Occasionally I will talk here about another book that is relevant to living in freedom and love without conditions. This one comes from Convoluted Universe, Book V, by Dolores Cannon (Ozark Mt. Press, 2015. ) I recommend the whole series. The information in these books she gleaned through her “past life regressions” during which she also tapped into lifetimes and information from beyond earth and human life.

One of her clients in vol. 5 (pp. 302 ff) talks of “the motherboard” that creates and monitors each human. It contains the “default” of the person’s life plan. It’s in the DNA and projected outward around the person, creating an electrical field. Sickness comes from a short in the system, a “leak”. These can come from trauma or hurt as well as erroneous thinking (which can also be caused by such a leak). Such leaks can be repaired through light and sound. Sometimes the damage is too great to be fixed, or the person does not wish it, or it is involved in karmic balancing.

“It has to do with the heart. The electrical signal comes from the heart. That is the mainframe of the motherboard. It’s not the brain….Love is the smartest you can get. If you are operating from the heart…that’s the kind of person that gets more energy [through the motherboard]. But many times people take the primary switch from the heart and put it to the head, and that throws the whole system off and the whole system is only operating at a very low level when you do that.”

So, how do we heal ourselves?

“Become aware of the heart chakra, breathe through the heart. Once you’re in that space—and it’s a very big space—once you’re in there, you’re in a completely different space. You’re in the space that can heal anything. You’re in a quantum space. And when you’re in that quantum space, anything you think, feel, say or do becomes reality. That is what triggers the electrical currents to go through the rest of the board. And you believe with all your heart, you don’t believe with all your head, you believe with all your heart. That is the most powerful. That is what creates.”

This is what Baba/John Armitage and the Upstairs Department that comes through him has been telling us all along—center in the heart, cultivate love without condition, without judgment for yourself and others. This is the way to freedom—freedom to be healthy, to be joyful, to know who you are. John’s multidimensional contacts also tell us that we have a triple heart chakra—the physical heart, the thymus gland, and now activating an etheric connection to the Sacred Heart in the space between them, which connects us to the Cosmic Love of Source beyond just this universe. Touching the heart, breathing through the heart, opening to allow the free flow of this Love from Source are how we can connect with this healing, life giving energy, which is our birthright as humans.

Have fun!

Photo: Mr. Lincoln Rose. “Roses are a complete system of healing and conscious growth in themselves and will become extremely important…They affect the crown chakra and the higher spiritual center. They have an amplified life force. …Roses were fully formed by the angelic forces before the fall from spirit. They are a biological prophecy created in full perfection, so no further development of this species took place.” Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, p. 15, 26, 48, 112.