What’s It All About?

Why We Are Here [according to The Law of One]:

  • The primary purpose of an entity is, in this density [3D], to experience all things desired.
  • Analyze, accept and understand these experiences
  • Distill the love and wisdom that can be found within them
  • If your desire would infringe on others, exercise your imagination [experience it in your imagination, get the wisdom, and release your judgment].

Trying to overcome something means you haven’t actually mastered the teaching. If you want it, do it until you’re sick of it.

Transcend hope and fear. That which you resist persists. When you are focused on something even to “overcome” it, you are obsessed by it.

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five books  published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books. The material was channeled through Carla L. Rueckert, on questions asked by Don Elkins and transcribed by Jim McCarty. The material itself comes from a spokesperson of a civilization of 6th density benevolent beings who have been instrumental in human/earth development for eons. For more information visit www.llresearch.org

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John Armitage at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

We’ve been brainwashed to think that something outside of ourself must be perfect. We’ve forgotten the inherent perfection of ourselves. This is part of the brainwashing from the priests, the yogis, the gurus, the warlocks and witches and all the rest of it. You always have to give your power away to someone else to intervene between you and God. “You can’t find it yourself; you have to use us.” When you live with your guru you have to do everything he tells you. You can’t ask why. You do as you’re told.  We don’t need that anymore. For me, it was definitely useful to me then, but we don’t need gurus any more. Gee You Are You–G U R U. That’s what it breaks down to.

So we think someone outside ourself knows everything. That’s why we rush off to get readings from people. I used to do readings. One day I realized, when people told me, “This happened, this happened and I’m still waiting for this to happen”—that actually this was disempowerment. Their lives had changed, and the potentials facing them had changed, but they were still waiting for something that was a potential 3 years ago, not a potential any more. Because you changed your consciousness, you did something.

So what’s the point of it? Sometimes when you tell people, “You’re doing this, or you’re like this, because of this or that in another lifetime,” that gives them an excuse to be like they are instead of changing.

Please don’t give your power away. One of the things I see, if you want to make millions of dollars quick, just advertise that you can save people. They’ll come flocking. Tell them you’ll give them the implant and we’ll take care of everything. They’ll come with their money. But as soon as you tell them to do something they don’t want to, away they go. So don’t give your power away.

There’s this new cult now, the ascended master cult. Some people think the ascended masters are in charge of everything on earth, and in charge of us as individuals, that they’re going to save the world, and that they know everything. Do you know what Maitreya [the Buddha] told me, the last time I ascended, which was some time in the ’90’s. When I told him I didn’t believe I could ascend because of the way that I was, he said, “Do you think we’re not still working on our stuff? Because we’re in the 5th dimension we’re not still clearing out dark corners of our minds?” Come on. But the human idea is to give your power away to something outside of yourself.

You are inherently perfect. That is your essence. It’s only the illusion of ego or programming that you’re not. Get away from the programming, get away from the belief systems. People swap religion for the New Age, and then behave in exactly the same way. The ascended masters have said collectively that if people continue to attempt to give their power to them, they’ll change the way that they work with us.

The most constructive thing you can do is to listen to your I Am Presence. And get on with things. I was talking with the Dalai Lama one day and said, “Sometimes I get fed up with repeating myself over and over around the planet.” He said, “Ah, Haridas, don’t get frustrated. If you can change one person’s life in a whole lifetime, it was worth it.” Ah yes. Don’t have expectation.

Photo: Roses were fully formed by the Angelic forces before the fall from spirit. They are a biological prophecy created in full perfection, so no further development of this species took place in Lemuria. Roses are as a process or system of medicine to help return to the realms of the spirit. Hilarion channeled in Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing.

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Power of Words & Thoughts

John Armitage, founder of NPMDT, has often reminded us that thoughts and words are energy. Anything we say after the words, “I AM” is taken as instructions by our subconscious. So we need to be aware of what we are creating for ourselves. At the 2016 13D Teacher Training he gave a few more examples of the power of thoughts and words:

We’ve been talking about how words and the way we think affect everything. I’ve got this friend in England who’s a great devotee of Sai Baba. Here’s one from him about the power of the word. One day he said, “Poor girl, she works so hard.” Sai Baba replied, “You are blessing her with poverty! Are you sure you want to bless her as ‘poor girl’”?

I”m often demonstrating to people the power of thought and the spoken word. So here’s an opportunity to do that. I need one volunteer. Who’s brave? Or mad…? What we’re going to do is use kinesiology/muscle testing. First we’ll test her strength [pushes on her arm]. She’s got a lot of strength.

Now look at her and think in your mind that you don’t like her. Focus on her. [muscle tests again and she’s much weaker]. She’s disempowered, and you didn’t even have to say anything.

Now think “I love you. You are beautiful. You are a fantastic person and I love you.” [tests again] Now I can’t even push her arm down with all my strength. So this is a practical demonstration of the power of thought, and the power of the spoken word is even stronger.

Photo: Clear Quartz is a strong thought amplifier.  www.taliloquay.com

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Your Soul Family

From John Armitage (13D Teacher Training, 2016):

Let’s forget our cosmic aspects here, and let’s look at the generally accepted format. The Monad is a spark of consciousness, of Source. The Monad is never disassociated from Source, in harmonious connection. It’s of a vibrational frequency that it can’t project itself into this reality, so the energy has to be stepped down. So the Monad actually projects itself into the 8th dimensional reality. That’s where your I Am Presence lives, in the 8th dimensional reality.

