John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba:

I say, if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to me. I don’t ask, “Is this all right?” That’s disempowering myself. I don’t ask anything outside of myself if something is all right. Because that actually means that I consider somewhere in my consciousness, no matter how deep down it’s hidden in my cellular structure, that I’m a victim of something, and that I am not actually in control of my reality.

People ask, “How do you protect yourself?” Well, I never protect myself, because I AM divine protection. Because I’m not a victim. It’s all about changing the way that we think, and standing in our own power. Although the others, the Elohim and the masters and the other billions of them hanging out in multi-dimensional reality can aid us, we should never give our power away to them.

So I never say, “Is this all right?” I make up my mind. Is this in accord with the will of my I Am Presence? “Hey, I Am Presence, is this cool?” “Sure, Baba, it’s cool.”

It’s so deep in the consciousness, so deep in the cellular structure, the programming in the DNA, “Give your power away, give your power away. You’re a victim, you’re a victim, you’re a victim. You can’t stand in your own power.” This is what we’re working on getting over—this programming that there’s nothing you can do. Because you can actually do everything! Everything in a second! If you integrate the fact that you can.

Cultivate the frame of mind, “Yes, I am all powerful! When I say energy moves, it does!”
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 41ff]

Here is a very important message for everybody on planet Earth. NEVER, NEVER EVER TRY TO GIVE YOU POWER AWAY TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF.

There seems to be an idea in the collective consciousness on planet Earth, through conditioning, that there is always something or somebody outside of yourself that knows everything. It is not true. It is another thing happening upon the planet in order to keep the energy of disempowerment in the consciousness of the people.

[Whether it’s to] the priests or ministers of the religions, or the governments, or more recently the Ascended Masters, people just want to give away their power. If you insist on giving away your power, give it to your own I Am Presence, and allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through your physicality in this dimensional reality; because your I Am Presence is not something separate from yourself. The reason why you are living in this physical body in this moment is that your I Am Presence chose that….Your I Am Presence uses this body to experience in this dimensional reality. Because of the interaction with the collectively created illusion of this dimension, people forget that.
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 51ff]


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Recently I made a comment to a friend, “Love is the ultimate healer.” She said, “Don’t make absolute statements. That’s not my experience. Love isn’t always healing.” At first I was surprised, but then I realized that she was talking about romantic love. I was talking about Love without conditions. The first CAN and sometimes does help to open a person’s heart to experience the latter, but not necessarily.

The word love has come to mean romantic love in our society, and this kind of love is most often very conditional: “I’ll give so much love to you if you give so much back to me. If you don’t love me back, I feel rejected and worthless at my core, and I may take this out on you—and the rest of the world!”

This is the opposite of healing Love. Love without conditions says, “I love you just as you are, without judgment, and you don’t have to give me anything back. You don’t even have to know or like me.” It holds a mirror up to the other person, saying, “Look how beautiful you are! This is how I see you! This is who you are!” Love without conditions is not an emotion, it is a state of being. In this state of being all healing happens, for imbalances, whether in physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies, are ULTIMATELY the result of not loving our Self, of feeling less than, unworthy, bad, unlovable.

In my experience (especially with doing Soul Wisdom energy clearings), pretty much everyone on earth who is not an avatar in disguise (and possibly some of them as well) has these feelings buried deep in the psyche. Some spiritual teachers say that this comes from the first separation from Creator/Source/God-Goddess-All-That-Is. When Source sent out sparks of Itself which became us, we became aware of being individual, which felt separate from Oneness. We are never separate, but it could feel like this, and some further interpreted it as rejection.

Those beings who would control us, in order to feed off of our fear energy, built on this small uncertainty within our subconscious in many ways. One of the most potent was through religion. Most of the world’s religions have a core of Love—Love without conditions. However this core has been subsumed under layers of man-made dictums, influenced by the aforesaid beings, telling us that we are sinners, we are not enough, we are dirt, we need to be “saved” or we will go to a fiery hell, or a freezing hell, or whatever. Some even tell us that there is nothing we can do to change our fate—only a few will be “saved” through the grace of the God they describe, and anything we do cannot influence this. It is foreordained. This is a lot to handle, especially when you are fed it at a very young and impressionable age.

These beings also denigrated the feminine wherever possible. This split humanity. We all contain both feminine and masculine energies within, in varying proportions. Both must be in balance within us in order for us to understand who and what we truly are—divine beings of Light having a human experience, learning to hold spirit within the physical at a high vibrational rate. This is called ascension. These beings do not want us to ascend; they fear the loss of their sustenance—feeding off the fear and other non-Love emotions of human beings.


