

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John Armitage at a 13D Teacher Training 2016:

Allow the universe to work through you. People are always putting limitations on the universe. They say, “Oh if only I had more money—I have to sell more cookies, [or] I need to get more people in my workshops.” The universe says, “Shit, now you’re making things more hard.” The universe is totally abundant and willing to allow things to flow into your life, but if you put constraints on the universe, it says “this isn’t going to be so easy.” So this is another way to change your relationship with the universe. say, “I’m open to receive, the totality of abundance.” People think abundance is money but actually money is a small part of total abundance. So notify the universe, “I am ready, willing and open to receive,” and actually more than your heart’s desire will manifest around you.

It’s miraculous how this works. There was a time when I was really broke, and I said to Kuthumi, “I’m ready to do some work, but I don’t have any money, so tell me how to get some.” Kuthumi says, “Well why don’t you meditate on money.” So I’m meditating on 50 pound notes, they’re falling out of the sky. Everybody around me is saying, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m getting money everywhere!” Everybody but me, I’m still getting nothing. So in the end I give Kuthumi a hard time about it. He tells me, “Sometimes you’re a slow learner. Your vision was of money falling around you, so everybody around you was getting the money. So why don’t you visualize the notes going into your wallet?” So you see how our minds can trick us?

I can tell you the universe is a very abundant place and the universe is always willing to facilitate. Don’t put limitations on it. Just say, “I’m open to receive,” and it’s absolutely mind boggling what happens. So don’t say to the universe, “I need to make more money out of my workshops,” say to the universe, “I’m open to receive,” and the universe will find a way of throwing it your way.

The only limitations we have are self-constructed. We build the limitations in our minds. Many people would rather live in the purgatory of the hell they know than step outside into the unknown. But if you want to progress in your understanding of life, the universe and everything, you have to step into the unknown. Otherwise you stay where you are.

This doesn’t mean you have to give everything up, no you don’t. But you have to change the way you think. The way you think is actually unknown territory, isn’t it.

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A Message from Your Guides 7/16/16

Channeled by Salena Migeot salenam2@msn.com. Feel free to share or repost this in its entirety with proper attribution. 

Dearest Beloved Ones, 

We ask that you remain flexible with the changes that will continue for some time. The catastrophic events that have been plaguing your world are the cleansing that will give way to a healthier planet for all. When what appears to be evil surfaces in your world, know that it must surface to be washed away in the new energies that are buffeting your planet into the next evolution of both the planet and all of her beings. These cleansing events will continue until the toxicity is fully cleansed and you will all be free to move into the new vibration of love that awaits you. This new vibration will not allow the energy of war, violence, bigotry, and so many other lower vibrational ‘realities’ to exist within it. So, as much as it seems the opposite is true, these events are indicative of a greater reality being birthed by each and every one of you collectively in concert with all of creation. 

As you consider this, consider what more you can do to usher in this higher vibrational reality. One of the most effective things you can do to achieve the world you want is to envision that world – put time and energy into ‘seeing’ the reality you want to co-create. It is not one person’s or one groups job. It is a collective creation that is in your highest good to contribute to to give you a sense of purpose when you feel powerless against the events that are largely planned and executed to keep you separate and divided. As long as you resort to blame and all other iterations of fear, you are playing into the terrorist mentality. Dearest Ones, you who recognize that the so-called terrorists are also your brothers and sisters, and are playing their part in your collective evolution, will be free of the fear and hatred those who act against love are trying to instill. These ones who kill in the name of an ideal are living in their own prison of fear. To the extent that they spread that fear, they succeed in imprisoning more and more along with them. We lovingly request that you forget differences and focus on love – love of ALL of your brothers and sisters. Those who commit these acts need your love more than those who treat you well. They are sick with the kind of sickness that takes powerful love to heal. We ask all of you to join together in healing your brothers and sisters – see them changing before your eyes, asking your collective forgiveness, and doing their part to heal any seeds of hatred they have sewn anywhere throughout the world. 

