HOW WE GOT HERE & Where We’re Going

John Armitage aka Hari Das Baba, 13D Teacher Training-2016

One day, you’re ascended, sitting in the restaurant at the end of the universe, smoking your cosmic Lucky Strikes, eating cosmic hot dogs. You’re thinking to yourself, “There must be something else.” So you start looking at the Situations Vacant at the back of the newspaper. There’s a half page advert:

Adventurous souls required. [Immediately that strikes you, “Yes! I’m an adventurer.”]  Wanted to drop into the illusion of a newly created Third Dimensional reality. To live in the illusion of separation, have an adventure. The length of the contract is flexible. The wages are not particularly good. There won’t be any holidays from the separation until you come back into Oneness. If interested, dial 1-800-God.

So that’s what you did. You dialed 1-800-God and God asked, “When can you start?” And you said, “Well, right now I’ll just finish me coffee.” OK, pfft. Into the Third Dimension. “Try some of this.” I remember this from when I was a kid. “What are they doing? I don’t understand anything. What’s going on?!” But this is it. You fall into separation. You don’t know you’re One. Of course when you’re a baby you know it all, you can still see energy; but then you integrate into the society and all and you fall into separation.

In the eyes of Source, everything is perfection anyway. As Mother Earth continues her ascension, things will fall back into place back to their seed blueprints. But in between are adventures. We have to see that everything is perfection and not get hooked up on things that are ultimately temporary. As the 5th root race we’ve been on this planet 250 million years. But that’s a blink of an eye to Source.

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