John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba on fundamentalism in the New Age:

We’re also breaking down other established thought patterns as well, like the bastions of New Age fundamentalism. My thing is just to break down all those, because New Age fundamentalism is alive and well on planet earth. You see, some of the Christian fundamentalists, and Jewish fundamentalists, and Islamic fundamentalists have just seen the New Age as something they can bring their fundamentalism into. So you must have all come across it. “What, you eat meat? You drink? You drink alcohol?” Somebody once said to me in a workshop, “How can you drink beer and channel?” I said, “It’s dead easy, but you have to take the bottle away from your mouth first.”

It’s the same as the food thing. This isn’t a criticism of those who have vegetarian diets, but I would like to point out to you, each and every one of you, that there is only a limited number of people on earth who can actually survive in a healthy way on a vegetarian diet. The reason is that we have different blood groups in human bodies, and different blood groups need different food. Different blood groups actually came here from different star systems. Some can survive very well on vegetables, and others just can’t at all.

So what is actually being said to you here, and maybe it’ll be useful information for you or maybe it’ll send you into processing, who cares, is that if you feel like eating meat, do it! I hear so many vegetarians say, “God, I’ve really been craving meat for the last two years!” Well, why haven’t you been eating it, if you’ve been craving it? Because your body’s telling you, “I need meat!”

I myself was a vegetarian fundamentalist for over 25 years. I was so fussy I wouldn’t eat in restaurants when I was traveling, even in India. The only place you’ll get pure vegetarian food in India is if the restaurant says it’s vegetarian. I wouldn’t even eat food if I didn’t know how it was prepared, that’s how fundamental I was. My health was never very good during that period, and I never had a lot of energy. I must have had pneumonia 3 times, I had TB, and I was always down with something or another, listless, pale and all the rest of it, just no energy whatsoever. In the mid-90’s I was visiting these people in the bottom part of England, and they presented me with an English Sunday dinner: roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, crucified vegetables. Do you know why the English were great empire builders? Because they sent people out looking for decent food. Anyway, they had meat, gravy and everything else, and set it on the table in front of me. They were so pleased to have me go and see them, and they were really treating me with so much respect and everything else.

I sat there and looked at it, and I thought, “Well what’re you going to do now then? Are you going to tell them, “I don’t want this, I’m a vegetarian?!”
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 73ff]


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The following is a meditation from Pan, channeled through my friend Mark S.  Pan is the spirit, the energy of all Nature–throughout the universe, not just on this world.  It is not a goat-footed pipe-playing wood sprite, although it can take that form if that is what you require when communicating with It!

Pan, through Mark S:

Bring energy down from the Central Sun into your heart space, and radiate it through your body. Let that sit for at least a minute. Now attach this tie with the Central Sun to it’s own “attention”, separate from the rest of your reality. This is a space in your mind that will be a continuous process of bringing in the love from the Central Sun, for every lifetime if you wish, in the future.

Now reach down into the earth, separate from the last attention. Bring up the love of Gaia and fill every cell in your body with her love. Hold this for about a minute or more.

Allow both attentions to feed you with the love of creation. One is more physical than the other. This is the center of your power. This is anchoring your I Am in the “real” world. Let your body fill with a mixture of both of these energies. The world we live in has undergone an energy shift, which is the beginning of a new era of freedom; but we must all do the work to bring about the manifestation of this freedom. With both the love of Gaia and the love from the Central Sun filling your body, there is no room for fear. Feel that. Hold it for a minute or more…

This is the best antidote for fear, for being both loves is to be in the now, ever changing, ever growing.

Now set up another attention, where you are master of your own movement. You say when to begin, you say when to stop. You are entirely in control of yourself. Hold this state for a minute or more…

Move from the state of no-fear into the state of movement. The movement is because you say to move. Hold that state with the love of Gaia and the love of the central sun for a minute or more, in movement. Feel the generation of energy. The energy that’s not used for each movement, store in the solar plexus for use later. Practice storing for a minute…

Feel the storing in the marrow of your long bones. Feel that for a minute…

Feel the activity of your thymus during the storage…Remember when you did this as a child, 3-5 yrs. old, when you were doubling your weight. This storage is done the same way, creating incredible power. Practice this in the morning when you wake up, before you get up. Practice at night when you are in bed, just before you go to sleep. With these tools we can conquer all the “demons” that stop us from being loving through and through. In the name of freedom and loving kindness, MANIFEST!


For those who would like more information on Pan, I suggest reading the books of Michael J. Roads.  Or just go out and walk in Nature, with an open mind and heart!

