Here is another meditation channeled by Mark.

Mark: We’re going to bring in a friend. This friend is called Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow is a man of peace. He’s a mighty warrior, but only when he has to.

I am Broken Arrow. I am known as Thoth to other civilizations. I am a Rainbow Warrior. There’s no nation better than the other nations. There is only one Love. They are all equal.

There are great changes coming about on this planet now. The red people are leaving, but we still have things to tell and share. In our modalities we have what is called a sacred Tipi, and in that tipi is a fire. That fire is white. We are now in that tipi. The fire is cold and hot at the same time. Around the fire are 12 beings. Sometimes each is a man, and sometimes each is a woman. They’re incredibly balanced, and they represent a twelfth of reality. The great pipe that one smokes has 12 Eagle feathers. That brings the great energies from all of reality, from the Central Sun, to enrich all of us.

Now I want you to look at the fire. The purpose of the fire is to transmute lower vibrations to higher vibrations. In some ways, people would say that rage is lower than lovingness. So this fire is always taking rage and turning it into lovingness.

Let this fire wash through all your cells, and all your bodies. If there are things in your body that you wish to be quickened, just thank whatever you want changed and let it go into the fire. Then bring it out again and put it back into your body.

… … …

The white fire is now in your body, is useful for raising your frequency whenever you wish. Now that you know what the white fire is, I want you to understand that the young people on the planet can see that there is a new way that must be put on the planet. It does not really have a face. It is not changing this situation or that situation. It’s remaking the ability to transfer and transmit lower energy to quickened energy. The energy is infinity, basically.

Our planet, this planet that we’re on, is very slow, but not the slowest, and she is now ready to move. She wishes all of us to use the white fire to allow the new way, which will be continuously moving in quickness. Holding the white fire will allow us to continually move through all obstacles. As we tap into this power, it allows us to be different than we were the nanosecond before. It’s very important for us to use the white fire in this way. Even though things look like they cannot change, they will change. It happens because of the way that the white fire works.

As you would understand it, there is the left brain, which can only hold about 5-10 or 11 bytes per second, whereas the right brain can do millions of bytes per second. The world is at a place where we need to use the right brain to be able to change all things. The change is important; the beginning and the end is not.

This new way that’s being given to us and is open to us has been on the planet for tens of thousands of years. It was used in very sacred ways. Now we are at a time where the planet itself is saying, “Now, now we will all work together. We are ready, and now is the time.

Thank you, Broken Arrow.



John Armitage continues:

Then a lady helped me learn the lesson, along with [multi-dimensional master] Kuthumi. I got a call one day to go see this lady. She was dying in the chair. The doctor had said she was dying. People are selfish, they don’t want people to die. I said, “I don’t allow them to die! Get back in there!” She woke up, all perky. I felt very happy and proud of myself. A couple days later I went back to give her another dose. Everybody’s sad. “Where is she?” “She’s dead.” “What! She was perky as anything two days ago, when we finished with her!” My ego was angry.

It was this incident that triggered Kuthumi to talk with me. He’d been watching me, thinking, “When will he learn?” Because sometimes the Upstairs Department and our Helpers just observe us, wondering how long it will take for us to realize. He told me, “You are interfering with the person’s free will here. You should allow them to heal themselves if they want to. You provide the energy, and they heal or not; you are not the healer, just the medium for the energy.”

Even now sometimes I have these “bang” realizations in other areas of my life; I call them “baseball bat realizations”—because it hits you straight in the head. “That’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that in the last 60 years!” But often our Helpers, our I Am Presences, just let us carry on, have the adventure, go through the process. This is the way you’re going to learn. There wouldn’t be any point in reincarnating if our I Am Presences, the angels and archangels, the multidimensional Masters and so on were going to keep saying to us, “Do this. Do that. Do the other thing. Turn right, turn left, eat that piece of bread.” I mean, there wouldn’t be any point, would there? There’d be no adventure in life. It would be dead boring. No challenges. “Go away, let me make some mistakes, have an adventure!”

