John Armitage:

We’d like to bust some of the myths around ascension. There’s so much rubbish around. People don’t really understand what the whole process is about. Ascension is not an escape route from planet earth. Ultimately what I’ve learned since I took my last level of ascension, in 1996, is that we have to get here really as human beings, not hanging about in other realities. At one time I used to be a total space case; people would say, “This guy’s really cool, so spiritual.” But actually we were just hanging around between realities and not really here in any reality.
Be here now, as a human being, or you can’t ascend. Actually, you are spiritual beings having a human experience. You’re not lowly humans struggling to have a spiritual experience. It’s not like that. Turns the idea of having to struggle to be spiritual on it’s head. You have to be Real–a real human being.
Understand what being human is about. When we get grounded into a human body, we have to understand how our insane ego tries to rule us, how we respond to emotional programming, religious programming, sociological programming and so on. All these programs actually in many ways prevent us from having an actual human experience.
So you just have to know that, “Yes, I do have an emotional body. OK, I need to get it into harmony and balance, but if I have to do that, it’s all right. If I have to live adventures which bring me into understanding, it’s all right.” It’s not a question of judging yourself for not understanding that you are already perfect, NOW. It’s all a journey, step by step by step. It’s much simpler than we thought. All we have to do is live and accept that we are human beings and we do face challenges, and embrace them with love, and OWN everything. Don’t blame things on others. When we experience imbalance, just remember, we create it ourselves, so own it. OK, I understand it, I created it, I own it, I love it, I let it go. What can be simpler?
More or less everybody on planet earth, whether or not they’re into this search for expanded awareness, or expanded consciousness if you want to call it that, have taken at least 3 or 4 or 5 levels of ascension already. So then you ask yourself, “What am I doing here, if I’ve already ascended before?” You just chose descension for a change! Remember? You’re spiritual beings here having another human experience, and to go on to the next levels.
John Armitage (Living in Freedom, p. 68)



John Armitage, of course, has his own inimitable way of describing ascension:

As you quit this dimensional reality, whether you do that through physical ascension or through actually leaving your body, I don’t really see that one method is better than another. I mean, although some people feel that full body ascension is more glamorous than dropping dead, that’s judgment, you know. Dropping dead is just changing consciousness.

Humans are not really attracted to dropping dead. They’ve got this thing, “I need my body!” They don’t understand that, actually, being born is a much more difficult process than dying. But it’s just the way things are. You know, ‘I’ve got a lovely car and a nice house and a lot of money or whatever, I don’t want to leave it behind. I need my body!’ And all that bit.

Depending on which way you choose to actually leave (of course everybody will ultimately), for me I see that you have to really make it to 8th or 9th dimensional reality. So you need to have compatible vibrations with that level of manifestational creation. Because that really just takes away from all the attractions of 3rd dimension, the attractions of the body, the attractions of the things you can do with the body, you know the senses, sight, sound, smell, all that stuff.

I’m incredulous how attracted people are to this planet. People are dying to get here! They take birth after birth after birth after birth, get themselves more and more confused, more and more confused. It seems like it gets harder and harder for them to get out of the illusory aspects of life here. For me, heading out, raising your vibrations, even if you can’t make it to Source so to speak, as an individual, set your sights high, and go for it. Just decide, “I don’t need that experience anymore.”

Of course, a lot of people come here at special times, and this is a special time. That’s why there are a lot of special people incarnate on the planet. There’s even angels incarnating every day, never been here before. It’s incredible, the amount of attraction to what’s going on here. It’s just such a new thing.

Ten years ago we were saying, “We’re going to ascend to the 5th dimension.” But the expansion of consciousness has been so rapid, and the plan is an open-ended plan. Not only is this earth going to ascend, the whole universe is going to ascend. That’s just changed in ten years. And ten years is nothing out of the whole of creation. It might seem a long time if you’re hanging out and waiting. It might seem awhile in a human body, but out of infinity it isn’t anything. I mean, just in the flick of a finger we’ve done that, as the human race. Ultimately where we’re going, the plan is totally open-ended. Humans have definitely surprised the Creator, Mother/Father God, as his/her own Creation, certainly surprised the other creator gods, the Elohim and the others, and the councils, too. Some of them are standing around with their mouths open. “Wow. That lot is really getting it together.”






