What Box?

John Armitage, NPMDT 13D Teacher Training, 2016:

Once we can stop all this [see previous blog: The Slavery Planet], then Mother Earth ascends to her next level, which will be her 5th dimensional self, and the physical 3D earth won’t be here, or Mother Earth decides not to do it, and in the end we live in heaven. Heaven isn’t in the sky, it’s here. Look outside, the immense beauty we have everywhere here. So it isn’t the way people have been programmed to believe. As I said, don’t think outside the box. What box is the question. And don’t struggle to get outside of it. What box? I’m not in it.

This takes various steps, because your ego drives you. But if you find fear and do it anyway, don’t let it hold you back. Some people say they want to change, but then when you give them the knowledge and opportunity and even the energy to change, when things begin to change they freak out and want them to be the same as they were before. They’d sooner stay within their self-constructed prison than step out into the unknown. But the unknown is exciting. But the ego says, “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’m afraid. I don’t know the system. I don’t know what freedom is. Oh dear I’ll have to take responsibility instead of being told what to do? I’ll have to live responsibly?” Many people are miserable being told what to do, but they don’t want to take responsibility. I think that this is one of the challenges we face on planet Earth.

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John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

I often talk about ego, because it’s an important subject. We have 2 versions. One is an insane being that sits on our shoulder and tries to convince us to be afraid of everything. We have this other that’s based in the medulla, or what we commonly called the reptilian brain, and this takes care of all the below conscious mind activity.

People are addicted to the hormones that are excreted when they are angry, fearful, etc. My helper Chang told me, “When it all kicks up, just watch yourself. Your ego will drive you. You will have a release of hormones in your body. First they hit your feet, and then in a split second they hit your head. That’s when you need to take a deep breath, or you’ll respond in anger.” It can also help to repeat a mantra like I Am that I Am the Mahatma in Love. Everything changes then. This is the simplicity of how to deal with things. You can make it as complicated as you like. We make things so simple for you that your ego will have a hard time believing it. The ego believes that if its worth doing, it has to be hard.

One of the great things in New Paradigm MDT is that we’re constantly encouraging people to take responsibility and take responsibility for their actions. A lot of people are very judgmental and judgmental of the self, and this creates problems for getting the love to flow through the heart.

The insane ego is constantly trying to convince us that it is real, and it ruins our lives. The ego is never idle, always needs something to do. It’s always pushing you, complaining, focusing on things not relevant to our lives. When the ego does this, you can’t hear your heart. Your I Am is talking to you, your heart is talking to you, but when you listen to the ego you’re in your head. Constant judgment, constant generation of fear. False Energy Appearing Real becomes F*** Everything And Run when your ego is in charge.


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John Armitage & Germain:

Germain and I are going to tell you a bit about ego. The first thing we need to understand is that our true self is not the ego. The ego is an insane being who may have convinced us that we, our true selves, are it. It is not true.

The insane ego is a being or entity who tells us that it is the true us. This being tells us we are victims and are at the mercy of all things. It tells us, “Think through the left brain, this is the place that shows us the truth.” I can tell you, this is not true, although you may be convinced by this entity that it is true.

The only way we can see truth is through our hearts, in love. This means we don’t judge, we don’t process about the perceived threats to our being. The real truth is that there are no threats except the ones perceived by this insane entity the ego. For all is love. Live through the heart, and you will see this in action. Who needs to judge? Nobody but the insane ego.

This being who has convinced you that you are it lives in total fear.  WHY? Easy one this, because it is in fear of being found out. It will keep you running around in circles, “I need to be right, I need to control all aspects of life, I need to be me, the presence in 3D, me, the one who has needs.”

Believe us in truth, no one has needs beyond Divine love. This is all we need. Remember the Biblical saying, “ an eye for an eye”? If we go on like this, it means the whole world becomes blind. Let’s give the world our love, just that, seeing the perfection of the Divine in all. Please let God hug you, feel the Source through your heart, and LIVE in this Divine love and allowance.

If you are not happy with anything, just change it in this love. What else to do, fight? Well, the insane ego may try to convince you this is the way, but the only worthwhile fight is the fight with the destructive self. Even then, LOVE will save you lifetimes in this process, for fight and struggle are also an illusion. Remember who you are, and be that.