Don’t interfere with free will. We don’t have the permission to do that. Just allow the energy to flow through you. If you send to the I Am Presence of the person without permission, it is wise to put in the command, “If you don’t want it, send it on to somebody who does.” Who needs karma with people? Nobody. Of course there are ways of avoiding karma, but that’s another tale.

Remember, doing good works for so called good karma is as undesirable as so-called bad karma. We are working on being free now, not stacking up more things to sort out.
[From Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp. 31-33]

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John Armitage:

As the founder of New Paradigm MDT, I have always asked that people send healing on request only, or first to ask the I Am Presence, or higher Self of the person concerned for permission. I also say though, that if you decide to send any healing whatsoever, it should be in accordance with Divine Will and the will of each person’s I Am.

I learned many years ago that including my will into the equation is not the way to go. I used to do healing sessions and always had a desire of the outcome. My ego told me I was good. My ego was happy with itself, because it thought I was good. But at one period in my life, I was into willing people, willing their bodies into changes. I was generating karma with the people, interfering with their life streams. It seemed like I was working miracles. People would come knocking on the door looking for healing. I was famous, working miracles. But some people would come back in a few months. People with seriously bad backs would come, and 45 min. later they would walk away. I would actually will them to come into alignment. They would say, “It’s a miracle!”

Not everybody came back, but enough to get me to question. They’d say, “You know, you fixed me a few months ago. It was a miracle! Can you do it again, please?” There’s a cause for every effect in this. In general, unless it’s manifested by our I Am Presence to give us a lesson in what we have to learn, we’ve actually created our illnesses ourselves. People don’t realize we’ve actually created our own disease, by the way that we think, our emotions, the way we relate to life and so on. This is how we manifest our own disease. It’s not sensible to will people’s bodies to do something. This is why I’ve been saying for years that there is no such thing as healers, only facilitators. People heal themselves. We just facilitate the situation so as to allow them to heal themselves. It was a big lesson for me.

[continued next posting. Photo: “Shamballa On!” in clinic in Indonesia]

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What’s life? I once did ask.

My I AM said, “It is no task,

only if you just allow,

and don’t keep saying, ‘Holy cow!’

Just be the one you are, in love,

ground the love from above,

be alive on earth right now,

for this moment, it is what you allow.”

Love all serve all,


©John Armitage 2014

[Photo is of John Armitage at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cambridge, MA, on the way to his Memories of the Soul workshop last week.]

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This is another guest posting from Mark S.:

When one’s personal light quotient is quick enough, but the amount of it, i.e. the internal pressure, is not high enough, they can have problems from outside interference. I’m being told it has nothing to do with the energy they are calling in. It has to do with the body’s vitality to do the healing work. The personal body energy quotient needs to be higher.

What I’m being told is nothing new. To give an example: a person has an outside invasion in their body, viral or bacterial, if their body doesn’t have strong enough pressure of light. If you have enough vital pressure in your body, you will not get sick. When one tries to do more than what one’s energy is capable of, one gets dis-eased.

Likewise when doing psychic work, one should only do what one can do without depleting the internal pressure of light in their body. When we do the healing work, we must be up to the job. That means our spirit must want to do it, our mind must be on the same path (of healing), and our body must possess enough strength (i.e. pressure, chi, vitality) to carry through the change or transformation that takes place with the external healing. When the body isn’t a fountain of energy, we cannot heal ourselves or reach out to others to facilitate healing. Attempting to do so depletes us, leaving our bodies open to invasion.

It is mandatory that we take care of ourselves and our internal energy pressure (chi) before attempting to alter what’s beyond our aura/egg. This is not selfish. This is a fact of life. It is the way our world works. We cannot tie into the cosmic without having enough vitality to do so—without opening ourselves to being used by outside energies. It’s just like with the micro-organisms—they feel that the body is “dying” (lack of chi) so they do their duty by coming in to recycle holy energy (of the body). So do the entities come in when the vitality is low—they come to take the other’s energy, because they CAN. Because the person has allowed their chi to diminish, or because the person has not built up enough to do the work they are trying to do.

