What’s It All About?

Why We Are Here [according to The Law of One]:

  • The primary purpose of an entity is, in this density [3D], to experience all things desired.
  • Analyze, accept and understand these experiences
  • Distill the love and wisdom that can be found within them
  • If your desire would infringe on others, exercise your imagination [experience it in your imagination, get the wisdom, and release your judgment].

Trying to overcome something means you haven’t actually mastered the teaching. If you want it, do it until you’re sick of it.

Transcend hope and fear. That which you resist persists. When you are focused on something even to “overcome” it, you are obsessed by it.

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five books  published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books. The material was channeled through Carla L. Rueckert, on questions asked by Don Elkins and transcribed by Jim McCarty. The material itself comes from a spokesperson of a civilization of 6th density benevolent beings who have been instrumental in human/earth development for eons. For more information visit www.llresearch.org

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As I was reading a recent astrological report from Lorna Bevan  this phrase jumped out at me: “Life begins beyond my comfort zone.” I can relate. Looking back at my own life, I can see that such times “beyond my comfort zone” have been the times of greatest growth. The trick is to recognize this while immersed in new and probably fearful and painful territory.

The comfort zone represents complacency. I LOVE my comfort zone! It’s cozy, predictable, won’t push my buttons or push me beyond my perceived limits. It’s a great place for a rest. It’s also eventually boring. Why are we here? To feel comfortable? Or to experience life as a human in its fullest possibility, as a part of and representative of Source? I’m sure it’s the latter.

I’m not talking about drama, here. We create drama when we want to avoid dealing with something outside the zone. Drama drags us back into the zone, and is another form of it—a distraction from discovering and facing truth. To many, pain and suffering represent the comfort zone, because they are familiar and “predictable.” We can avoid self-searching and self-knowledge, we can avoid taking responsibility for ourselves, by immersing ourselves in drama and victimhood.

I remember John Armitage once telling a story about when he started teaching Shamballa as Master Germain wanted him to, helping people move beyond Reiki. Those who felt challenged by his teachings, who were afraid of losing comfortable doctrines and ways of doing things that they held dear, or perhaps just losing their livelihood, protested. Some sent hate mail. As he was driving to teach somewhere in Europe, he was remonstrating to Kuthumi (John often has conversations with multidimensional Masters on his road trips). “Why should I continue with this project? Look at how these people are reacting!” etc. etc. Kuthumi came back with, “My friend, you are not here to become the world’s most popular person.” John says that got him back on track. Yes, he was outside his comfort zone. John usually is. He’s learned to live there, and that is the mark of mastery.

One of my favorite quotes is from Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations With God:

The reason that the true master does not complain is that the true master is not suffering, but simply experiencing a set of circumstances that you would call insufferable.

I’ve got that one up on my bathroom mirror, staring me in the face every morning as I wash the sleep out of my eyes and the dream-webs out of my brain. There are many times in my life that I have found myself muttering, “I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing!” Such as the time my car died at a stoplight in the middle of a 4-lane highway (it turned out a tow truck had pulled up right behind me. THANKS, universe!). Or when my house burned down—and two years later my temporary house as well. Or last week when the water froze and the chimney got stopped up, all during minus 20 degree weather. That time I was shouting “What the bleep am I supposed to be learning here!” Not my finest moment.

Once we can get over ourselves and laugh during such experiences “outside our comfort zones” we are on the way to mastery, to living a joyful life, to experiencing life on earth as a true human and a spiritual being having a human experience.

So, pat yourself on the back when you remember to be thankful for those times that life pushed you outside the comfort zone. Laugh at yourself when you remember times that perhaps you went beyond merely experiencing, and those around you learned a few new words. You’re human! But not ONLY human. And human is a pretty cool thing to be.

In love & light, Phyllis

Photo: Phyllis at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

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John Armitage: If you’re going to ask me, “What’s going to happen in the end?” I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t know. All I know is that the universal ascension is going forward. We’ve had all this talk about going to the 5th dimension. We aren’t going to the 5th dimension anymore. At one time that was part of the project, but it’s like all these projects in creation, it changes. First of all, they give us a concept, and we say, “OK, now we understand this concept, in a certain way, and it’s always ascension to the 5th dimension.” Now they say, “Well, what’s the point of ascending to the 5th dimension, when you can actually ascend to the 12th or the 13th or even beyond?”

So, as we bring in more of this energy of the expanded Divinity of Love, the higher frequencies, and we ground, we have the opportunity to go beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before, not only in this universe, but in other aspects of creation. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. All this has never been done before. It’s never been done before. I actually find it quite exciting. It goes beyond all of the previous concepts that we’ve had.

There’s a part of my mind that says, “OK, I understand,” and then the other part of my mind says, “Well, what’s going to happen afterwards?” As I said to you, I don’t really know. Somebody asked me recently, “Do you have any idea of what life will be like on planet earth once this matrix is broken down? Do you have a vision of it?” I thought for a second or two, and I said, “Well no, actually I don’t.” And then my I Am Presence said, “Yes, you do.”