When you all put your collective energy into healing through love and forgiveness and imagine all the plant and animal beings joining you in holding loving, healing energy for all, you can truly accomplish that which has never been accomplished before in any age or manifestation of Earth throughout the many millennia that Earth has existed. Some of you have been witnessing animals of different species laying down with one another, comforting one another, even raising the young of a species that is typically their predator or prey. This is the time that has been spoken of in the biblical Book of Revelations – when the lion lays down with the lamb. Let that comfort you and indicate to you that things are truly changing in many realms both seen and unseen. For all the good you are seeing on your planet, know that there is so much more being accomplished that is not yet seen by you. Know that for all the ‘evil’ you see, so much more evil is being eradicated. We suggest you think of events unfolding as one-tenth of what is actually happening. Again, to eliminate all that is no longer a vibrational match to the higher frequency you are moving into, a thorough cleansing is necessary. 

We invite you to think of all that shows up in your life or your world as an opportunity to cleanse the old or embrace the new. As you practice this new outlook, you will be able to let go of that which does not serve you and include more and more of what does serve you into your life. We remind you that what you think becomes manifest more quickly in this new reality. Therefore, we also remind you to be more mindful of your thoughts and do not dwell on, talk about, or entertain in any way that which you do not want. When you give your voice and energy to anything – wanted or unwanted, you empower it and make it more likely to become a greater part of your reality. Think about people who complain – if they complain about not having enough money, they continue to have financial issues. People who begrudge something that interferes with their optimal wellness often have long drawn out health crises. When someone is not getting along with someone, and they talk about that person to someone else, they often prolong a disagreement and postpone a resolution. 

You are responsible for your thoughts and your speech. If there is an area of your life that is not optimal. How are you thinking about it and talking about it? How can you change it for the better? Speak well of people and situations you have difficulty with to foster ease. Visualize flow, ease, and grace around every person and situation that is not as flowing as it could be. 

When you personally clean up your own life in this way, you can then turn your focus to larger groups and situations that need healing. Know that cleaning up your personal life and relationships has a ripple effect and contributes to cleansing on a larger scale. We invite you to do your part to create the world you want through doing your own cleaning and maintenance. 

Dearest Ones, know we are loving you powerfully. 

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides 

Photo: ROWAN (European Mt. Ash): Ancient tree of magic, whose essence helps one to overcome obstacles, make one’s way clear; to dissolve the barriers of doubt and negativity that keep one from their heart’s desire, their true path. Opens psychic chakra (6th), for visioning and manifesting. Powerfully links the center of the head (ductless glands) with the center of the earth. Very grounding and energizing from the Earth. Roots the center of the head—a way of pulling up energy from the Earth.


The Biology of Belief

I’ve been meaning to write something about epigeneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book of this title. Now he has some great videos out. This free series is available through the Hay House website. http://www.hayhouse.com

The video I just saw is about vaccines, the immune system, and the part that tonsils play in the whole thing. It’s fascinating.

Also about the lack of enthusiasm from his colleagues about his latest research on the cell membrane in its interaction with the environment of the organism as communicator to the genes (rather than vice versa). One told him, “it’s not where we’re at. It’s just too simple.” He recited Occam’s Razor back–when two competing theories predict the same result, the simplest one should be considered first, for it’s likely the most accurate. This is not the first time that an honest researcher runs up against medical belief systems that don’t correspond with true findings. So-called science in our society has become a kind of religion to many, with catechisms that are sacrilege to counter or go beyond.

I recommend the book, The Biology of Belief, by Bruce Lipton, and the videos.


