From the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training, Jonh Armitage:

People seem to think that they are human beings and will always be human beings. This isn’t true. There’s one other species that does take birth as humans relatively often, and that’s dogs. They are the embodiment of love without conditions. You treat a dog properly and it will always love you. Our first relationship with dogs was in the early days of Atlantis, when wolves were first incarnate. The wolves soon found out that hanging around the periphery of humans was a good way to get food easily. If other animals or beings approached, the wolves barked. Perfect arrangement. Over the years they’ve become more and more tuned in with us. Because of their ability to love without conditions, they occasionally move on to human lifetimes.

So things aren’t so much like your religious conceptions. This thing about a wrathful God in heaven, for me, I know that somewhere in the Old Testament it says God was angry at some people so he lined them up and burned the flesh off their bones. I’m not interested in a God like that. But of course, it wasn’t God—these were the Annunaki. The ones who came to earth in fiery chariots. This is also in the Bible. The gods they’re talking about are really aliens. It’s not that I want to break your bubble of Christianity. I’m not anti religion. But I AM anti control systems, and all the religions of the world have been overlighted by reptilians. The images are there. They’re all over the Vatican [for instance].

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My Druidic Education—Part 1
by Mark

Both my grandparents were from unbroken lines of Scottish Druids. My grandfather could work with any animal; his tie with the Nature kingdom was innate. My grandmother was in direct line of the priestesses of the divine feminine of old, and she knew energetically how to use that energy. Neither of them was formally educated. Their ability to perceive had not been tampered with or hampered by formal education.

I once asked Gramp how his gardens always flourished even when everyone else’s turned brown. He said, “I just give the plants what they tell me to give them.” Simple.

I don’t think I’d still be on this planet if it weren’t for them. Not that they were perfect, but they each had talents, and they had forged a relationship of equality, humor, and mutual respect.

When I was 3, my grandmother started teaching me. She wanted me to know that there was more to life than what I might learn in school, so she started showing me that everything had a name. That name was generally different from what people called it. She showed me how to tell the difference between the name that scholars called a plant or a rock or whatever, and the true name of this being, the name that this form of being thought of itself. She taught me that everything has a true name.

Inside that true name, each one is different as well as the same. Every single thing has its own frequency, down to atoms and molecules and up to planets, galaxies and beyond, to infinity in both directions.

These are not so much words as energetic signatures. Almost always the energy behind the words that scholars have developed for things are different from their true energy, the name each being knows itself as. The energetic signature is, in fact, the frequency with which a being is attached to the Prime Creator. All the beings within a group are a fiber in the trunk-sound-vibration of the collective whole of that group. There’s the overall vibration of the group, and then each part has its own variation that helps to make up the whole.

This is hard to put into words, easier to just feel. The smallness and the largeness are the same. Everything is made up of energy. The energy holds everything together. So, everything is different and the same, unique as well as part of the Whole. The “glue” that holds it all together is Love, Love without conditions.

My grandmother’s ability to teach me came from my guidance system through her. She was “reading” my higher self. The teachings she gave my sister were very different from those she gave me. My sister had her own skills, but they were different from mine.

NEXT: Part 2–Learning from Nature

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“We can experience in two basic ways. We can be in the experience for what it really is at the moment, or we can process it through our file of past experiences, assigning meaning and value to it as it relates to our past. The first is truly creative; the second is ego-based conditioning and leads to no true creativity.” Quantum Creativity, Amit Goswami, pp. 31-2.

I’m walking out to the car, hurrying because I’m running a bit “late”—suddenly I notice that it’s a lovely misty morning, there are a few birds chirping in the distant tree tops, the air is vibrant with life and possibility, my heart lifts.

I run across a book I read a long time ago (perhaps a New Paradigm or Shamballa manual?), and I pick it up, open to a page. The words jump out at me. I don’t remember reading this at all! It just slipped right past me then, not registering. NOW I am open to these concepts…

I’m doing Yoga stretches in the morning, and suddenly I remember to breathe deeply. I begin to feel parts of my body that are tight or stiff or hurting, and allow the breath to seep into them. They begin to relax. I continue breathing and listening and feeling my body…

I’m driving home, trying to get there before dark, and the road turns so that I am facing west. There’s a beautiful sunset happening, free for all, colors divine, energy off the charts…

It’s dinner time, and I haven’t even started preparing anything. I check the refrigerator and begin throwing stuff onto the counter, wondering how I can put it all together into a meal. Then, I do it! And it’s fun and it comes out great!

I’m walking down the street, thinking about all the things I have to do, worrying about some of them, and I see a child crying. I stop and breathe and begin to run Mahatma, and send some of this love energy around the child and the tired-looking mother. My heart lifts as I walk on.

I hear about death and destruction on the “news” and begin to despair. Then I allow myself to become curious about how we’re going to turn this around into an ascended Earth and humanity. I begin to envision Light flowing into the hearts of all the people—murderers, fanatics, refugees, politicians, stockbrokers, moms, children, teachers, medical personnel, newscasters…all stopping and realizing that we are One, what I do to you I do to me, and to any concept of God that I hold.