Most of us were brought up to believe in Heaven—and some of us in Hell as well. Whatever you call your conception of the afterlife (if you have one), it’s probably some sort of place that’s better than here. Heaven with the pearly gates and streets paved with gold; the Happy Hunting Grounds of some Native Americans; even the 300 virgins or whatever (though the virgins might consider that a kind of Hell…). According to John and the Upstairs Department that he channels, these are illusory places that our consciousnesses go to if we haven’t yet raised our vibrational level enough to enter the 5th dimension, to move beyond duality and reincarnation.

John Armitage:
A friend came to me after she died and told me about her experience. She saw this tunnel of Light, and some of her older relations who had passed away were there waiting for her, saying, ‘Come on!’ Actually this is all part of the recycling of souls, and if you go through this tunnel of Light, with your family and all this, they’re living in another illusory created reality. Sometimes people even write books about this; they channel information and they say, “Oh we’re living in houses, we’ve got dogs and kids and this kind of thing.” What? It’s totally illusory. This again leads to reincarnation. So actually, going through these systems and into these illusory realities is all part of this control matrix all over again. What we need to do is to bring in some higher frequency energy, this expanded energy of Divine Love, and through radiating this through our Sacred Hearts, to dissipate this matrix that we’re living in. …
What we think of as reality is totally illusory. Actually, we’ve collectively created it, and we relate to it as real. Ultimately, what we consider to be real is part of this artificially created matrix. Kuthumi’s saying to me again, take care what you say, because the idea is to empower people, not to drive them into fear. This is one of the reasons why I don’t talk about the control system too much, how it works, the reasons for the control system and all this, because I leave that to other people. And I don’t want to drive people into fear.

Ultimately, you see, this “matrix” that we’re talking about, or the artificial or illusory reality, is actually created to keep humanity in slavery. And also, as well, you see, you think to yourself, “When I die, I’ll be free.’” But then, if you end up in another illusory reality, or come through the tunnel of Light, then actually your soul gets recycled, and then you reincarnate again. Because you have this desire to be in a human body, you reincarnate and keep going around. In Hinduism they call it the circle of the wheel of birth and death. In Buddhism they say the same thing, although they don’t explain how it works. You get stuck in this 7th level of the 4th dimension, this illusory reality which could be manifest as “heaven”—it could be the Muslim heaven, the Christian heaven, the Jewish heaven, the Happy Hunting Grounds, Valhalla and all this kind of thing, or it could be like just a community of souls that are living the same as they did on earth—like in these channeled books I mentioned before. They’re stuck in another part of the illusory matrix. And then their souls are recycled again—in other words, reincarnate back into human bodies. The whole idea is to keep this aspect of human slavery going.” (Living in Freedom, pp. 28, 126-7)




Do you have memories of other lifetimes, dreams that feel real but you don’t recognize any of the people or situations? I have few memories, but I continually meet people who have memories of lifetimes with me. This has helped me to understand that this one lifetime is not all there is to ME, or all there is to anyone else. It also helps me to suspend judgment of others—who am I to understand what that bum on the street or that surly shopkeeper came to experience this time around? Here are some comments from Archangel Michael on reincarnation, channeled by John Armitage:

You could equate incarnation, or reincarnation, to a school class. When you first go to school you learn the basics of interacting with others, what is required of you socially, what is required of you by the others of your kind, your race…but just the basics. Then you graduate from your first school and go on to another school, to learn other things. You learn mathematical skills, communication skills. We are, of course, leaving out here the energies, which are put into your psyche to control you. So you could say that when you have a life on Earth, you learn. Or perhaps you sit at the back of the class and don’t do anything. But if you are a keen student, you come forward, you absorb the information, you learn and then you go to the thing called death. That is your graduation. Then you realize there is much more to learn, so you go to the next level of school—you incarnate again, you go through the next class, and if you are a keen and diligent student you learn anything you need to learn and then you die, you graduate all over again. And then you decide to come back and take the next class and learn.
As you learn, you learn to balance the experiences. You learn to balance the energies. You understand that it is desirable not to do things unto others that you would not like to have done unto you. Some students take longer, some decide to take the scenic route home, and others buy a ticket on the straight through express. There is no judgment, either way is perfect. Either way is perfect for each and every one. Mother/Father God is compassionate and nonjudgmental and forgives you for everything, you could say, before you ever did it. It is only yourselves that are holding the sins in your hearts. When you go to your priests and ask them about sin, or you confess your sins, they never tell you about the freedom that you achieve through the balancing of these energies.
~Archangel Michael channeled by John Armitage, 1998
I’ve taken a lot of scenic routes—how about you? But then, we’re here to experience life as a human in 3D, right? So Source/Creator, God/Goddess/All-That-Is can explore Itself.



Wondering what to write about first, I get this ping in my mind, “Death and dying!” Must be someone out there pinging me, so here we go.

This universe is created of Love without conditions; anything else is illusion. Humans are very good at creating and believing in illusion. Fortunately, Love and fear cannot exist in the same consciousness at the same time, so filling oneself with Love without conditions can help us to release our debilitating fears. Love without conditions is not an emotion; it is a state of being. It is our true state of being.

I know from experience that this is so. My father was a fundamentalist Christian minister. Fundamentalist simply means following a strict set of beliefs. Anyone living outside the box of beliefs of that particular persuasion is considered wrong, misguided, or in extreme cases, infidel and non-human. These are, of course, man-made beliefs created from fear and a deep sense of inadequacy. There are fundamentalists in all the religions, in the sciences, in every walk of life. There are even New Age fundamentalists (adhering to strict rules, perhaps about not eating certain things like meat, smoking, etc.). Fundamentalism is exclusionary—my way or the highway, my beliefs over everyone else’s. Mother-Father God/Creator/All-That-Is is inclusive, all loving, without judgment.

My father was a very loving man with very violent beliefs. He would give his last cent to someone who seemed to need it (no matter their belief system), but he believed fervently that non-believers (those who did not believe according to what he was taught and held as the “Truth”) were going to a fiery hell. Towards the end of his life, as he got sicker and sicker, he was terrified of dying. He did not know for certain that he was “saved”. I was with him during the last few hours of his life, sitting by his bed in the hospital, surrounding him with the energy of Love. He was not conscious, but I felt his presence.

The next morning, around 3 AM, I received a call that he had died. Immediately we felt him in the room with us. He was very happy. He told us, “It’s so different from what I expected! All Creation is made up of LOVE, Love without conditions!” He had expected judgment, the illusion that humans in fear and guilt had created about how the universe functions. He had found the real thing, Love. He was ecstatic. He told us he was now off to “make amends” to some people he felt he had harmed by his restrictive belief system.

My father’s story shows us that we can break through the illusion of our fear-filled belief systems and heal ourselves. He was able on his death to accept the Love he was offered, probably because of the loving heart he had held in life, in spite of his ingrained teachings.
(Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 28-9)

Do you have an experience of communicating with people who have left their bodies?


Master Germain’s closing address, Mt. Shasta, CA, 1998, PART 2:

I’m proud of you, for understand that you are, each and every one of you, brave hearts, that your bravery is admired. There are not many beings in human bodies that are brave enough to be involved in energetic work that you have been involved in. That are brave enough to be involved in transformational work that you have been involved in for so many days.
Many of you realize now that you have been on television, that you have, and your activities have been transmitted throughout the whole of the Universe. This has never been done before on planet Earth—such a long period of time, with so many powerful transformational energies. So many things that have been done, the techniques that you have been given, the way your energy fields have been worked on has never been done on planet Earth.
Understand, each and every one of you, that being involved in the making of history—not history in McCloud, CA, not history in the United States of America, not history in Great Britain or anyplace else like that—history in the whole of creation. Multidimensional history.
So, my friends, believe in what you really are. Throw your shoulders back and hold your heads up high. And any time you find yourself slipping into old patterns, affirm that you believe in who you really are, and what you really are, and don’t disempower yourselves from fear.
There’s nothing for me to say more, except that if you need me, call me, because I can be in a myriad of places at once. I can be available for each and every one of you. That is my promise. And I also promise that I am available to each and every one that we initiate into the Shamballa energies.
…When you work with this energy, use the affirmation, “Shamballa on!” This will powerfully link you with Shamballa. I am working in conjunction with others in that collective consciousness, that diamond that is Shamballa, to activate a facet of the diamond to transmit Shamballa energy. This will take the whole system into a much higher energy—the energy of unconditional Love and union with Source, this concentrated transformational energy that will be constantly transmitted from this activated facet of the Shamballa diamond. Love is what you are. Love is what I am.
Blessings and the silver-violet flame be upon you all. I am Germain. I leave, but I am always with you.

