What do we mean by “multidimensional’? We in the Western world are used to thinking in only 3 dimensions. When we talk about our bodies, we are usually referring to the 3D seemingly solid body that we walk around in, that bumps into tables occasionally, and that sometimes gets sick and doesn’t function so well. (Living in Freedom and Love, p. 22)

Actually, we are energy. We are composed of innumerable atoms. Ask any physicist what is the major component of an atom, and you will be told “space”. There is a nucleus of each atom, and then there are the electrons spinning around it, which are really sparks of charged energy. We are energy.

The universe is energy, different “dimensions” or levels of energy at different frequencies. The frequency of 3D is quite a low frequency, compared to the rest of the universe. This makes us appear more “solid” than entities residing in higher frequencies. We are just vibrating much slower than they are, so we cannot (usually) “see” them with our 3D vision.

We humans exist also in higher dimensions, higher frequencies, but most of us have forgotten how to connect with the higher parts of ourself, if we even believe that they are there. We sometimes speak of our “higher self” or our “soul” or perhaps of our “I Am Presence”. This last is the 8th dimensional part of our being. It is the part that knows its connection to Source and the All, that most of us have forgotten.

The truth is that we are not lowly humans trying to evolve; we are multidimensional beings who have chosen to have a human experience. How did we get here? John Armitage puts it this way:

You answered a call:
“Volunteers needed for Source. You will experience
the illusion of non-love
no good wages
for an indefinite period.
You will get back to consciousness of the Oneness—eventually.”

We are here to experience this dimensional reality for Source, and to eventually get out of the illusion of separation, and to find out who we really are.

We are multidimensional. We are energy. We are God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

For help in connecting with YOUR I Am Presence, go to  (meditation starts around 33:00)


John Armitage & the Upstairs Dept:

We hope that what we’ve shared with you, the Upstairs Department, and what I’ve personally shared with you in the last half hour or so, will assist you in integrating the fact that it’s necessary to allow, allow, allow, allow, and not to question, question, question, question. This illustration that I just gave of our sister’s, it works if you allow; you’ve just got to give notification—and you’ve not got to block it.

I could share from my own experience too, that it’s not always the easiest thing in the world for your ego to stay on the case and be focused. Sometimes we get a bit sidetracked and a bit forgetful. Watch out for this forgetfulness. It seems to me from my own experience that it’s easy to fall into this forgetfulness. It’s not a question of constant neurotic self examination. That isn’t going to take you anywhere either, except expanded neurosis instead of expanded consciousness. I must remember that one, it’s a good one.

Ultimately we don’t know where all this is going. The results are going to be distinct energetic changes on the planet, which will give us the opportunity for further understanding of the nature of our true selves. But also to break down the constructs—as I said before when I spoke a bit about illusory reality, or about the “matrix”, if that’s what you want to call it. That’s the trendy name, that’s the disease of the period. We’re stuck in the matrix!

But by bringing in these expanded energies and preparing ourselves to be able to process them, this is going to break things down, break things down, break things down. Also as well, you have to expect your lives to change. This doesn’t mean total destruction of your lives or whatever. But you can’t live in the old way anymore. OK, you can live within your society, you can live within your relationships, you can live within the tasks that you may have chosen to interact with society, the way you make a living and so on. It doesn’t mean to say that you have to destroy all that. But the way you relate to it will change.

From our hearts—of course we don’t have hearts, the Upstairs Department, but you understand what we mean—we encourage you to pay attention, but don’t struggle. Use this affirmation, “I’m here, I’m ready, I’m open. Bring it on!” And sure enough, it’s here.

I don’t know whether anybody else feels this, or if it’s just for me personally, but as soon as I say, “OK, I’m open, I’m ready, bring it on!” I feel this distinct download coming into my system, into my body.  I’m just wondering if it’s general or if it’s just that I’ve made the affirmation.

So let’s do an experiment. This is all experimental, so let’s do another experiment. Let’s all repeat out loud, “I am ready and I am open to receive. I am ready and I am open to receive. I am ready and I am open to receive.”

This is really interesting, isn’t it. I’m slightly flabbergasted by it, the influx of the energy here. Sai Baba is saying to me, “Do you need any more proof of keeping it all simple?”