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Stepping into your Mastery is an opportunity to step out of the childhood state of feeling powerless, a potential victim needing outside protection by some all-powerful deity against some evil energy “out there”, to become fully adult, in the spiritual sense. This means your heart fully open in Love without conditions, listening to and being guided by the Divine Presence within, the I Am Presence, your own higher Self.  It means taking full responsibility for yourself and your life.  It means dropping the blinders and blindfolds with which humanity has limited and constricted itself for so long, to step into limitless freedom and joy. It means consciously walking the path of a multidimensional, limitless being, knowing that this is the birthright of all humans, if they but open to it. It means the buck stops here.

Master Germain tells us (through John Armitage):

Mastery has to do with life. Mastery is to do with sovereignty: sovereignty over your life, sovereignty over your energy, sovereignty over your creations. By now you should know that you are creators and co-creators. Each and every one of you has the potential to create worlds, create universes, create ecosystems. Let that information pass through your conscious mind. Let that memory start to sit, as a memory, in your cellular structure.

By now you could be thinking, “How could I do this?” For many, at this moment, it is not a viable project or proposition. That isn’t a judgment, it’s a reminder that you’re not accepting who and what you are, each and every one of you, in this moment. Each and every one of you is god and goddess NOW. Every one of you, every sub-atomic particle, every microtron and super electron, is a carbon copy of the whole of creation. As above, so below, Sananda [Jesus] said in his Palestinian ministry. He was trying to remind you of who and what you are.

Step out of the constraints of your present consciousness, the self-imposed constraints of doubt and fear, into a place of mastership, beauty, harmony, and abundance. Mastership is about understanding that you are the creator of your life in this moment, and the co-creator of what is happening in all of creation at this moment.

When you look outside yourselves and you see something that sparks your inner fire, your temper, anger, those kinds of reactions, understand that that thing which you say that you don’t like and you judge, on one level you helped to create it.

How so? If you believe that there is one Source of all life, then everything that happens must be part of that One. If you trust in the process of life, in divine timing with no accidents, if you believe that every experience you have is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery, and if you believe that your life essence is eternal, how can you judge yourself, an event, the choice or action of another person, as right, wrong, good, bad, or as anything other than an expression of the One?

So then, you allow every experience to unfold magically in front of you. And as it unfolds magically in front of you, to accept the magic, allowing the magic to be in your life, to be in your hearts, to be in your minds.

[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp 39-41]


How do you channel? Through our channel, sometimes called the antahkarana. Here’s John on how to channel:

This antahkarana is actually very easy to activate. When you activate your antahkarana, you will be able to channel energy, which you can convert to information.
I find the channeling process very, very easy. I do find it very difficult, often, to understand why people aren’t just doing it. After all, you can walk, you can talk, you know how to eat, and all these other things, but you deny yourselves that gift, that gift of channeling. And you deny yourself for all kinds of reasons. You deny it because you may not feel “good enough”, a lack of self worth. You deny it because you think that the Multi-Dimensional Masters, the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa or whatever you want to call them, are actually better than you are, just because they’ve ascended. It’s kind of that same religious thing all over again, such as, “The priests are better than us, so we have to give our power away to them.” Or, “I can’t be a priest! They have to intercede with God on my behalf.” Very, very deep conditioning, whether it’s through Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, whatever. Very deep-seated conditioning. So the first thing that you have to integrate into your own minds is that you are a great channeler this minute, you are a great channeler this second, each and every one. All you have to do is to get on with it, and don’t deny it.
We make jokes about channeling, “Where did it come from? Was that me?” “Was that message from God? Ah no, I was talking to myself. Shit!” Or:“Oh, I have a message from God. Why would God be talking to me?” God would be talking to me, or to you, because you are God and Goddess. So why wouldn’t God/Goddess talk to you? Why wouldn’t the Ascended Masters talk to you? After all, they’ve achieved their mastery. That’s it. They’re not in charge or anything. People think, “Oh, Masters. They’re in charge of everything.” They’re not in charge of anything except themselves. The same as every other Master should be in charge of her/himself, in other words integrating their Mastery. Other than that, they’re in charge of nothing. So there isn’t any of the energy of the stationmaster, the postmaster, the schoolmaster, or any other masters you’ve come across in your life, that tried to impress you or force you into doing things you didn’t want to do. The Ascended Masters don’t do things like that.
The term Ascended Master (Germain likes this one) merely implies that they’ve achieved Mastery in such a way that they can move inter- dimensionally without going through the process that human beings call “death”. That’s what they’ve integrated. Mastery on that level. So there isn’t any point in trying to give your power away to them. They don’t want it. They don’t want followers, either. All they want is to work with you, on an equal basis, person to person, energy to energy, Master to Master, created being to created being. Nothing else.
Any energy that comes to you and says, “I am an Ascended Master, you WILL DO THIS” [Das makes a familiar gesture with his finger] is the reply. When they say, “You will do this!” it’s control. True Masters aren’t into control, they’re into empowerment. I’ll say that again. We’re not into control, we’re into empowerment. They may make suggestions that can make your life easier, that will help you along the path a little bit, but they never say, “You HAVE to do this.” And they never say things like, “If you don’t do this, you’ll never make it.”
Because as many individuals as there are in the whole creation, there’s an individual path for each one. That’s why religion doesn’t work, in the way that it’s taught. Understand that when things get very, very organized, it all turns into a control system as well.
I love this joke. The devil was walking along one day on earth with his right-hand man. They’re just strolling along. They see a man walking along in front of them. The man bends down and picks something up. He says, “Wow, a fragment of the Truth!” The right-hand man turns to the devil and says, “Look, Master, he’s just discovered a fragment of the Truth!” And the devil said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll arrange to get it organized.” That is the bottom line in all this tightly organized stuff. It becomes a control system. So these Masters, these beings who have achieved mastery of multi-dimensionality, are never going to try and control you. It isn’t the way things work. Empowerment through freedom is the way it goes.
(Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp 78-83)