So I said, “OK, yeah, I’ve changed my mind. I do have a vision. The only vision I have, though, is that we all live under equal circumstances, and there’s no controllers. Everybody has the same opportunity. Everybody understands what human life is about, and how we should love and support each other, and see that all people are equal, and everybody has what they need.” They said, “Well, how will that work in society?” So I said, “This is why I said I didn’t a vision of it before, because if I have a vision of that now, actually I’m limiting the manifestation of the future.” Then I thought to myself, “What did I just say?” And I sat and thought about it for a couple of seconds. And I thought, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Now, in the past, also, we’ve sat down and said, “It’ll be like this” or “It’ll be like that”, or “It could be like this or that”, but actually, again, what we’ve been doing is limiting: implanting these seeds in the matrix and actually limiting the way things can manifest. So what we have to do is, as I said, get away from our minds, because our minds are very limited. Really, really limited. And we’re always trying to relate to concepts that we have a reference point to. These reference points are in some ways not correct. I mean, they might be correct in the moment, but they’re not correct in expanded reality. So let’s stop thinking about it, and let’s allow it. And let’s not limit the creation of it, because we don’t understand it. We can’t understand it with our minds.

The thing is, the Cosmic Heart, or the Sacred Heart, actually connected to the Cosmic Heart of Source, or the Cosmic Aspect of Source, does know already that our minds can’t think about it. So we’re going beyond all the things we thought of.  Just think about that: we’re going beyond all the things we thought of. “Aw yeah, we know that, multidimensional. Aw yeah, yeah, yeah.”

But another thing that I’ve realized is that, although we’re multidimensional beings, and we have multidimensional presences, actually we’re multi-universal beings, and we have presences in other universes. Think about that. Then you say to yourself, “Well, what are these presences in other universes, these multi-universal presences?” Again, we can’t talk about it, because if we attempt to explain it in 3rd dimensional words, we’re limited to 3rd dimension all over again. We can’t have a concept of it. But ultimately, the Cosmic Heart knows. The Cosmic Heart knows.

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Spokesperson of The Federation of Free Worlds, through John Armitage:

You know yourself as the human race. You are familiar with the types of bodies through which you can experience upon the planet. Originally differences were created by heat and cold, but in fact you are not the first humans that were created upon this planet. Where are those humans now? They don’t exist upon the planet anymore, because they destroyed themselves. But the spirits that inhabited their bodies, or shall we say to make it easier to understand, the souls that inhabited their bodies, now inhabit your bodies. You can see that even if you destroy yourselves, or destroy your bodies, you don’t destroy your true self.
From the perspective of Mother/Father God, free will was given to this planet along with other planets within your solar system, and through this free will you already made other planets uninhabitable in the way that you understand habitation: Mars and Venus just to speak of two. Through the action of the beings that were also humanoid beings on those planets, it is now impossible to live there in this type of body, for the ecosystem and the atmosphere have been destroyed. And if the ecosystem is destroyed, these biological forms, or physical bodies, cannot exist without water and oxygen. There is no breathable atmosphere. We would remind you that even your investigating scientists at this moment say that they think they have found frozen water on the planet Mars. They already are starting to think that there must have been an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere of Earth there. In their naivety in the past they always said that life would not exist in a place like that. Of course, in the circumstances they see now it would not exist, but in the past it was.
You have the free will to destroy yourself or live in your own power. This is the choice of every individual, and the things that you see happening around you upon the planet are a representation of what happens in your hearts and your conscious minds. These struggles, the need and the hunger for material power, the feelings of need of having power over others and to control others in their actions, these are the reflections of the consciousness of many, the outward manifestation of their inner realities. It is very easy to change the world. Change what happens in your hearts and in your minds, and the world will change with you. This is the choice, and it is yours to take; for every human being, it is the choice to make.
For we, Mother/Father God and the creator gods, have all the time that we need. We have all the time we need because time is an illusion. We are not governed by time. Only humans govern themselves by time. We can wait as long as it takes, but our choice is that you listen to our words and stand in your own power, be steady in your hearts and minds, and you move forward very quickly. Cease the inner struggle, allow the perfection to manifest through you, and the next level of your experience on this planet will start to manifest very quickly.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]




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Stepping into your Mastery is an opportunity to step out of the childhood state of feeling powerless, a potential victim needing outside protection by some all-powerful deity against some evil energy “out there”, to become fully adult, in the spiritual sense. This means your heart fully open in Love without conditions, listening to and being guided by the Divine Presence within, the I Am Presence, your own higher Self.  It means taking full responsibility for yourself and your life.  It means dropping the blinders and blindfolds with which humanity has limited and constricted itself for so long, to step into limitless freedom and joy. It means consciously walking the path of a multidimensional, limitless being, knowing that this is the birthright of all humans, if they but open to it. It means the buck stops here.

Master Germain tells us (through John Armitage):

Mastery has to do with life. Mastery is to do with sovereignty: sovereignty over your life, sovereignty over your energy, sovereignty over your creations. By now you should know that you are creators and co-creators. Each and every one of you has the potential to create worlds, create universes, create ecosystems. Let that information pass through your conscious mind. Let that memory start to sit, as a memory, in your cellular structure.