This is really an extension of my previous blog, “Life begins beyond my comfort zone.” If we are not learning, we are not growing. We are just taking up space. And a lifetime on Earth is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and serve.

Things that keep us from jumping into the creative realm with both feet: FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of losing what we think we have (job, relationship, status), FEAR of not maintaining a familiar routine that works for us (meaning keeps us in that comfort zone), FEAR of what others will think of us.

One of my favorite quotes is: “When you find yourself in a hole–stop digging!” (Will Rogers). I would add: “Stand up, breathe, and actually experience the situation and yourself in it.”

There are many forms of FEAR to give us excuses to stagnate. There is one LOVE, without conditions and without judgment, that takes us out of all those fears and into the creative realm of all possibility. In order to access our creativity, it helps to stop, breathe, and really experience whatever it is we are experiencing, instead of filtering it all through fear.

In Love, Phyllis

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The Big Short

I just saw the movie The Big Short. It tried to explain what happened to cause the economic crash of 2007-8. What I got out of it was that these Wall Street people are addicts—gambling addicts. They lose all sense of proportion when they get caught up in the thrill of the game. It helps that they seem to start off with no moral compass at all. They don’t care who they hurt, what repercussions their actions—fraud, deceit, criminal behavior—will have in the world. Yes, true addicts. And they’re in charge of the world economy.

In the end, they won anyway. The taxpayers “bailed them out” and they all gave themselves bonuses. No one at the top went to jail. The common people lost their jobs, savings, homes. Somehow we’re supposed to be able to stop them. I’m not sure how. Perhaps the solution lies in a PARADIGM SHIFT, a change in perspective.

My favorite line in the movie came from a disillusioned member of the In Group. He’d decamped, “back to the land” style. A couple of young would-be players in the Game who knew him contacted him for help in investing in “shorts”—this means gambling that the current system would fail, basically. He agreed that it was a sure thing. He helped them. Later, after the crash, they asked him why he had helped them, since he no longer wanted any part of that scene. He said, “You wanted to get rich.” There was no “stuff” attached to his statement. You wanted to do this, so I helped you. There was an implicit “but I don’t care about that any more,” and you knew as he said it that he felt that getting rich was an empty goal. But if they wanted to try it, OK. There was no judgment attached to his statement. Just an implicit, “It’s not for me.” Best line in the whole movie.

It’s about perspective. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and not getting distracted by the bling. Addiction is all about trying to fill a hole in the psyche, a feeling that something is missing, so we have to get, get, get stuff, money, “love”, sex, religion, a guru, fast track to “ascension” as a kind of “beam me up Scotty” escape, whatever. It’s also about not wanting to do the hard stuff that gets you to the Truth, like soul searching, opening the heart, releasing fear, and taking responsibility for yourself.

Our whole society is set up to make addicts out of us. Then we’re easily controlled, and fleeced. If we have money, we want more. If we don’t, we what what “they” have. This is supposed to make us “happy”. The Pursuit of Happiness—it’s an American value and right, written into the Declaration of Independence. The common way to pursue happiness is to pursue 3D stuff—including status, ego boosting acclaim from others who are also pursuing their own stuff and status.

This lifestyle is enslavement, not freedom. It’s the opposite of living in freedom and love without conditions. Living from the heart and grounding the Love of Source is why I am on this path and writing this blog and teaching NPMDT classes, and making essences. This is why I am HERE. If you are following this blog, perhaps this is why you are here too. And perhaps this will make a difference.

Germain has told us, ““There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.”

In love, Phyllis

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John Armitage: About two years ago the Upstairs Department told me they wanted me to start leading a workshop on the ’Pathway to the Cosmic Heart.’ What this really is all about is actually connecting both our heart chakras. Now, for years we’ve been doing activities, or working with, our thymus gland, our higher heart chakra, or whatever you want to call it, and of course this has benefitted us in many, many ways, and given us an added capability to allow the love to flow. But the thing is, mostly we have been ignoring our physical heart chakras.

The realization that I have now, or the information I’ve been given, is that it’s really important to connect these two pieces of equipment together, our higher heart chakra and physical heart chakra. By doing this, it gives us further capabilities to allow a flow of, shall we call it, expanded Divine Love.

At one time, as well, we were always saying, “Open your heart, open your heart, open your heart, open your heart!” I remember saying this hundreds or thousands of times over a period of years. One thing I realized a few years ago is that actually our hearts are always open. Everybody’s heart is open. It doesn’t matter who they are. And then you can say to yourself, “Well, OK, why do people not radiate this Divine Love?” Because they’re blocking it. Their hearts are open, but they’re actually blocking the flow. So by connecting these two heart chakras, we then manifest within us what you might call the “Cosmic Heart” or “Sacred Heart.”