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Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds (through John Armitage), continued:

We are a group of beings that are a collective consciousness. We are not the Ascended Masters, we are a group of multi-dimensional and beings from multiple worlds, humanoids, reptilians and insectoids. We belong to a group which is know as the Protectors of the Emerald Covenants of the Free Worlds, and our group, or you can say our organization, is know as the Confederation of Free Worlds.
You might ask: “Is planet Earth a member of the Confederation of Free Worlds?” We would say to you officially, “Not yet”. For the simple reason that human beings haven’t realized their freedom yet. Or I would rephrase that slightly and say that there are many human beings that still have to realize their freedom.
This day is coming quickly. This is why we are asking each and every one of you to stand in your own power, because then you will achieve freedom. When you stand in your own power, you cannot be coerced by governments, for you are not afraid of governments anymore. The most extreme scenario is that they can destroy your human body. Notice that I didn’t say the worst, I said the most extreme, for you can always incarnate again, so it is not really bad, it is just a change of body. As you stand in your power, you are free from the fear of oppression. You become unshakable in the faith that you are pure love, that you are Mother/Father God incarnated in this body. The will of Mother/Father God will manifest through you.
You have choice, humans: spend another few million years in the slavery of the illusion, or be free now. We hope you make the choice of freedom, so we can welcome you with open arms into the Confederation of Free Peoples.
My friends, I have told you who we are, we have told you what we do. We have given you some ideas, some advice and information. Don’t give your power away to us; we have all the power in creation. Stand in your own power and be the gods and goddesses that you are, incarnated on Earth. Don’t campaign for peace outside of yourself. Make peace with yourself. As your great teacher, your great master Gandhi spoke, “Be the change you want to see upon your earth, and though your change everything changes.”
With our love we leave you now. My name is not important. I am just a spokesperson for this group. This channel has agreed that, within the coming one or two years, he will convey some of our messages to you. We will, at some time perhaps, give you some names, but at this time names are not important, and we know the human potential for getting caught up with names. At this time we will only say that you may know me as the spokesperson.
My friends, in the energy of Mother/Father God’s perfection and purity, I salute each and every human upon this planet, and we leave you in showers of our love.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds, continued:

Would you understand that Mother Earth is a multi-dimensional being like you are? She has a body in every dimensional reality, just as you do, and it is the same for her and her children. When she decides to take her ascension, she just integrates in another dimensional aspect of herself.
You have the choice of making those steps along with her. As said, Mother/Father God is in no hurry, and if you don’t wish to make the steps into wholeness and power, that’s all right. There is no judgment. We already have other planets prepared for you where you can continue to disempower each other, print your money and build your weapons, control each other through lack of food, through lack of education, materially and spiritually, lack of resources and housing, until such times that you realize that this is not what true life is.
For us, we would see that the most preferable choice is to move into your own power and cease the struggle. Ask yourself: “Is my continual struggle making me happy? Does my continuous denial of my god/goddess-ness help me in standing in my own power? Does it make things easy for me in my life?” We would hope for you, not for us, because we love you exactly as you are without judgment, but we would hope for you that the answer would be: “I want to make changes now”
Of course, the constant human question is “How?” The answer in totality from Mother/Father God is “Just do it”. Just allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through you. There is no question or argument. At this moment the human race stands upon a crossroad. The more people are standing in their own power at this moment will have a strong effect on what happens to the human race next. Would you prefer the creation of a heavenly situation upon the Earth? When we say a heavenly situation, we don’t mean anything religious or Biblical. A heavenly situation is where all are taken care of, supported and loved, and given the situations that they need to learn who and what they are. Or would you prefer another ongoing period of struggle?
There is a choice, but I know, we know, that humans deep within them have knowledge of their god/goddess-ness. It is not only coded in their light bodies, but in their DNA. Deep down everybody longs for this Oneness and this wholeness. Our advice to you is not to long for it, but to do it.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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Spokesperson of The Federation of Free Worlds, through John Armitage:

You know yourself as the human race. You are familiar with the types of bodies through which you can experience upon the planet. Originally differences were created by heat and cold, but in fact you are not the first humans that were created upon this planet. Where are those humans now? They don’t exist upon the planet anymore, because they destroyed themselves. But the spirits that inhabited their bodies, or shall we say to make it easier to understand, the souls that inhabited their bodies, now inhabit your bodies. You can see that even if you destroy yourselves, or destroy your bodies, you don’t destroy your true self.
From the perspective of Mother/Father God, free will was given to this planet along with other planets within your solar system, and through this free will you already made other planets uninhabitable in the way that you understand habitation: Mars and Venus just to speak of two. Through the action of the beings that were also humanoid beings on those planets, it is now impossible to live there in this type of body, for the ecosystem and the atmosphere have been destroyed. And if the ecosystem is destroyed, these biological forms, or physical bodies, cannot exist without water and oxygen. There is no breathable atmosphere. We would remind you that even your investigating scientists at this moment say that they think they have found frozen water on the planet Mars. They already are starting to think that there must have been an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere of Earth there. In their naivety in the past they always said that life would not exist in a place like that. Of course, in the circumstances they see now it would not exist, but in the past it was.
You have the free will to destroy yourself or live in your own power. This is the choice of every individual, and the things that you see happening around you upon the planet are a representation of what happens in your hearts and your conscious minds. These struggles, the need and the hunger for material power, the feelings of need of having power over others and to control others in their actions, these are the reflections of the consciousness of many, the outward manifestation of their inner realities. It is very easy to change the world. Change what happens in your hearts and in your minds, and the world will change with you. This is the choice, and it is yours to take; for every human being, it is the choice to make.
For we, Mother/Father God and the creator gods, have all the time that we need. We have all the time we need because time is an illusion. We are not governed by time. Only humans govern themselves by time. We can wait as long as it takes, but our choice is that you listen to our words and stand in your own power, be steady in your hearts and minds, and you move forward very quickly. Cease the inner struggle, allow the perfection to manifest through you, and the next level of your experience on this planet will start to manifest very quickly.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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John Armitage/aka Hari Das Baba:

I say, if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to me. I don’t ask, “Is this all right?” That’s disempowering myself. I don’t ask anything outside of myself if something is all right. Because that actually means that I consider somewhere in my consciousness, no matter how deep down it’s hidden in my cellular structure, that I’m a victim of something, and that I am not actually in control of my reality.