By now you could be thinking, “How could I do this?” For many, at this moment, it is not a viable project or proposition. That isn’t a judgment, it’s a reminder that you’re not accepting who and what you are, each and every one of you, in this moment. Each and every one of you is god and goddess NOW. Every one of you, every sub-atomic particle, every microtron and super electron, is a carbon copy of the whole of creation. As above, so below, Sananda [Jesus] said in his Palestinian ministry. He was trying to remind you of who and what you are.

Step out of the constraints of your present consciousness, the self-imposed constraints of doubt and fear, into a place of mastership, beauty, harmony, and abundance. Mastership is about understanding that you are the creator of your life in this moment, and the co-creator of what is happening in all of creation at this moment.

When you look outside yourselves and you see something that sparks your inner fire, your temper, anger, those kinds of reactions, understand that that thing which you say that you don’t like and you judge, on one level you helped to create it.

How so? If you believe that there is one Source of all life, then everything that happens must be part of that One. If you trust in the process of life, in divine timing with no accidents, if you believe that every experience you have is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery, and if you believe that your life essence is eternal, how can you judge yourself, an event, the choice or action of another person, as right, wrong, good, bad, or as anything other than an expression of the One?

So then, you allow every experience to unfold magically in front of you. And as it unfolds magically in front of you, to accept the magic, allowing the magic to be in your life, to be in your hearts, to be in your minds.

[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp 39-41]




How do you channel? Through our channel, sometimes called the antahkarana. Here’s John on how to channel:

This antahkarana is actually very easy to activate. When you activate your antahkarana, you will be able to channel energy, which you can convert to information.
I find the channeling process very, very easy. I do find it very difficult, often, to understand why people aren’t just doing it. After all, you can walk, you can talk, you know how to eat, and all these other things, but you deny yourselves that gift, that gift of channeling. And you deny yourself for all kinds of reasons. You deny it because you may not feel “good enough”, a lack of self worth. You deny it because you think that the Multi-Dimensional Masters, the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa or whatever you want to call them, are actually better than you are, just because they’ve ascended. It’s kind of that same religious thing all over again, such as, “The priests are better than us, so we have to give our power away to them.” Or, “I can’t be a priest! They have to intercede with God on my behalf.” Very, very deep conditioning, whether it’s through Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, whatever. Very deep-seated conditioning. So the first thing that you have to integrate into your own minds is that you are a great channeler this minute, you are a great channeler this second, each and every one. All you have to do is to get on with it, and don’t deny it.
We make jokes about channeling, “Where did it come from? Was that me?” “Was that message from God? Ah no, I was talking to myself. Shit!” Or:“Oh, I have a message from God. Why would God be talking to me?” God would be talking to me, or to you, because you are God and Goddess. So why wouldn’t God/Goddess talk to you? Why wouldn’t the Ascended Masters talk to you? After all, they’ve achieved their mastery. That’s it. They’re not in charge or anything. People think, “Oh, Masters. They’re in charge of everything.” They’re not in charge of anything except themselves. The same as every other Master should be in charge of her/himself, in other words integrating their Mastery. Other than that, they’re in charge of nothing. So there isn’t any of the energy of the stationmaster, the postmaster, the schoolmaster, or any other masters you’ve come across in your life, that tried to impress you or force you into doing things you didn’t want to do. The Ascended Masters don’t do things like that.
The term Ascended Master (Germain likes this one) merely implies that they’ve achieved Mastery in such a way that they can move inter- dimensionally without going through the process that human beings call “death”. That’s what they’ve integrated. Mastery on that level. So there isn’t any point in trying to give your power away to them. They don’t want it. They don’t want followers, either. All they want is to work with you, on an equal basis, person to person, energy to energy, Master to Master, created being to created being. Nothing else.
Any energy that comes to you and says, “I am an Ascended Master, you WILL DO THIS” [Das makes a familiar gesture with his finger] is the reply. When they say, “You will do this!” it’s control. True Masters aren’t into control, they’re into empowerment. I’ll say that again. We’re not into control, we’re into empowerment. They may make suggestions that can make your life easier, that will help you along the path a little bit, but they never say, “You HAVE to do this.” And they never say things like, “If you don’t do this, you’ll never make it.”
Because as many individuals as there are in the whole creation, there’s an individual path for each one. That’s why religion doesn’t work, in the way that it’s taught. Understand that when things get very, very organized, it all turns into a control system as well.
I love this joke. The devil was walking along one day on earth with his right-hand man. They’re just strolling along. They see a man walking along in front of them. The man bends down and picks something up. He says, “Wow, a fragment of the Truth!” The right-hand man turns to the devil and says, “Look, Master, he’s just discovered a fragment of the Truth!” And the devil said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll arrange to get it organized.” That is the bottom line in all this tightly organized stuff. It becomes a control system. So these Masters, these beings who have achieved mastery of multi-dimensionality, are never going to try and control you. It isn’t the way things work. Empowerment through freedom is the way it goes.
(Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp 78-83)

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