The Upstairs Department is always saying, “Live in your heart,” and, “Just allow your heart to take over the stream of your life. Don’t even think about it, and you’ll find that everything will change.”

Well, the way we’re programmed, the way that we have related to reality, or have related to the matrix, if you’d like to see it like that, because that’s what so-called reality is— we’re always thinking, “What’s all this about, what’s all this about, what’s all this about?” Also we’re told, “What you think is what you get,” and that you can actually create through thinking. Well, we do create through thinking. So, “What you think is what you get,” this is true. I’ve observed this in my own life. But now what I’ve realized, working with the Sacred Heart, is, that when we create through mind and thought, actually there’s always two opposites. One side of our mind says, “OK, I’m going to create this.” Or, maybe you’re not even doing it on a conscious level, but you’re always thinking about something, and it happens. So you can create constructive things, and things work. And then, after awhile, it seems that things don’t work, things start to fall apart, in some way or another.

This is because we create through mind. Everybody knows that our brains are split in half, don’t they. We’ve got the Right Brain and the Left Brain. So, there’s always an opposite in our thoughts. There’s always an opposite there, lurking in our consciousness. This is why often we create very, very constructive things by thinking, but something happens and it all falls apart, or we start to fall backwards, and this is because the other side of the brain, the creation of the other side of the brain’s kicked in.

So now I understand that we can avoid this. We can become really focused conscious creators, by creating through the Sacred Heart, or the Cosmic Heart. This is what the project is, to assist people to connect these two heart chakras together, activating the Cosmic Heart, or the Sacred Heart, and also, linking with the Cosmic Heart of Source.

[next Cosmic Heart workshop with John Armitage scheduled for May 4-8, 2016 in Belgium. See under Events for future workshops.]

Photo: ROSE QUARTZ (terminated): The gem elixir helps balance emotions; heart and throat chakras stimulated; emotional, mental and astral bodies aligned. Helps you to love yourself.

Jesus on his Palentinian Ministry

Part 1 [channeled through John Armitage, Easter Sunday 1999, Nesvik, Iceland]:

I AM Sananda. I AM the being that is known also as Jesus the Christ. This time of year in the calendar of the beings that follow the philosophy known as Christianity is an important time. Many ones celebrate my supposed death on the cross. Mother Mary told you yesterday that my crucifixion was not something that just happened by accident. In fact, the plan had been formulated many thousands of years ago, during a period of history that some of you would know as Atlantis. During that time, I was a king, an Atlantean king. In those days, the kings were also priests and holders of the knowledge and energy. It might surprise you that also during that life I was martyred. I use the word martyred in a very lighthearted way. But I was captured, taken and killed. And guess who was the person that told them where I was hiding. It was the being that you now know as Judas.

Understand, that over many thousands of years, the way was prepared for the crucifixion. The school of philosophy, or the philosophical knowledge of these scenes was incarnated upon the planet. Understand that these scenes originally came from the mystery schools in Egypt. The mystery schools of Egypt were founded by beings who had left Atlantis before the destruction of that continent. When I say the destruction of that continent, it is not 100% true, for at the time of the final destruction, the continent had been split into six islands. Not only do you get a religious lesson to hear, you get a historical lesson, also! The scene, the knowledge of these scenes was founded, was given to them by Melchizedek. Many of you would wonder where the name Melchizedek comes from. Search the Old Testament of what is known as the Christian Bible, and you will find the name Melchizedek mentioned at least 30 times.

The writings left behind by these beings are known as the Melchizedek Dead Sea Scrolls. So, these scrolls have been found and decoded, but the contents are kept a secret. The contents are kept a secret by this organization that is known as the Roman Catholic Church, with headquarters at the Vatican. For if the contents were made public, Christianity and its control system would be finished in a second. For all ones would know the truth about my Palestinian ministry, and would say that the churches were just controllers, and they had lied about many things.

The essence of my Palestinian ministry was healing based on love. I am sure that many of you know that my Palestinian ministry only lasted for a small number of years. You may ask yourselves what I did before that. And of course, if I did not die on the cross, you may ask what I did after that. When the time came for the crucifixion, myself and my inner disciples were gathered. My inner disciples were, of course, the twelve. I had many more disciples than these twelve. Understand that the word disciple means pupil. I taught many, many people the mysteries that I had learned from the Druids in England, from the sadhus in India, from the Tibetans, from the disciples of esoteric Judaism, and others.

Understand that I traveled and studied for many, many years, and studied under many different teachers. My travel was mainly facilitated by Joseph of Arimethea. Joseph traded in metals, so he was therefore used to travel, and had boats at his disposal. Many beings in this time would wonder how he managed to travel so far in those days. Understand that travel was very common, and in fact, beings traveled from Europe to America, from Egypt to America, and even from Egypt to Australia. One of my constant traveling companions was Luke. I share with you that Luke was also this channel through which I now speak [John Armitage].


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