~Master Germain, through John Armitage, October 1998, Mt. Shasta, CA

Welcome to Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions!

This site is about the book, but it is also about what we mean by Freedom, Love Without Conditions, and Living. It is about waking up. It is about living from an aware consciousness in these marvelous and chaotic times of the evolution of the Earth and humanity.

I’ll be talking about some of my own experiences in living a life focused on freedom and love. I invite you to share yours as well.

My first interaction with John Armitage and Multidimensional Master Germain occurred in 1998 at Mt. Shasta, California, where I was introduced to the energies of Shamballa, the collective consciousness of the Multidimensional Masters. Master Germain sent us off with the following advice. (BONUS: this is not in the book–or published anywhere else, as far as I know!)

Master Germain’s closing address, Mt. Shasta, CA, PART 1:
We met yesterday. I spoke with you collectively, although you did not know it was I who was speaking to you. I gave you information on the beings or energies whose job in creation is to teach you focus and love.
I saw fear. I saw worry. Not only on people’s faces, but in the energy fields of some, too. We do not know how it is possible for ones who can stand up and say, not only “I am a Master,” but “I am an aspect of” all the other masters that you are aspects of, and still have fear in your hearts and minds.
Fear stems from not knowing exactly what God’s place is in your life, from not understanding that God IS in your life, because you are God, each and every one of you. So from this day on, let’s have no more. From this day on, affirm that fear is not part of your reality. If you affirm that fear is not part of your reality, it cannot be.
So now, many of you wonder what you are to do with what you have been given. I tell you that, as each and every channel grows, as each and every channel integrates a little more the fact that they ARE a channel, that they are channeling the energies of Love, the energies of Light, the words of their I Am Presence, the words of the Masters—ascended, galactic, inter-galactic—the tasks that you are given to do will become bigger. As your confidence grows, you are able to tackle more, you are able to achieve more, because you stay focused in Light, stay focused in Love.
So for those of you who do not yet understand what you are going to do with what you have been given, I suggest that you make a commitment—a commitment to yourself, not to try to return to the life you had 9 days, 10 days ago, because it will now be impossible. Make a commitment to go forward, affirm that each and every one of you are world teachers.
I would like to hear you collectively affirm that you are now ready to step into your power as a world teacher, and go forward with that aim in mind: “I affirm I am now ready to accept that I am a world teacher. I further ask that my assignments are given me, and I will accept them. I Am that I Am.”
Do you feel the energy within your hearts? Just because I am Germain, it doesn’t mean you may not speak to me. I am your friend. I am your brother. I am your sister. And I am the initiator of this transformative system that you are being activated to.
You must understand that I am available to all of you—that you, each and every one of you and I are equals. You are Masters. I am a Master. If you believe you are Masters, you must understand and accept that we ARE equal. That I am nothing greater than you, and you are nothing less than I.
Another affirmation may be in order: “Germain, I affirm I am your equal. I am a Master. I am that I am.” Again, do you feel the energy of it in your hearts? Do you feel the energy of it in your minds? Good. Go from this place and take your Love, and walk with heads up high.
When events happen that throw you from the focus of Love, and the focus of Light, affirm to yourself, “I am a Master, I am that I am.” And immediately you can gain mastery over every situation. You can bring balance and harmony, through Love, into it.
~Master Germain, through John Armitage, Mt. Shasta, CA October 1998