FROM: John Armitage, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

But humans do wipe themselves out. There’s enough nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy the planet numerous times over, so if they go a bit loony, and destroy the environment like that, then a different kind of human who can live in those conditions, that kind of body will be created. Ultimately if we destroy the environment and can’t breathe—we’re oxygen breathing beings and there’s not enough oxygen for us to live, well then, OK. They just sit back and wait until the environment is livable again. The trees are not going to die. Nature will replenish itself when the time’s right. Decisions will be made. Let’s drop down a different version of human.

I can tell you that the blueprint is already in existence, for this next version of human, beyond the 6th Root Race. The 7th Root Race it would be. The blueprint is already created. A lot of the potentials that have developed in the 5th Root Race, the kinks have been ironed out in the new version. So there’s no chance of—well of course you can’t say 100% truthfully—but there’s no chance of ego developing and ruling everything. Therefore the desire to control, and war and everything.

Photo: BASTNAESITE–Energizes the most primitive part of the brain, helping raise its vibrations to better integrate with the rest of the brain as part of its evolution during the ascension process. Subconscious fears are brought to consciousness for release.

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From John Armitage, 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

These are different versions of humans that have been on the planet. We’re the 5th Root Race, the version created by Yahweh. Before this there were 4 other versions. But other versions as well; it comes to be a rather complicated subject in the end. It’s like there were model T Fords, then a better one, then a better one, etc. The 6th Root Race is now incarnating, in Peru, Guatemala, Uruguay. A lot of the children there are actually a slightly different format. Their DNA has a different format; their RNA has a different format, they have a different consciousness. This is moving on from the experimentation of the Indigo children and the crystal children, who were also part of the 5th root race, but they were an experimental sub-race, you could call them. In the end the 5th Root Race will die out, if we don’t destroy ourselves first, or our environment, make our environment unlivable for us.

Source doesn’t really mind this. We’ve had situations on the planet before where there were only 30 or 40 people left. actually the Source has other beings that assist in various aspects of creation. This particular time, when the last Ice Age came, there weren’t many people left. It was thought by the hight Councils that it might be better to pull the few left off and repopulate with a different kind of human body. But the decision was to give it a bit of time and see what evolved. And humans did survive. Here we are. We’re part of that survival, a few thousands of years on.

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What Box?

John Armitage, NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Once we can stop all this [see previous blog: The Slavery Planet], then Mother Earth ascends to her next level, which will be her 5th dimensional self, and the physical 3D earth won’t be here, or Mother Earth decides not to do it, and in the end we live in heaven. Heaven isn’t in the sky, it’s here. Look outside, the immense beauty we have everywhere here. So it isn’t the way people have been programmed to believe. As I said, don’t think outside the box. What box is the question. And don’t struggle to get outside of it. What box? I’m not in it.

This takes various steps, because your ego drives you. But if you find fear and do it anyway, don’t let it hold you back. Some people say they want to change, but then when you give them the knowledge and opportunity and even the energy to change, when things begin to change they freak out and want them to be the same as they were before. They’d sooner stay within their self-constructed prison than step out into the unknown. But the unknown is exciting. But the ego says, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid. I don’t know the system. I don’t know what freedom is. Oh dear I’ll have to take responsibility instead of being told what to do? I’ll have to live responsibly?” Many people are miserable being told what to do, but they don’t want to take responsibility. I think that this is one of the challenges we face on planet Earth.

Photo: Vivianite-the elixir is for thinking “outside the box”; moving beyond old thoughts & ideas. Moving beyond obstacles, clarity of intent.

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The Slave Planet

John Armitage at the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

All religions have different versions of heaven. These are illusory places in time and space. You can get stuck there as well. I said this to my mum, don’t go to “heaven”—it will be boring as hell.

It’s possible to get stuck in these illusory places in time and space. Be careful not to do it. Remember, there’s a whole universe out there, or rather a multiple of universes, with multiple levels of existence, where you can go and experience before you actually go home. Going home is going back to Source. We’re sparks of the Creator’s essence, having an adventure. It is an adventure. Of course, the way that we’ve developed these emotional bodies, which wasn’t part of the original plan—this can make things a bit difficult for us. We get emotional. Believe me, I know it. I’m an extremely emotional person at times.

So, you can be free.

This planet is commonly known as Slavery Planet, or Prison Planet, because of this potential of constantly reincarnating over and over again. When you incarnate, you’re a slave. You might say, “Well I’m not a slave!” But most people are slaves. They’re slaves to money, they’re slaves to possessions. And most people have to go to work to get money, just to put food in their mouths when food is abundant everywhere. It even costs money to buy seeds, if you want to grow your own food.

So you’re a slave to this illusion of money. Also as well, the way that the mentality works in the Western world, the more money you have and the more possessions you’ve got, the more successful you are. I put on my Facebook page the other day, “Some people are so poor the only thing they’ve got is money.”

I did put as well that there’s nothing wrong with having money, as long as you remember the love as well. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have money. Actually, you can’t do anything without it. We couldn’t do the Cambodia school project without it. This is the way the system is set up. But we’re slaves to it. We’re slaves to religion, we’re slaves to the controllers, we’re slaves to money.

