[Merlin channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

You have the choice, whether you fulfill your mission or not. There is no judgment in fulfillment or non-fulfillment. Remember, you were told by this channel which I am using the story of the changes of plan. You can fulfill your mission or not. There is no judgement.  Of course, you may choose to judge yourself, and there is nothing that we can do about that except to inform you that it is counter-productive. You will find that, in most circumstances, fulfilling your mission is something to be enjoyed. Often your missions or your life plans seem difficult because of your potential to disempower yourselves. Remember, I have spoken to you about creation, and if you wish to fulfill your life’s mission, the affirmation is: “I will!”  When you say, “I—WILL,” you create!

The word “will” means that you will it. So, feel free, fulfill your mission or do not fulfill your mission, but do not punish yourself if you do not achieve it. This is one of the reasons why the doctrine of reincarnation was taken from the text of the Christian scriptures. It is not a fanciful theory; it is historically traceable in the story of your Earth. It was done because the Church controllers thought that you were enjoying yourselves too much.  One part of your consciousness was thinking, “I can always reincarnate and work again some other time.”  So they thought that they could keep you more controlled by telling you that you have only one life, and keep you in submission to their will.

Feel free! It is the magic of life. This planet Earth is the planet of free will. You can step into your power now or later. No judgment! It is very simple.

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[Merlin channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba, 2002]

Many things have been shared with you about how to work with the consciousness of these living beings you know as quartz crystals.  To be sure, to use the words of Sananda [Jesus], these crystals are the promise of Mother Earth and Mother/Father God of the Love that is yours, for the receiving. Notice here that I didn’t say “yours for the taking”!  Open yourselves to the magic of this Love, for unconditional love transmutes everything. Open yourselves to the love that the consciousness of these crystals brings you. Where or how do you think these crystals get their Love to pass on to you? From the same place as it is available to you: from Mother/Father God.

Of course, questions have been asked, “Why use crystals?”  It is an easy answer. Some people do not feel at this moment capable of just opening and receiving. The crystals can work with you as your friends, and they, as friends, can show you this love. Many wonder, deep in their hearts, what this term Love really means. The Love of which we speak is not the emotional love that most humans upon the Earth experience at some time or another. It is a state of being, and this state of being is being in wholeness. Wholeness is love.

When you use your crystal technologies and your crystal friends to facilitate healing for people, that is what you are doing: you are bringing them into wholeness, the wholeness of love for themselves.  I have to remind you that this is also illusion—to believe that you can love others if you don’t love yourself.  Many will speak about the ancient alchemists: the quest for the formula to transmute lead or other base metal into sparkling gold. This quest, of course, was not transmutation of this metal into gold. Through interaction with the illusion, the alchemists thought this possible. They also thought, through their greed in the third dimension, that they would become very rich.  But in fact, the truth about alchemy is that it is a quest for transmuting base consciousness into the consciousness of Mother/Father God and the achievement of this is magic.

It brings about the realization of your true self and what you are.  With this realization and this love you can create anything.  Consciously create!  Consciously you have already created your situations. Have you noticed how powerful your creations are? You are living within your creations. If you consciously create, imagine how much more powerful your creations could be!  The magic of life!  The magic of your life is being the creator of your situations!  The creator of your abundance!

It is very true and very obvious that the energies upon planet Earth continuously transmute and change. As these energies transmute and change, humans also transmute and change. They are entering a period of planetary history that is moving faster and faster.  To go through these changes you need to be aware of your potential of creation, and allowing this magic to flow through your life streams smoothly makes this transition.  Remember, not only are you alchemists, you are also chameleons.  It is possible for you to adapt to any energetic situation.  Again I say to you, do not judge yourself.  Allow yourself to go forward with joy and happiness in your hearts and minds. In other words, be compassionate to yourself until the transformation to love takes place. Very easy! There is nothing difficult about any of this. The only difficulty that you can experience is your insistence to interact with the illusion of fear.