Basically X is being attacked because she is not doing her homework, and is thus too weak to be “healing” others. The above is our homework, i.e. she must fill her “egg” with light, and do it continuously. She must translate this energy into the physical body. She must be vital, absolutely full of vitality. When she isn’t, she opens herself to being invaded.

Because someone is weak now has nothing to do with what they can do later. A person would not run a 30-mile road race without practicing on lesser distances, to get their body built up and in shape first. Some energy-building exercises will work for most everyone. But as we are all different star-being stock, we must each determine what our individual exercises must be to put us in shape. We must be aware in every moment of how far we can run in a race, and not exceed that, unless it’s necessary to save a life.

How do we hold this internal pressure or chi? Nature lives gently to get the most action out of each ounce of chi. Humans tend to leak energy by using their senses harshly. For example, when one looks too hard through the eyes at a situation, it depletes overall bodily energy. If one looks softly & gently at the same situation, he barely uses up any energy. The same is true for the other physical senses. This is a major way that the human frame looses energy needlessly. In contrast, a wildcat, will sit watching prey for hours, so gently that unless the prey is aware, the watching will go unnoticed; but the cat misses nothing. Then as the cat gently tenses to spring, the focus changes state from passive to active. One needs to hold one’s five-sense activity to a state of “passive but aware”. This is an effective way of using one’s energy.

How do we raise internal pressure? When we’re children we grow at an accelerated rate in comparison to later. They throw themselves fully 100% into everything they do, focusing on the now, with a single attention.

The way the vibrational rate of the world will continue to rise is by each of us is doing our own work first, and then holding that energy constant, so that there’s no wobble. The strength that will make the world evolve comes from that steady, non-ceasing, ever growing, pool of ever-increasing vibrations.

At the end of a day, one needs to sleep, to recover one’s bodily vitality.

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Baba’s story continues from last post (John, a staunch vegetarian, is faced with eating meat or offending his hosts):

It flashed into my mind, a story about a hero of mine, somebody that I really, really respect. He’s passed over now, long since, but he’s called Swami Vivekananda. He was a great devotee of a man called Ramakrishna, and Ramakrishna was an Indian whose thing was to integrate western and Indian spirituality, Christianity and Hinduism. The system of philosophy that he taught is actually known as Vedanta. Anyway, Swami Vivekananda was a great person. He came to the USA in 1945, to a world religious conference in Chicago. It was the first time that a Hindu had ever spoken at one of these world conferences.

He told this story in his memoirs. An American couple asked him to dinner, and they gave him roast beef. Well, he’s a Hindu, and cows are holy. So he was sitting there eating the roast beef, saying,” This is really nice, what’s this?” He’d never tasted it in his life before. They said, “It’s beef.” And he said, “What’s that?” And they said, “It comes from cows.” Whoops. He said that his immediate reaction was to run away from the table and be sick. And he said, then “some kind of sanity came to me. And I realized that these people had given me their hospitality, that they really liked me, and they’d gone out of their way to give me this food. So I ate the food.”

So that’s what came into my mind as I sat there, Swami Vivekananda in my head saying, “Remember the story about Chicago?” And I said, “Yeah.” So I ate the food. Later in the night I was laying on my bed, and I was processing. I was thinking, “Shit, Das, you’re going backwards! God! Why did you do that (etc.).” And then there was a flash of light, and Germain was standing there, not an unusual occurrence. So he went, “What’s the matter with you then, my brother?”
“Aw man, I’m freaking out. I’ve been eating meat and all that, and it’s really terrible. What a terrible day it’s been, slipping away, slipping away to the darkness, eating cows!” And all the rest of it.
He said, “So you think you’re qualified to judge the level of consciousness of the beings on planet Earth?”
I said, “What do you mean?”
He said, “Don’t you realize that everything is life? Vegetables are alive. You’ve been eating vegetables. Are you saying that they have a lower level of consciousness than animals? Do you think you’re qualified to judge this?”
Then I thought, “I’m getting a working over now for sure!”