People ask, “How do you protect yourself?” Well, I never protect myself, because I AM divine protection. Because I’m not a victim. It’s all about changing the way that we think, and standing in our own power. Although the others, the Elohim and the masters and the other billions of them hanging out in multi-dimensional reality can aid us, we should never give our power away to them.

So I never say, “Is this all right?” I make up my mind. Is this in accord with the will of my I Am Presence? “Hey, I Am Presence, is this cool?” “Sure, Baba, it’s cool.”

It’s so deep in the consciousness, so deep in the cellular structure, the programming in the DNA, “Give your power away, give your power away. You’re a victim, you’re a victim, you’re a victim. You can’t stand in your own power.” This is what we’re working on getting over—this programming that there’s nothing you can do. Because you can actually do everything! Everything in a second! If you integrate the fact that you can.

Cultivate the frame of mind, “Yes, I am all powerful! When I say energy moves, it does!”
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 41ff]

Here is a very important message for everybody on planet Earth. NEVER, NEVER EVER TRY TO GIVE YOU POWER AWAY TO SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF.

There seems to be an idea in the collective consciousness on planet Earth, through conditioning, that there is always something or somebody outside of yourself that knows everything. It is not true. It is another thing happening upon the planet in order to keep the energy of disempowerment in the consciousness of the people.

[Whether it’s to] the priests or ministers of the religions, or the governments, or more recently the Ascended Masters, people just want to give away their power. If you insist on giving away your power, give it to your own I Am Presence, and allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through your physicality in this dimensional reality; because your I Am Presence is not something separate from yourself. The reason why you are living in this physical body in this moment is that your I Am Presence chose that….Your I Am Presence uses this body to experience in this dimensional reality. Because of the interaction with the collectively created illusion of this dimension, people forget that.
[Living in Freedom and Love, pp. 51ff]


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Recently I made a comment to a friend, “Love is the ultimate healer.” She said, “Don’t make absolute statements. That’s not my experience. Love isn’t always healing.” At first I was surprised, but then I realized that she was talking about romantic love. I was talking about Love without conditions. The first CAN and sometimes does help to open a person’s heart to experience the latter, but not necessarily.

The word love has come to mean romantic love in our society, and this kind of love is most often very conditional: “I’ll give so much love to you if you give so much back to me. If you don’t love me back, I feel rejected and worthless at my core, and I may take this out on you—and the rest of the world!”

This is the opposite of healing Love. Love without conditions says, “I love you just as you are, without judgment, and you don’t have to give me anything back. You don’t even have to know or like me.” It holds a mirror up to the other person, saying, “Look how beautiful you are! This is how I see you! This is who you are!” Love without conditions is not an emotion, it is a state of being. In this state of being all healing happens, for imbalances, whether in physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies, are ULTIMATELY the result of not loving our Self, of feeling less than, unworthy, bad, unlovable.

In my experience (especially with doing Soul Wisdom energy clearings), pretty much everyone on earth who is not an avatar in disguise (and possibly some of them as well) has these feelings buried deep in the psyche. Some spiritual teachers say that this comes from the first separation from Creator/Source/God-Goddess-All-That-Is. When Source sent out sparks of Itself which became us, we became aware of being individual, which felt separate from Oneness. We are never separate, but it could feel like this, and some further interpreted it as rejection.

Those beings who would control us, in order to feed off of our fear energy, built on this small uncertainty within our subconscious in many ways. One of the most potent was through religion. Most of the world’s religions have a core of Love—Love without conditions. However this core has been subsumed under layers of man-made dictums, influenced by the aforesaid beings, telling us that we are sinners, we are not enough, we are dirt, we need to be “saved” or we will go to a fiery hell, or a freezing hell, or whatever. Some even tell us that there is nothing we can do to change our fate—only a few will be “saved” through the grace of the God they describe, and anything we do cannot influence this. It is foreordained. This is a lot to handle, especially when you are fed it at a very young and impressionable age.

These beings also denigrated the feminine wherever possible. This split humanity. We all contain both feminine and masculine energies within, in varying proportions. Both must be in balance within us in order for us to understand who and what we truly are—divine beings of Light having a human experience, learning to hold spirit within the physical at a high vibrational rate. This is called ascension. These beings do not want us to ascend; they fear the loss of their sustenance—feeding off the fear and other non-Love emotions of human beings.


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