This is another guest posting from Mark S.:

When one’s personal light quotient is quick enough, but the amount of it, i.e. the internal pressure, is not high enough, they can have problems from outside interference. I’m being told it has nothing to do with the energy they are calling in. It has to do with the body’s vitality to do the healing work. The personal body energy quotient needs to be higher.

What I’m being told is nothing new. To give an example: a person has an outside invasion in their body, viral or bacterial, if their body doesn’t have strong enough pressure of light. If you have enough vital pressure in your body, you will not get sick. When one tries to do more than what one’s energy is capable of, one gets dis-eased.

Likewise when doing psychic work, one should only do what one can do without depleting the internal pressure of light in their body. When we do the healing work, we must be up to the job. That means our spirit must want to do it, our mind must be on the same path (of healing), and our body must possess enough strength (i.e. pressure, chi, vitality) to carry through the change or transformation that takes place with the external healing. When the body isn’t a fountain of energy, we cannot heal ourselves or reach out to others to facilitate healing. Attempting to do so depletes us, leaving our bodies open to invasion.

It is mandatory that we take care of ourselves and our internal energy pressure (chi) before attempting to alter what’s beyond our aura/egg. This is not selfish. This is a fact of life. It is the way our world works. We cannot tie into the cosmic without having enough vitality to do so—without opening ourselves to being used by outside energies. It’s just like with the micro-organisms—they feel that the body is “dying” (lack of chi) so they do their duty by coming in to recycle holy energy (of the body). So do the entities come in when the vitality is low—they come to take the other’s energy, because they CAN. Because the person has allowed their chi to diminish, or because the person has not built up enough to do the work they are trying to do.

Basically X is being attacked because she is not doing her homework, and is thus too weak to be “healing” others. The above is our homework, i.e. she must fill her “egg” with light, and do it continuously. She must translate this energy into the physical body. She must be vital, absolutely full of vitality. When she isn’t, she opens herself to being invaded.

Because someone is weak now has nothing to do with what they can do later. A person would not run a 30-mile road race without practicing on lesser distances, to get their body built up and in shape first. Some energy-building exercises will work for most everyone. But as we are all different star-being stock, we must each determine what our individual exercises must be to put us in shape. We must be aware in every moment of how far we can run in a race, and not exceed that, unless it’s necessary to save a life.

How do we hold this internal pressure or chi? Nature lives gently to get the most action out of each ounce of chi. Humans tend to leak energy by using their senses harshly. For example, when one looks too hard through the eyes at a situation, it depletes overall bodily energy. If one looks softly & gently at the same situation, he barely uses up any energy. The same is true for the other physical senses. This is a major way that the human frame looses energy needlessly. In contrast, a wildcat, will sit watching prey for hours, so gently that unless the prey is aware, the watching will go unnoticed; but the cat misses nothing. Then as the cat gently tenses to spring, the focus changes state from passive to active. One needs to hold one’s five-sense activity to a state of “passive but aware”. This is an effective way of using one’s energy.

How do we raise internal pressure? When we’re children we grow at an accelerated rate in comparison to later. They throw themselves fully 100% into everything they do, focusing on the now, with a single attention.

The way the vibrational rate of the world will continue to rise is by each of us is doing our own work first, and then holding that energy constant, so that there’s no wobble. The strength that will make the world evolve comes from that steady, non-ceasing, ever growing, pool of ever-increasing vibrations.

At the end of a day, one needs to sleep, to recover one’s bodily vitality.

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