It depends on what kind of mentality you approach it in, whether it’s all a joke and you see if you can change it from within the system, like the Melchizedeks, or whether you’re going to believe everything they tell you. So this is why it’s known as Prison Planet, and this is why we’re doing our best to free people from this, and to free them from the constant round of birth and death.

This tunnel of Light bit has been put forward so much now that it’s in the collective consciousness, and it’s an accepted belief. I’ve known the opposite for a long time, but I’ve not talked about it. A couple of years ago I was told by the Upstairs Department, “Now it’s time to burst another bubble. Share this information with people when you get the opportunity.” But don’t worry about getting stuck on earth or anything. The people who get stuck on earth are in different circumstances. I can move them on with love and compassion, it’s easy. I’ve done it lots. Usually they are happy to go.

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From the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, Jonh Armitage:

People seem to think that they are human beings and will always be human beings. This isn’t true. There’s one other species that does take birth as humans relatively often, and that’s dogs. They are the embodiment of love without conditions. You treat a dog properly and it will always love you. Our first relationship with dogs was in the early days of Atlantis, when wolves were first incarnate. The wolves soon found out that hanging around the periphery of humans was a good way to get food easily. If other animals or beings approached, the wolves barked. Perfect arrangement. Over the years they’ve become more and more tuned in with us. Because of their ability to love without conditions, they occasionally move on to human lifetimes.

So things aren’t so much like your religious conceptions. This thing about a wrathful God in heaven, for me, I know that somewhere in the Old Testament it says God was angry at some people so he lined them up and burned the flesh off their bones. I’m not interested in a God like that. But of course, it wasn’t God—these were the Annunaki. The ones who came to earth in fiery chariots. This is also in the Bible. The gods they’re talking about are really aliens. It’s not that I want to break your bubble of Christianity. I’m not anti religion. But I AM anti control systems, and all the religions of the world have been overlighted by reptilians. The images are there. They’re all over the Vatican [for instance].

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Caught in the Reincarnation Loop

From the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016-John Armitage:

Some incarnate with a specific goal and incarnate into a situation that has certain potentials. Either they manage it and grow, or go down under the weight of it, but then you can come back anyway. We’re only human because we incarnate into human bodies on this planet. This surprises a lot of people because of religious teachings.

When you incarnate, if you’re sensible and work things out, you incarnate into a family and into a culture which you think will give you the opportunities for growth. But everything is a set of potentials. It’s purely potential. You might turn right instead of left and change things. Your I Am might keep saying “Left! Left!” But you don’t listen and go right. Things change.

Many human beings come back over and over, thousands of times. Not me, I’ve only been on this planet 128 times. I only come here when things get a bit interesting. We’re living in interesting days now. People incarnate to have certain experiences.

Actually there’s a recycling of souls on this planet. Souls are captured, forget everything, die and reincarnate again. They get trapped. There is a way of avoiding this, but most don’t know how. The Buddhists talk about the Wheel of Birth & Death—this is what they’re talking about, being trapped and sent back.

When my mom was about to leave her body, I told her, “You’ll see this great light tunnel and maybe see relatives who’d passed on, maybe even an image of Jesus. Don’t go there. If you go there, you get trapped in the soul recycling machine.”

We talk about this thing called karma, the laws of cause and effect and so on. One time I was a great believer in karma, having been a Hindu monk for a number of years, but now I don’t believe in karma. I don’t believe in the theory, because the karma theory only works if we go through the recycling machine again. If we don’t, we’re not subject to it. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you can do whatever you like. Somewhere you’ll have to learn the lesson.

If you don’t go up the tunnel of light, you can go out into the void, where you can get some proper assistance from light beings who will assist you in going to a relevant place for you.

Photo: Calamus-Integrates mind, body & spirit by merging the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Useful for extreme anxiety or fear such as when confronted by death. A frequency booster.

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Dissolving Contracts & Vows

From the NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016-John Armitage:

Often we need to dissolve contracts that we’ve made before incarnation, or during some lifetime. Sometimes we make vows, such as vows of poverty. Or we might vow, “I’m never going to stand in my own power again, because I’m dangerous.” This vow is there, real and living. So on the 3rd dimension your heart is pushing you, “I want to stand in my own power! I want to stand in my own power!” But actually you’ve got a signed contract that you’re not going to do it. You have a vow on an I Am Presence level, that you’re not going to do it. So it’s necessary to cancel all these contracts and vows.

It’s necessary to cancel all the vows, cancel all the contracts, because we do some very amazing things. People have a tendency to think, “My I Am Presence is in the 8th dimension and it has not done anything silly.” But sometimes your I Am has, and it’s necessary to cancel it all.

The bad news in this is, I’ve never managed to cancel it all in one go. The kind of energy it would take would be more than your body could take at once. You’d burn up. It’s like these clearance meditations we do. People will say to me, “John, I’ve got this and this, and I’ve DONE the clearance meditation!” “When did you do it, this morning?” “Oh no, I did it two years ago, in a workshop.” Yeah well, come on.

Photo: Hyssop–its essence alleviates guilt. This does not mean its suppression, but rather an honest confrontation with the basic cause of one’s thoughts and actions. By acknowledging and releasing guilt feelings from within the self, more constructive tendencies within the personality can develop. Useful in past life therapies in which certain actions in other lifetimes have caused strong feelings of guilt that disrupt the present. In alleviating guilt it takes the strain off DNA in the cells (relieving many stress related diseases).

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