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There are two types of “channeling” commonly used today for communicating with other dimensional beings. With the first type, you contact the energy with which you wish to communicate and allow its energy to borrow your voice for a bit, or you take dictation if you are writing instead of speaking. Or you can just speak and receive in your head, silently. YOU are still present and can follow what is going on. Those who do energy work are channeling energy from higher dimensions in order to help others heal.

In the second type, or trance channeling, you vacate your body, which is taken over by the other entity for awhile. It speaks through your body, but you are not present.

“Channeling” is merely a means of communication between entities of different worlds and dimensions. The “channel” is the tube of light, or antahkarana, which connects the major chakras in the body to each other, as well as grounding them into the earth, and connecting upwards (in frequency) through the cosmic aspects of our being, to Source (depending on the vibrational rate of the channeler). John tells us that channeling is a natural talent, usually suppressed nowadays, but intrinsic to the human makeup. No channeling is 100% accurate at this time, as the message is being translated through the psyche of the channeler and is inevitably colored by his or her emotional body. 50-60% accuracy is considered very good. Germain has told John that his accuracy is above 85%.
Trance channeling is always correct, not necessarily the information contained in the channeling, but the words of the entity being channeled are exactly what they are saying; of course, the entity can be a trickster. John does not do or advocate trance channeling, because he does not give his body away completely to another entity. As he often says, “Don’t give your power away to anybody or anything!” (Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. xx)

People tend to have one of two reactions to the concept of channeling and channeled information. The first is fear—fear of being “taken over” by another entity, and/or fear of being tricked. The second is an almost religious belief in anything that comes channeled from other dimensional entities, no matter who or what it is. Both of these are not useful.

John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

The first rule of channeling is “open mouth”. People make all kinds of excuses not to channel. They make all kinds of judgments about the channelers. A number of years ago I was double-checking some channeling with Ashtar, and Ashtar said to me, “There’s one thing you have to learn, Das, there’s not a perfect channeler in the whole of Creation. Channeling comes through your brain, through your mind. You’re also grounding the energy through your body. So it’s also affected by your emotional body.” What it showed me was, if there aren’t any perfect channels, then that’s all right. It just shows you that you must be discerning. Some people really try to give their power away to channelers. There’s people that won’t go to the restroom unless they consult a channeler. They won’t turn a light on. That kind of thing is giving your power away.


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Our bodies are like poems, speaking to us in metaphors about where we need to put our attention in our lives. Each night we dream—what a riot of colorful metaphor we create, each of us, no matter how “mundane” we may think our lives! Each of us has a wonderful creative spark that is irrepressible, and if we don’t pay attention to it in our “waking” hours, it will burst forth on its own during our “sleep”.