To really experience this energy, go to:   Feel the Cosmic Heart energy beamed to you from a group of people who have experienced 5 days of the Cosmic Heart workshop. Just sit and allow the energy to flow into and through your being. It takes about 7 minutes.  Enjoy!

Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions, by Phyllis M. Brooks,,


John Armitage/Hari Das Baba & the Upstairs Dept:

Our minds are very limited anyway. We can expand our minds in some ways, so we can sometimes understand a broader concept of things. But this part of us that we call mind isn’t multi-cosmic. It can’t understand even the concept of multi-cosmic. It can’t understand the manifestation of multi-cosmic things. It can only understand reference points that it has in 3D, through 3D experiences.

So we’re always encouraging you, don’t get technical with all this. Some things are explicable in a technical manner, this is true, but once we start moving into the realms of cosmic and multi-cosmic consciousness, there’s nothing to say about it from the standpoint of mind. It becomes an affair of the heart, not of the mind. And the heart doesn’t work like the mind. It doesn’t have the same way of processing things. It doesn’t need reference points. Actually, the heart knows everything.

This is why we’ve often said to you in the past that there is nothing new in Creation, there’s only things we haven’t experienced before. Everything exists within us. Just remember, if our spark of consciousness, the Divine Self, or even this spark of Cosmic Consciousness that is behind the Divine Self or Monad, is a piece of the Cosmic aspect of the Source of this aspect of creation, well, we’re everything, aren’t we. There’s nothing new to see. There’s only a new mode of allowance into, and to move out of these self-constructed limitations.

One of the voices of the Masters on the Mahatma track says, the essence of it, “We’ll bring freedom from the fetters of your consciousness.” This is all self-constructed. Of course, there has been a great deal of assistance in this construction, so we won’t lay it all on each individual. We also have the collective consciousness, as well, which is stored away in the Christ Consciousness grid. And we’re all hooked to the collective consciousness. So even if we don’t get completely brainwashed through the education system and our families and religion, we’re still hooked to the collective consciousness. So we’re being fed these constructs, in a subconscious way, and it comes into our consciousness.

This is why it’s really, really important, and we’re always asking you to pay attention to what you’re feeding into the collective consciousness. This is why Gandhi used to say, “Be the change you want to see.” As you change, it feeds into the collective consciousness. This gives every other being who is hooked into the collective consciousness the opportunity to receive the information and download it. The information isn’t in concise sentences or anything like this. It’s energetic imprints, which various aspects of the Self translate into knowing, or whatever, or even translate it into unknowing—but it affects us. So this is why we’re always saying to you, “Please take care, please take care, and please take care.” What’s happening to humanity now—I’m sure you’ve heard of this phrase the “Hundredth Monkey Syndrome”. Let’s go beyond the Hundredth Monkey label for this. This explains how things work with the interactions of collective consciousness with ourselves, and what we feed into the collective consciousness.

There’s nothing really complicated about all this. It’s all very simple. We could go into weeks and weeks of discussion about how this manifests into our consciousness and so on, but we don’t need to know all that. All we need to know is that it does. The technicalities about it are not important. We all just need to know that it does.

[continued next posting]

Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions, by Phyllis M. Brooks,,


John Armitage/Hari Das Baba & the Upstairs Dept.:

We have to go beyond the old constructs. The comment I get from the Upstairs Department is that we should, as much as we can, put aside these concepts that have been constructed, shared, or maybe you’ve created your own concept or whatever. As these energies that we haven’t been able to bring to the planet before are now becoming manifest through you, and here to the planet, it’s more constructive to not even think about grounding it. Just allow yourself to ground it. I’d like to remind you of something we’ve said in the last few days about the so-called future on planet Earth. Don’t create any visions or concepts of that, because then you start to construct a limitation around the manifestation of it.

You could say, “I am open to ground the fullest radiation that is possible for me to ground” or something as simple as this. You’ll find that actually you become more open than you were before.

I remember when D. came to me in a break time and said, “Hari, can you share with me any kind of technique or process or something so that I can be more aware, have a stronger contact with my I Am Presence and the multidimensional Presences and so on?” “Yes, I can. It’s very, very simple.” Now she has this smile on her face, “Now he’s going to reveal the secrets of the universe to me, in break time!”

