John Armitage at a 13D Teacher Training 2016:

Allow the universe to work through you. People are always putting limitations on the universe. They say, “Oh if only I had more money—I have to sell more cookies, [or] I need to get more people in my workshops.” The universe says, “Shit, now you’re making things more hard.” The universe is totally abundant and willing to allow things to flow into your life, but if you put constraints on the universe, it says “this isn’t going to be so easy.” So this is another way to change your relationship with the universe. say, “I’m open to receive, the totality of abundance.” People think abundance is money but actually money is a small part of total abundance. So notify the universe, “I am ready, willing and open to receive,” and actually more than your heart’s desire will manifest around you.

It’s miraculous how this works. There was a time when I was really broke, and I said to Kuthumi, “I’m ready to do some work, but I don’t have any money, so tell me how to get some.” Kuthumi says, “Well why don’t you meditate on money.” So I’m meditating on 50 pound notes, they’re falling out of the sky. Everybody around me is saying, “I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m getting money everywhere!” Everybody but me, I’m still getting nothing. So in the end I give Kuthumi a hard time about it. He tells me, “Sometimes you’re a slow learner. Your vision was of money falling around you, so everybody around you was getting the money. So why don’t you visualize the notes going into your wallet?” So you see how our minds can trick us?

I can tell you the universe is a very abundant place and the universe is always willing to facilitate. Don’t put limitations on it. Just say, “I’m open to receive,” and it’s absolutely mind boggling what happens. So don’t say to the universe, “I need to make more money out of my workshops,” say to the universe, “I’m open to receive,” and the universe will find a way of throwing it your way.

The only limitations we have are self-constructed. We build the limitations in our minds. Many people would rather live in the purgatory of the hell they know than step outside into the unknown. But if you want to progress in your understanding of life, the universe and everything, you have to step into the unknown. Otherwise you stay where you are.

This doesn’t mean you have to give everything up, no you don’t. But you have to change the way you think. The way you think is actually unknown territory, isn’t it.

Photo: Rowan (European Mt. Ash)–Ancient tree of magic whose essence helps to overcome obstacles, make your way clear, dissolve the barriers of doubt and negativity that keep you from your heart’s desire, your true path.

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Comments from Swift Deer

The world is in a crazy place. Everybody is in a constant state of need and fear. They have no space. People need to remember that we have space, if we will take it.

In the US, if you go into a city with a toy gun, you can get shot. In some countries every move you make is caught on a camera. There’s no space for normality, for normal living. There’s no breathing space.

Everyone is under so much pressure that there’s no room to do anything but shoot at each other—physically and emotionally. It’s ruining the Islamic world. Our own congress has stalemated governing in this country (the US). People don’t THINK. They feel but don’t examine their fears, the origin of them and the way out. They re-act rather than considering their actions. They live behind a barricade of fear and trust to entrenched and unexamined belief systems, trying to impose these onto others, with predictable results. More fear, even less space.

We all need to take a breathing space, which like the smell of a lotus or a rose, permeates every part of the being—taking care of every part, as it should be. Disintegrating fear, allowing our true beings to take over again.

How can we help? By practicing allowing other people their process, to be where they are, while allowing them space to breathe, reassess and possibly grow. Also by allowing space for Self. Start with at least 5 minutes a day to take space for yourself, and then gradually increase that. Realign your being into harmony and balance. This helps to align the space for everyone. And this helps us to be able to allow love into our hearts and to live from there.

Give people space to get themselves together, and take space for yourself.

In Love, Swift Deer