The I Am Presence then projects itself into a lower vibration again and projects itself into 12 Higher Selves [or Souls]. Each one of these has 12 aspects as well [personalities]. This makes the 144 of you. So there are 144 of you in your Soul Family. This doesn’t mean that each soul in your soul group is incarnate in a human body. That’s not necessarily so. Remember, you’re not a human being. You’re living in a human body now.

So where are the others? They can be anywhere. They may be incarnate on earth in human bodies, they may have decided to incarnate into other kinds of bodies, they may be somewhere else in the universe, they may be incarnate in reptilian form, insectoid form, hybrid form, in another star system, whatever. So there’s 144 of you. This changes how you relate to yourself as a human being—me me me me me. Your I Am Presence is neither male or female. Your I Am Presence just IS, the same as Source is, neither male or female, the pure harmony and balance. This is the simplicity of it all.

Illustration: Soul-Monad Diagram©John Armitage, used by permission

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

I am not this body. I’m living in it. When we finish using the body it goes back to the earth. Who is looking through your eyes? God/Source is looking through your eyes. I don’t mean some angry geezer in the sky. I mean the Source of creation. Everything has to come from somewhere. If the Source of creation is Mother-Father God, then everything in creation IS Mother-Father God. You can’t argue with it.

You could argue that you don’t believe there is a Source. Then where did everything come from? People say, “It was the big bang.” But then the components of the big bang, where did these come from? “Well, I don’t know. It was just an accident.” There’s no such things as accidents. You can argue with it forever. I’ve argued about this with the Upstairs Department, I’ve discussed it with my guru in India. But I KNOW, deep within my Soul, my I Am Presence and everything, that there is a Source of creation. It exists, so there has to be some source. Everything comes from somewhere. The energy has to come from somewhere.

We use the word God in a very casual way often. We’re all Mother/Father God, we’re all One in creation. This is why we ask you to take responsibility for your own creations and your own co-creations. What most humans don’t understand is, you can’t do anything without affecting the whole of creation. Every thought, every word, every deed has an effect on creation. If it has an effect on creation, it has an effect on all of creation, not only humanity but all sentient and non-sentient beings in the whole of creation.

So this is why we’re telling you, “Don’t judge, don’t judge, don’t judge. Indulge in random acts of kindness. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself, Love, Love, Love.” You will change the world. “Oh, how can I change the world? I have to go on a campaign!” Don’t bother with campaigns. Go on a campaign against your own ego, and a campaign of Love and non-judgment. This is how you will change the world. This is how we will collectively create a new version of reality. It’s simple. It’s simplicity itself.

Photo: Blue-Eyed Grass


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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

Another thing about belief systems is: don’t believe in anything. Don’t believe a word I say. Don’t believe in God. Don’t believe in anything. If you believe in something, it means you’re looking outside yourself all over again. You’re grasping at something like it’s not real. “Oh I believe it, I believe it!” Yes, but where is it?  It’s not real.

You are Mother-Father God incarnate in this body. You don’t have to believe it. All you have to do is understand what you are. Don’t believe a word I say, look inside yourself, for the truth is already there. These words are only designed to trigger the realization that you’re everything now. Again it’s not a belief system. New Paradigm MDT isn’t a belief system. New Paradigm is a system of assisting people to live in freedom and love. It’s not like some kind of religion either.

If everything that exists in this universe and all parallel universes and everything else is created by Source, and everything’s One, then everything’s all knowing. Just look within. As the Buddha said when asked how he reached enlightenment, “I stopped looking. I looked within, and saw that I was everything.”

So this is what we’re encouraging you to do. Everything else that we do is assisting you to take the steps and to open up your vision and the way you think—encouraging you to change the way you think about reality and everything that goes with that.

Photo: Firewalk at the 13D Teacher Training, Litchfield CT, 2016

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba at a 13D Teacher Training-2016

There’s a lot of buzz about ascension in New Age circles. People want to escape by ascending. “I’m really fed up with planet earth, it’s too hard. I want out of here, I want to ascend!”

You aren’t going to ascend until your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You aren’t a miserable human being reaching for a spiritual experience.You are a spiritual being having a human experience. This is why it’s important that you’re fully present in the here and now—in the here and now in your life stream. Ascension isn’t some kind of escape.

People need to learn responsibility. Responsibility is a big thing, because a lot of people don’t want to take responsibility. We’re all responsible for the situation on planet earth. You might try and deny it as much as you like, but each individual is responsible. You might say you’re not responsible for war, you’re not responsible for famine and things like this, but in fact we all are. Remember, we’re all One. You may choose to see yourself as a victim in your own life, or in our own country, or in your own street, but actually you’re not a victim of anything. We all have a responsibility in it.

We’re creators and co-creators. We create reality, and we co-create reality. Reality hasn’t created us. What you consider to be reality is not reality at all. It’s possibly a small fraction of it. But as my aboriginal friends say, “Wake up and dream!“ When you dream, your ego isn’t awake, so what you experience is actually real. When you’re awake you have to look for the realness in so-called reality. We’re only experiencing a very small fraction of reality. But the way we’ve allowed ourselves to be programmed, we think that what we see is what there is.

Photo: Phalaenopsis Orchid with sunlight coming through a crystal. The essence of Phalaenopsis draws consciousness upwards (vibrationally), clearing connection with the Soul and the Monad. www.taliloquay.com

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