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[Channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba 2002]

Good afternoon, I am Merlin. Many of you know that Merlin is a magician, and many of you wonder what being a magician really is. Magic is magic, no matter what other label you try to place upon it. You could call it “New Age philosophy”, you could call it ‘crystal technology’, the science of meditation or healing, but the basis of all these things is magic. Magic is not when you go around with a wand and go “puff” “puff” “puff”, expecting sparks and clouds of smoke to appear.  Magic is about allowing the energy of god and goddess to manifest through you—and understanding that this energy of god and goddess is the source of all things, is all powerful.

There is only doubt that prevents you from standing in your full power.  Now, when you think of the glory or the greatness of the Mother/Father Source, and when you think of the smallness of this energy that you know as doubt, what does it bring to your mind?  It, of course, in human beings, brings many things to the mind.  First of all let me tell you what doubt is.  It is an energy that is based on fear.  Many will try to tell you that fear is the opposite of Love, but fear is not the opposite of Love.  Mother/Father Source is Love—and fear is an illusion generated by the conscious mind.  It’s true, the interaction with the illusion makes you feel that you are separated from Mother/Father Source.  It is a product of the illusion that you feel that you are nothing and you are completely on your own. My advice to you on how to deal with this illusion is: love yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself without conditions means no judgment. Judgement is the result of the illusion of separation. Understand that you are the perfection of Mother/Father God now. All these energies of doubt and fear, I remind you again, are a product of your conscious mind and your ego in association with the illusion.

Magic is being yourself, being that individual spark of god and goddess, and understanding that none of you, as human beings, are the same. You are individuals, and therefore your magical path, as an individual, is different from the person next to you. Many of you have interacted with the illusion of separateness for many lives; and every life, when you come back to this Earth, you again bring the illusion of separateness with you.

Many would ask how to stand in one’s own power.  It is very easy.  With the knowledge that you are the perfection of god and goddess, you should have no problem with your self-realization. The only problem that you can generate is by going into the energy of denial—the denial of your greatness, your power, your glory, your love and your beauty.

Sound familiar to anybody?  Of course, I do not judge you for your interactions with the illusion of separateness; I am here merely to remind you of your Oneness.

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What’s It All About?

Why We Are Here [according to The Law of One]:

  • The primary purpose of an entity is, in this density [3D], to experience all things desired.
  • Analyze, accept and understand these experiences
  • Distill the love and wisdom that can be found within them
  • If your desire would infringe on others, exercise your imagination [experience it in your imagination, get the wisdom, and release your judgment].

Trying to overcome something means you haven’t actually mastered the teaching. If you want it, do it until you’re sick of it.

Transcend hope and fear. That which you resist persists. When you are focused on something even to “overcome” it, you are obsessed by it.

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five books  published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books. The material was channeled through Carla L. Rueckert, on questions asked by Don Elkins and transcribed by Jim McCarty. The material itself comes from a spokesperson of a civilization of 6th density benevolent beings who have been instrumental in human/earth development for eons. For more information visit www.llresearch.org

See also blog post How We Got Here and Where We’re Going, December 5, 2016.

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

Life is about free will, eh? But to remind you, free will is for beginners. It’s an illusion. We say it’s a free will universe. Well, OK, it is, but free will only equates to two words: now or later. Do it now or later. So actually it’s an illusion.

But we can have an adventure with free will. I know about exercising my free will. I’ve had some very interesting experiences through that—some of them extremely pleasant and some that I’d really rather not relate to any more. But that’s the same for all of us. We’re humans, and sometimes we choose the long way to the destination. It’s OK—we can sight-see on the way. Of course, later on we realize that buying a straight through ticket was probably the best option.

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John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

Remember, we are divine protection, right? People ask, “How do you protect yourself?” Well I don’t. I AM divine protection, because I’m not a victim. If you think you need protection, you’re in victim consciousness.

I can ask for assistance. One day I’m driving along in the country and a UFO comes down. I have a classic encounter of the 3rd kind thing. My car stops and I think, “Awww.” I get out my tobacco and roll a cigarette, sit there in the dark. Out they come. “Well we’ve got you now, boy!” I say, “No you don’t. You’ll have to try harder.” They said, “We’ve been watching you for so long, we have found a crack in your emotional body. We’re going to exploit it.”