He said, “Everybody’s got habits on planet Earth, and it’s about time you got over this vegetarian habit of yours.” So then he went on to point out to me about different blood groups needing different food. He said, “Now and in the coming years you won’t be able to live on a vegetarian diet. You’ve managed to get by with it so far, but you’re going to be doing so much traveling and so much work that you would just lose your body in no time if you try to keep this up. So I suggest that you actually kick the habit.”
I said, “You reckon it’s a habit then, Germain?”
He said, “Yeah, it’s just the same as the other habits that human beings have. Which leg do you put in your trousers first every morning?”
I said, “Uh, I think it’s the right one.”
He said, “Well, that’s a habit. Why don’t you try putting the left one in, for a change now and again. That will help you to break the habit. Which arm do you first put in your shirt, when you put it on? Change it. Which shoe do you put on first? Change the habit. You’re all full of habits, you humans. You should start to understand that.”
The rest of it goes into a joke, really, because after that, I said to him, “Well, OK Germain, I totally understand what you’re saying.”
So the next day when I left there, I went to Burger King and ordered a double whopper with cheese and bacon. And since then, I haven’t looked back.

[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 73ff]

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John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba on fundamentalism in the New Age:

We’re also breaking down other established thought patterns as well, like the bastions of New Age fundamentalism. My thing is just to break down all those, because New Age fundamentalism is alive and well on planet earth. You see, some of the Christian fundamentalists, and Jewish fundamentalists, and Islamic fundamentalists have just seen the New Age as something they can bring their fundamentalism into. So you must have all come across it. “What, you eat meat? You drink? You drink alcohol?” Somebody once said to me in a workshop, “How can you drink beer and channel?” I said, “It’s dead easy, but you have to take the bottle away from your mouth first.”

It’s the same as the food thing. This isn’t a criticism of those who have vegetarian diets, but I would like to point out to you, each and every one of you, that there is only a limited number of people on earth who can actually survive in a healthy way on a vegetarian diet. The reason is that we have different blood groups in human bodies, and different blood groups need different food. Different blood groups actually came here from different star systems. Some can survive very well on vegetables, and others just can’t at all.

So what is actually being said to you here, and maybe it’ll be useful information for you or maybe it’ll send you into processing, who cares, is that if you feel like eating meat, do it! I hear so many vegetarians say, “God, I’ve really been craving meat for the last two years!” Well, why haven’t you been eating it, if you’ve been craving it? Because your body’s telling you, “I need meat!”

I myself was a vegetarian fundamentalist for over 25 years. I was so fussy I wouldn’t eat in restaurants when I was traveling, even in India. The only place you’ll get pure vegetarian food in India is if the restaurant says it’s vegetarian. I wouldn’t even eat food if I didn’t know how it was prepared, that’s how fundamental I was. My health was never very good during that period, and I never had a lot of energy. I must have had pneumonia 3 times, I had TB, and I was always down with something or another, listless, pale and all the rest of it, just no energy whatsoever. In the mid-90’s I was visiting these people in the bottom part of England, and they presented me with an English Sunday dinner: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, crucified vegetables. Do you know why the English were great empire builders? Because they sent people out looking for decent food. Anyway, they had meat, gravy and everything else, and set it on the table in front of me. They were so pleased to have me go and see them, and they were really treating me with so much respect and everything else.

I sat there and looked at it, and I thought, “Well what’re you going to do now then? Are you going to tell them, “I don’t want this, I’m a vegetarian?!”
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 73ff]


Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, available from me or Balboa Press or Amazon or order it through your local bookstore.