Channeled April 4 by my friend Salena Migeot salenam2@msn.com

(To sign up for her channelings, email her with “Guides” in the subject line.)
Dearest Ones, 
You are the light of the world. You have been waiting for us/God/something outside yourselves to ‘save’ you. That is not how it works, Dear Ones. You are the change you wish to see. You have already manifested a great deal of change vibrationally. We ask you to stay focused on all that is good in the world, all that you are grateful for, all that you would like to perpetuate and let go of all the rest. Literally. If it does not make you feel good, smile, does not elevate you, does not give you hope in humanity, do not give it any attention. Let it go. This goes for all the ills of your world, all those who seem determined to promote hatred, bigotry, ignorance, and who embody greed, violence, and lack the qualities of love, compassion, and service to the highest good of all. 
If you do not feed people and situations energy, the energy around them will dissipate and seek stronger energy to adhere to. If the majority of you are only feeding energy into what is good, that good will manifest. This is a very basic principle of the physical world and most of you do not understand that and make it much more complicated than it is. The good you help manifest through your focus on good may not be what you envisioned or hoped for but it will be an energetic match –  a rising above what you are wanting to rise above. 
You have a leader who you do not agree with. Do not show up for them in any way and they cannot continue to lead. Many of you are unaware how much you feed the very people and situations you abhor or want to avoid through talking about them, sharing information about them, and feeding them energy in countless ways. If you do not want to feed a person, group, or situation, do your best to ignore it/them and feed your energy to its/their opposite, nearest opposite, or ideal on the other end of the spectrum. 
We invite you to put this suggestion into practice and see how YOU shift energetically as a result. When you do not place your attention on that which you do not like/want, you lift yourself up above that, you maintain a higher level of energy physically and vibrationally. If you put this into practice, you may find you have more energy to do more in your day and in your world. 
Opposing energy is much more difficult to maintain than flowing energy. Stay in the flow of what you want and simply avoid the opposing energy. Do not engage it. Allow it to move around you without allowing yourself to get sucked into its current or wake. If you would like to avoid a person or situation, do not worry about encountering them in any way. Each morning, say a prayer for assistance to only engage in what serves your highest good. If you find yourself focusing on or worrying about a situation, mentally envision the opposite of what you want – see yourself running into someone you would love to see, who you always feel energized around. See yourself getting into a situation that creates more opportunity, abundance, or connection for you. 
Do not engage with that which you do not want in any way – through your thoughts, your words, your  choices, or actions. If anyone tries to engage you with that person or subject, enlighten them by saying, ” I choose not to feed them/that my energy because that is not what I want to contribute to the world.” They may look at you as if you are strange at first, yet when they digest what you say it will make perfect sense to them. If they are very attached to watching television, or reading or watching everything that comes into their e-mail inbox or their social media stream, it might take a few repetitions for this message to sink in. That is  okay. The more you apply it to your own life and the more you share it with others, the more you are being the change you wish to see and the more you will affect your world for the better. 
We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones.
And so it is. 
The Collective of Guides 
Photo: Primrose-The energy of this essence bathes one in the golden light of cosmic human potential, Christ Consciousness; feel more connected to the rest of humanity; see situations from a more cosmic perspective. www.taliloquay.com
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My beautiful friend Jennifer showed up at a 13D workshop I was facilitating, all excited about an old volume she’d picked up at a tag sale. It was part of the I Am Discourses of Godfre Ray King (Guy W. Ballard) with Master Germain, published in 1936. Since then, I have included the excerpt she shared with us as a handout in all of my classes.

The I Am Presence is a part of us, the part that knows it is divine, knows it is a part of the All, and All is One. Each of us has an 8th dimensional I Am Presence that is easily accessible to us. We have only to ask and allow.

The excerpt Jennifer brought to class speaks of the creative power of the I Am and how we can connect with this to fulfill all our needs and desires. We have only to connect and work “to correct [our] own human discord in thought, feelings and spoken word”. But also as well:

No matter what the individual requires for his own use, the first condition on which he receives it from the Supreme Source of All is that he calls it forth into use NOT ONLY FOR HIMSELF, but for EVERY INDIVIDUAL on this earth as well.