If I said to myself, “Have they found a crack in my emotional body?” and I go into fear, everything’s lost. I say, “You can’t find cracks in my emotional body.” They say, “We’ve finally worked out how we’re going to take you.” So I get out of my car and I thought to myself, “Maybe I could use a bit of assistance here.” So I said, “Kali, come on!” and Kali appears in her classic form, holding severed heads in her hands and blood dripping from her vagina. And they say to Kali, “What’s this to do with you Kali?” “Well I look after him. He’s my lover!”  “OK, back up boys. We’re gone. No chance here now.” I’d been on my way to the Starlight Center in Devon, and when I arrive they’re all standing out on the porch, “Hey, did you see the UFO come down in the valley?!” “Yes, I saw it.” 

We’ve got as much assistance as we want, anyway. But it’s not “help, help, help!” We’re not victims.

Photo: IRIS— Blue pearl-opalescent light transforming my whole aura to opalescent starlight, etheric mother-of-pearl tinged into blue.  These are not earthly colors—or rather, not third-dimensional colors.  It took the filtering part of the aura and increased its energy level, so that what comes through now is altered subtly, in a 5th-6th dimensional way.

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Archangel Michael, channeled through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

…You could say that I have at my command many, many Legions of Light, many legions of angels whose task it is to protect, transmute and oversee the plan of Love in the focus of the cosmic plan and the whole of creation. The focus of the cosmic plan for the whole of creation is, of course, the integration of Love, Love without conditions for oneself; and also the task of my Legions of Light and myself is the protection of human beings.

Some would ask, “Why do I need the protection of Michael? Why do I need protection at all?” Some humans have focused enough Love into their hearts that they are now indestructible, that they are impervious to the energies of the dark brothers and sisters, and they do not need protection. But the truth of the situation is that many humans still need surrounding by the energies of Light and the energy of Love, to hold back the discordant energies, and energies that have disassociated themselves from the Source. Many would ask why Mother/Father God allows discordant energies to operate within creation. It is because of free will. Understand that also Mother/Father God does not judge, just experiences and loves.

Also, as well, many ones during this time that is known as the fall contracted to create discordant energies, to instill fear into the hearts of humans that have not yet developed the capability to love themselves. So this is where fear originates from, that many feel within their hearts, when the word extraterrestrial, when the word Lucifer, when the words interfere, it is disempowerment…because they have still not yet integrated Love for themselves, and they are still subject to the laws of Karma. …

I have at my disposal Pillars of Light, Pillars of Love. Any time that you feel you are not holding the love energy in your hearts, and fear may enter your minds—or any time that you feel you are being unfairly pressured by the dark brothers and sisters—or by any other energy whose desire it is to interfere with you and get you to become unfocused in the Love and the Light—call upon me for a Pillar of Light. Again, I cannot give you a Pillar of Light unless you ask, because you have the free will to suffer or not suffer. If you suffer, I feel compassion and love for you, but I cannot do anything else about it. Call upon me for Pillars of Light.

I will show you how this works: “Archangel Michael, surround me with the Pillar of Light!” When you make the request, I will know that you want it. You might think, “Well, I will not call upon Michael very often for a Pillar of light, because I don’t want to bother him. He must be busy.” These are energies that stem from feelings of unworthiness. Each and every one of you is worthy. I am charged by Mother/Father God to provide as many as ask for Pillars of Light with the Pillars of Light. If I don’t have anything to do, how will I pass the time? It is possible that I might get bored, with no Pillars of Light to pass down! You might say, how can I be in a million, 2 million, 5 million places at once? I have the Legions of Light under my command, and the Legions of Light also provide you with Love, Pillars of Light, and protection.

So let us now collectively invoke a Pillar of Light. To do this, you will just need to follow my words: “Archangel Michael, give me a Pillar of Light, now!” See the electric blue come down? Silver and gold energies. It is so simple. Brothers and Sisters, I would ask you to integrate my words. I ask you to integrate what has happened to you.

~Excerpts from a Meditation to Dissolve Karmic Ties, New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation BASIC MASTER workshop.