Our nature is a creative nature. Who will not stop, even if for just a second, to notice a beautiful sunset? Mother Earth creating beauty and love around us, all the time, and then for a few moments turning on the stage lights, as if to say, “SEE! See how beautiful is this world I’ve made for you! See how much I love you!” The way to live is to live each moment in utter wonderment and delight at its beauty. We are the poem, and we the poet, moving into life lived from joy. What’s the difference between a good poem and a bad one? Honesty. Technique can make a good poem better, more aesthetic to the listener, perhaps better understood. But only honesty can make a poem good, and satisfying. Only self-honesty can do this for a life.

Some of the best poems are those that “capture a moment” and then spend verses, stanzas, paragraphs to take you into that moment, so that you can feel it in all its wonder. One moment, lived from total joy and ecstasy of beingness. And yet we live hundreds, thousands of such moments each day. What a wonder a lifetime is! What a wonder the dawn of a new day—the ecstasy of a single breath. The stuff of poets—and mystics—and ordinary people.

So how does all this relate to health, and dis-ease? Imagery is the way that our Higher Selves talk to us, to tell us what needs attention in our life, how our spirit needs to be fed. Our bodies are the poem the imagery is played out upon. For example, when the imbalance is small, perhaps just a memory of some past hurt or traumatic experience, our mental body may play the poem. We may dream our own creative vision of this hurt or trauma, and how to heal it. If this is ignored by the conscious mind, then our creative Self plays a louder tune, a more strident song, using our emotional body. We may start to re-experience, to feel again, the feelings that occasioned the original imbalance. If we stuff these away, due to fear, or because we have no time for such things, then our body becomes the medium of last resort. Pain wakes us up. At last our soul has our attention! We must change—or suffer, sometimes even die.

Obviously it would be less traumatic, to pay attention sooner. This is where vibrational medicine can help. Flower essences can treat contractions, or blockages, of the life-force energy flow, when they are still in our subtle bodies (the spiritual, mental, emotional), before they manifest into physical disease. Singing, toning, sounding, color, aroma, and other vibrational remedies can vibrationally rebalance our system. For we are vibration. All of creation is vibration.

 Wake up and Dream! ~John Armitage

Wake up, listen, dream and be healthy, be in balance, be whole.


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Most disease originates as thought (electro-magnetic in origin) which, if not brought back into balance, moves down vibrationally into emotion. Then, if this energy is not released, it continues to move down in frequency until it affects the functioning of the physical body. Our thoughts and emotions, to a very great extent, determine the state of our health. Treating physical symptoms with chemical substances can only affect such problems in the physical. Drugs leave the original cause untreated. We can achieve some physical comfort from pharmaceuticals (often with unintended side effects), but only we ourselves can initiate true healing, by changing our attitudes. In this effort, the vibrational or energetic methods and remedies can prove very useful. This includes homeopathic, flower and gem remedies, acupuncture and -pressure, hands on energy sessions (such as New Paradigm MDT with the energies of Shamballa, and other modalities), etc.

When we release fear and all of its manifestations—such as anger, despair, anxiety, hatred—we start on the road to wellness, to balance and mastery. (Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 27)

We also bring tendencies to various imbalances or diseases over from other lifetimes, if we have not sufficiently resolved those traumas in our psyches. For instance, I have felt intense pain in a certain part of my back, on and off, throughout this lifetime. Psychically sighted friends have “seen” various spear points, knives, bullets, etc. in this spot. As one is removed another eventually comes up to take its place. The original injury was traumatic enough that I did not resolve it; I transferred my feelings of victimization, betrayal etc. to other lifetimes, thus creating energy that drew to me similar incidents, which piled up like layers of an onion, and now need to be peeled back, layer by layer.

I have found this to be true with many others while doing Soul Wisdom™ karmic clearings. Someone who is having digestive problems may have been disemboweled in another lifetime. Another who feels worthless has been indoctrinated with that idea during a painful death. Another who has come down with an inexplicable rash has been burned at the stake, and the unresolved pain is just now coming up for clearing. We all have such traumas stored in our subconscious from this and other lifetimes, and this is all coming up for clearing NOW. Modern medicine finds such manifestations baffling. They don’t fit into its doctrines of 3D medicine, chemical cause and effect, and everything treatable by pharmaceuticals.

YOU are the only one who can heal yourself. Others can give you energy, can suggest ways of releasing old pain and trauma, can even prescribe pain-killers to postpone the ultimate encounter with your personal demons. But only YOU can decide to release your pain, victimization, anger, fear & terror, hatred, etc. Let it go and be free. I have a mantra that I repeat when I encounter such emotions in myself, or such physical manifestations of the unresolved past. I share it with you now: “I own this, I forgive this, I release this, I let this go. I AM FREE!”

Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind. It is only a symptom of the cause. Dr. Edward Bach

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