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John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

Disease is a multi-dimensional manifestation of something. Where disease is concerned, there’s no hard and fast rule about how the disease manifests into the physical, or into the mental faculties attached to the physical.

Disease has many trigger points, many different types of triggers. On the third dimensional level, it could have to be with defective nutrition, with total denial of who you are, etc., and you actually want to get out of it. Parkinson’s is a bit like that. Usually there you find people who don’t want to be here; they’re not totally present, they’ve never enjoyed themselves here. They may be arch controllers, but in the end they discover that none of this works, and they’re afraid to kill themselves, so they manifest “I’m not here.” The lights are on, but nobody’s home. But a lot of abnormal behavior is caused by multiple occupancy of the body. Once you learn to communicate on an I Am Presence level, it becomes simple. You just ask the I Am Presence of the person what’s going on, and listen to the answer.

There are so many different things happening in our world, and in other dimensional realities. I’ve been facilitating healing since I was a small boy, and I’d always known that disease manifests first in the emotional, in the astral bodies, and then works its way down to the physical. That’s where the doctors fall short in their treatments; they don’t treat the cause, only the symptoms.

But I never realized, as well, that there’s multi-dimensional disease, that disease can be manifest in many dimensional realities. It could be manifest in the eighth dimension, or the seventh, and then it falls down eventually into the third/fourth. We have a body that equates to each dimension. We are actually experiencing in a body in every dimensional reality, up to twelve—some even higher now. So you can have disease in other dimensional realities that actually also starts to manifest here, in the physical. So it’s not quite as simple to explain as our human conscious minds would like it to be. But when you work with guidance, it becomes dead simple. There’s nothing too much to work out.

One of the problems we have with our ego-driven conscious mind is that it wants to know the ins and outs of everything, to put everything into a box or pigeonhole. That’s impossible. Creation is complex. It’s not that it’s incomprehensible, it’s that everything affects everything in creation. The only way we can get to the bottom of it all is to work with our guidance. Your 3D ego mind can’t comprehend, in many ways, or easily, how you even work with your guidance. The information often that you’re given in guidance, your conscious mind says, “What?!” Just get out of the way, so we can do the job. Just allow rather than control. Humans think they have to control everything. No, you have to allow everything, not control.

[From Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 34]

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John Armitage continues:

Then a lady helped me learn the lesson, along with [multi-dimensional master] Kuthumi. I got a call one day to go see this lady. She was dying in the chair. The doctor had said she was dying. People are selfish, they don’t want people to die. I said, “I don’t allow them to die! Get back in there!” She woke up, all perky. I felt very happy and proud of myself. A couple days later I went back to give her another dose. Everybody’s sad. “Where is she?” “She’s dead.” “What! She was perky as anything two days ago, when we finished with her!” My ego was angry.

It was this incident that triggered Kuthumi to talk with me. He’d been watching me, thinking, “When will he learn?” Because sometimes the Upstairs Department and our Helpers just observe us, wondering how long it will take for us to realize. He told me, “You are interfering with the person’s free will here. You should allow them to heal themselves if they want to. You provide the energy, and they heal or not; you are not the healer, just the medium for the energy.”

Even now sometimes I have these “bang” realizations in other areas of my life; I call them “baseball bat realizations”—because it hits you straight in the head. “That’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that in the last 60 years!” But often our Helpers, our I Am Presences, just let us carry on, have the adventure, go through the process. This is the way you’re going to learn. There wouldn’t be any point in reincarnating if our I Am Presences, the angels and archangels, the multidimensional Masters and so on were going to keep saying to us, “Do this. Do that. Do the other thing. Turn right, turn left, eat that piece of bread.” I mean, there wouldn’t be any point, would there? There’d be no adventure in life. It would be dead boring. No challenges. “Go away, let me make some mistakes, have an adventure!”

Don’t interfere with free will. We don’t have the permission to do that. Just allow the energy to flow through you. If you send to the I Am Presence of the person without permission, it is wise to put in the command, “If you don’t want it, send it on to somebody who does.” Who needs karma with people? Nobody. Of course there are ways of avoiding karma, but that’s another tale.

Remember, doing good works for so called good karma is as undesirable as so-called bad karma. We are working on being free now, not stacking up more things to sort out.
[From Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, pp. 31-33]





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