When we do this, our blessing is multiplied by the number of humans on the earth. 75% of this energy comes to the individual, and the rest goes out to the world.

By one call, with intense feeling, to his “Mighty I Am Presence” to release what he desires into his own use and then expand it to the use of all, he accomplishes infinitely more in that call to his Presence than could possibly be done in any other way.

When you write a check to pay your bills, you can intend “WITH INTENSE FEELING” that you and everyone on earth have the resources to pay their bills. One of the New Paradigm MDT teachers always writes “Joyfully!” on her check for her students’ School Fees. Another friend writes “with blessings!” on her checks.

We hear daily about the plight of people in war torn countries and refugees. Often I start to feel helpless in the face of so much suffering. Before I begin a meal, I always say, with great love in my heart, “Mighty I Am Presence, may all people everywhere have as good or better food as I have here today.” I like to add as well, “May all beings be free! Freedom for all!”

The Discourses continue:

Oh Beloved Ones, do you realize what it means to work with intense sincerity and deep feeling for the Freedom of all? It is the greatest joy and privilege of all lives.

Jennifer is no longer with us in body, but as I say the Mighty I Am Presence affirmations, I remember her beautiful spirit.

May all beings free themselves from fear and open to the Abundance of the universe, which is their birthright.

In love,

NEXT BLOG POST: Frequency Rising! (on the ascension of the Earth)



Master Germain channeled through John Armitage:

You are divine love. Be it. Bring the Goddess inside of you, and bring the God inside of you. For you are that, and this bringing in of the goddess and the god is just allowing yourself to receive the gift of your god- and goddess-nes, moving out of duality and separation. I give you instances of myself, and others to show you, “Cease the struggle! Be the dream! Cease the struggle of duality! Cease the struggle of duality. Don’t fight, because you are already.”

This being, whose body I am using to speak to you through, has said to you that duality is the problem you have to find the solution to, to put it plainly. You have been told by numerous masters, numerous people willing to share, that there are no problems, only solutions. So what is the solution? I’ve given it to you. Be the divinity that you are. Understand that when you say, “I don’t want,” you don’t get. And when you say, “I want, and I receive and allow,” you have.

Allow the winds of change to take this ship that is your physical body home into the safety and freedom that is the Creator’s love. Allow the winds of change to blow around you, and stand steadfast. Integrate the energies of the winds of change, integrate the realizations, the lessons, the gifts. But stand like the oak, solid, dependable, and grounded. The oak is so solid because it has its roots firmly in the deep of Mother-Father God. The oak says, “Throw everything at me. I am here. I radiate the branches that are me, that are beauty, whether they are covered in leaves or whether it is the winter, and I have withdrawn my energies within myself, to mediate on my solidarity, upon my connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky.” Take a lesson from the oak. Ground yourselves firmly. Keep your heads open to the sky, keep your energies open to the love, the support, the greatness that you are.

I would like you at this moment, if you feel it is appropriate for you, as an individual, to close your eyes and turn within, and see the solidness of the oak that is you. Feel the roots grounding downwards into the heart of Mother Earth. Feel the roots becoming solid, spreading outwards and outwards. Feel the support of Mother Earth, holding you. For that is what happens when you put down roots. The trees stand solid because they allow the support of Mother Earth. Feel your roots going downwards, downwards, downwards, outwards, outwards, outwards. Feel the grounding and solidarity. Feel yourselves becoming solid, integrating your energies. Solid, solid, solid. And feel your branches spreading upwards, to the stars and beyond. And feel the love and support of Mother/Father, the lifeblood of Creation flowing into you.

“I Am that I Am, divinity and love in this moment, and in every moment of Creation! I Am that I Am. I know that I am loved and supported by the Universe, by Mother/Father God. I Am that I Am. I affirm I Am the power and the glory of the Divine incarnate! I Am that I Am!” [from Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions]




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