“The best way to do this, Love, is to notify your I Am, notify your Monad and the multidimensional masters, and notify the Universe, that you are open to receive.”


Just last month in an email she said, “I’d like to thank you once again Baba, for what you said to me that time. Because this works 100%. At the time I thought, ‘Oh, is this all?! But anyway, I’ll do it.’ Since then, my whole life and everything’s changed.”

This is the simplicity of it. Absolutely nothing is complicated. I know that this is part of my activity on Earth, to encourage people to keep everything simple, and not get involved in these concepts that are formed by the human mind. Because the mind can’t understand all this, can’t understand what’s happened. When we try to understand with our minds, it brings it all back into 3rd dimension. So it’s a question of moving forward in openness, and not trying to process things, pigeonholing it and filing it and relating it to something. At the moment we don’t have the reference points. We just don’t have the reference points. This just hasn’t happened on this planet before.

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Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, by Phyllis M. Brooks,,


What is FREEDOM? We often talk about freedom “from” something—freedom from want, from hunger, from restrictive rules and oppression by people, groups or governments. We also talk about freedom “to” do or be—freedom to vote for those who govern us, freedom to get an education, freedom to live our own lives, separate from our parents or others. Women speak of freedom to walk down a city street at night with no danger of being accosted or attacked. People who live in inner city ghettos speak of freedom to not get shot by gangs or police. Our ideas of what freedom means are wide-ranging.
But when we analyze all of the things that “freedom” means to us, it comes down to one thing: freedom from fear. Fear is the ultimate monster in the closet, tightness in the chest, bogey man in the psyche. Most of us are ruled by fear, and this fear is all the more powerful for being hidden under all the guises mentioned above. What are we truly afraid of? For most it is ceasing to exist—whether from lack of funds, lack of love, lack of recognition from others, pain, health issues. For those in very poor or war torn countries it can be lack of food, lack of shelter, not feeling safe. To avoid facing our deepest fears, we allow them to control us, and we allow those who fan these fears in us—from media to politicians—to control our lives. We give our power away in the name of our fear.
I have learned that truly I am in charge of my own life. Even if I decide to live as a victim, I am choosing that—perhaps not consciously. But in reality, by avoiding facing my fears and by allowing life to just happen around me and “to” me, I am choosing that. When I truly awaken to myself, I know that I am in charge and can change what I don’t want in my life. This is true freedom.
The path to this freedom is through allowing Love into our hearts, listening and being guided by our hearts.

Brian Grattan has said, through John Armitage:

I encourage you to understand that the Love is always around you. It is there. It is there to freely interact with, to soar upon its energies into realms of freedom that you’ve never dreamt were possible. Freedom from the 3rd dimension, from the illusion of separation. Freedom from the “Wheel of Birth and Death” as it is called. Soar to new heights, heights of consciousness which you have experienced before, but you have chosen to forget. So, my brothers and sisters, remember, you don’t have to struggle to be free. You already are, if you make up your mind to be.
It is very simple. It is all a question of a change of mind. A change in the way you think. Instead of “I am trapped in slavery,” “I AM free, I AM that I AM, the Mahatma in Love.”

Master Germain says:

There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.

Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, by Phyllis M. Brooks.  Order from or or



John Armitage:

How many levels of ascension are there? To bring it to human understanding, once you achieve your 12th level of ascension you become Source yourself. This changes the ideas of humans about themselves. Humans believe that Source is the be-all and end-all of everything. But ultimately, you as human beings, everybody on planet earth, after 12th level you become Source yourself and can create your own universe, and the beings that populate it. This is rather different than the idea that we’ll ascend to the 5th dimension and hang out. How boring would that be? Just hanging out in the 5th dimension for all eternity. It’s just another step along the way. …
You can either individually ascend, have a planetary ascension, or a universal ascension. On this planet right now we are going through a level of ascension. The vibrations are changing. Individual ascension is possible, but actually when we have a planetary ascension, everybody will go anyway.
So what about the people who don’t want to go? What about free will? Ultimately we have created another 3D planet for them. They can incarnate again to carry on the control systems, create money, build weapons, fight each other until such times as they are ready to move. It’s all free will and a journey.
What the project is now is to assist people in understanding these things, and to pass on energies which assist people in activating their energy systems, to be ready for the next piece of personal ascension—with clearing meditations and activations and such.
Another big misconception is that you have to be very serious about it all. You can laugh your way to enlightenment. You don’t have to be so serious. We have to learn to integrate the joy. You have dormant information in your DNA. Actually a large percentage of the codes that you need, that are required [for ascension], you already have, but they’re lying dormant, the right buttons haven’t been pressed yet to activate them. All in good time, as each one is ready.
Lots of people think that to ascend you have to be holy or something. It’s not true. It’s nothing to do with holiness. In fact, holiness has nothing to do with any of this. Holiness is self-repression and living in the expectations that others have of holiness. That’s why when people say, “How can you smoke and be holy, Baba?” I say, “No problem. I’m not holy. Next question.” I used to be very spiritual, but I’m not at all now. I managed to kick the habit. I’m a rehabilitated spiritual person.
So as I said, it’s all to do with light. Everyone thinks that Jesus ascended. He never did. The story makes people think that heaven’s up there and all. He didn’t ascend. It was activation of his sacred geometry to merkaba speed, and then he disappeared into another reality. Melchizedek, Elijah, and Enoch activated his sacred geometry and pfft! Where is he? Gone. So they came up with the story that he ascended into Heaven.
Of course there is such a place as Heaven, but it’s an illusory place in time and space, in the 4th dimensional reality. There’s several different versions of Heaven of course—all in the upper 4th dimension. With true ascension we go beyond all that, out of illusion into reality.
John Armitage (Living in Freedom, p. 68)


A reader recently made some interesting comments about the Archangel Michael and Illusions of the Matrix posts. Since I am new to blogging and am still learning the ropes, so to speak, these comments didn’t get seen until days later, and are now somewhat buried in the former posts.  So I include them below, along with my answer, and invite anyone else out there to add their input.

I see this [Archangel Michael on Karma] controversial to the post of illusionary heaven where it’s said you go to recycle of souls when you incarnate. I’m a bit confused. If every incarnation is slavery, where is the free will and how the avatars for example are allowed to enter that matrix if its controlled. They must be also part of it.–Bodhi

Here is my reply:

Well, reincarnation isn’t exactly “slavery”. We are enslaved to our own attitudes, emotions, decisions that keep our vibrational level below that which would allow us to transition to 5th dimension. Of course, there are energies, entities etc. that work to make sure we keep our low vibrational attitudes, etc., but it’s our job to rise above all that. We do it by opening our hearts to Love without condition and without judgment, for ourself and others. Once we decide to let go of the illusion of separation and acknowledge our oneness with all life, then we are on the road to break out of the reincarnation cycle. It’s a lot easier nowadays than it was before the changeover in Dec. 2012, but we still have to do the work.–PB

Anyone out there have something to add?  I remember how deeply scary it was when I realized that no God or Ascended Masters or Miraculous Extraterrestrials were going to swoop in and save us from ourselves.  And yet, it was also exciting, because at the same time I was learning how truly powerful I AM, and what I can do when I begin to believe in myself.  This was at the Mt. Shasta 1998 workshop with John Armitage. I could choose the fear and continue to feel impotent and a victim, or I could choose to accept the inner KNOWING that energy moves when I tell it to.  I decided to accept whole heartedly responsibility for myself and my life.  After all, I now knew that I was creating my life through my unconscious belief systems and fears; so why not start creating it from my consciousness, from love and non-judgment?  I decided I wanted to live in the freedom that aligning myself with the Love without conditions and non-judgment brings, and I have never turned back.

Is it easy? Not always! It may seem easier at times to curl up into a ball and pull a metaphorical blanket over my head.  “It’s not my fault! Help! I’m the victim here!” and to get caught in the illusion that I can escape responsibility for my self and my decisions.  But since this is illusion, then I’m living a lie.  Recently I saw a quote attributed to Will Rogers: “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!”  I might add, “And start climbing!”

Is it worth it?  As Master Germain tells us, “Freedom is the only thing worth spending time on.”

In Love, Phyllis

Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, by Phyllis M. Brooks– or Amazon, etc. or from me.