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Photo: I Merge With My Soul–Silk painting by Phyllis Brooks


The Big Short

I just saw the movie The Big Short. It tried to explain what happened to cause the economic crash of 2007-8. What I got out of it was that these Wall Street people are addicts—gambling addicts. They lose all sense of proportion when they get caught up in the thrill of the game. It helps that they seem to start off with no moral compass at all. They don’t care who they hurt, what repercussions their actions—fraud, deceit, criminal behavior—will have in the world. Yes, true addicts. And they’re in charge of the world economy.

In the end, they won anyway. The taxpayers “bailed them out” and they all gave themselves bonuses. No one at the top went to jail. The common people lost their jobs, savings, homes. Somehow we’re supposed to be able to stop them. I’m not sure how. Perhaps the solution lies in a PARADIGM SHIFT, a change in perspective.

My favorite line in the movie came from a disillusioned member of the In Group. He’d decamped, “back to the land” style. A couple of young would-be players in the Game who knew him contacted him for help in investing in “shorts”—this means gambling that the current system would fail, basically. He agreed that it was a sure thing. He helped them. Later, after the crash, they asked him why he had helped them, since he no longer wanted any part of that scene. He said, “You wanted to get rich.” There was no “stuff” attached to his statement. You wanted to do this, so I helped you. There was an implicit “but I don’t care about that any more,” and you knew as he said it that he felt that getting rich was an empty goal. But if they wanted to try it, OK. There was no judgment attached to his statement. Just an implicit, “It’s not for me.” Best line in the whole movie.

It’s about perspective. Knowing who we are, why we are here, and not getting distracted by the bling. Addiction is all about trying to fill a hole in the psyche, a feeling that something is missing, so we have to get, get, get stuff, money, “love”, sex, religion, a guru, fast track to “ascension” as a kind of “beam me up Scotty” escape, whatever. It’s also about not wanting to do the hard stuff that gets you to the Truth, like soul searching, opening the heart, releasing fear, and taking responsibility for yourself.

Our whole society is set up to make addicts out of us. Then we’re easily controlled, and fleeced. If we have money, we want more. If we don’t, we what what “they” have. This is supposed to make us “happy”. The Pursuit of Happiness—it’s an American value and right, written into the Declaration of Independence. The common way to pursue happiness is to pursue 3D stuff—including status, ego boosting acclaim from others who are also pursuing their own stuff and status.

This lifestyle is enslavement, not freedom. It’s the opposite of living in freedom and love without conditions. Living from the heart and grounding the Love of Source is why I am on this path and writing this blog and teaching NPMDT classes, and making essences. This is why I am HERE. If you are following this blog, perhaps this is why you are here too. And perhaps this will make a difference.

Germain has told us, ““There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in LOVE. So stop searching. Look within and be free.”

In love, Phyllis

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~Dr. Edward Bach

Now that spring is on its way, I’d like to talk a little more about flowers and flower essences. I will be leading a 4-part class on Essences at Learn it Live on Sunday, April 24 at 11 AM EDT, if you want to find out more. SIGN UP HERE:

Hilarion, chohan of the 5th Ray of Higher Sciences, tells us:

All things are in a constant state of vibration and in a constant system of harmonics and resonancy. (Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing)

Essences capture the healthy vibrations of flowers. When we take these into our bodies, they can help us to regain balance and health. And why flowers? Hilarion again:

Flowers are a living vehicle that possess life force.
Flowers are the very essence and the highest concentration of life force in the plant.

Dr. Bach, in the early 1900’s, discovered as a physician that if he treated people’s symptoms, often they would come back later having manifested new symptoms. He searched for remedies to treat the CAUSES of people’s problems, rather than just the symptoms. He found that:

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls. …Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind. It is only a symptom of the cause.

He would go out in the early morning, roaming the fields, and drink the dew off of the flowers. He made meticulous notes on the effects this had on him. Why did he go to plants for his answers? He says:

Disease could never have gained the power it has today if man had not deserted the natural protection against illness, namely the healing herbs of the field.

Hilarion also tells us:

Flower essences, and to a good degree gem elixirs, work through the subtle bodies to affect the pure consciousness of the individual.

Dr. Bach again:

If we follow our own instincts [of the Soul] we should never know anything but joy and health. …So long as our Souls and personalities are in harmony all is joy and peace, happiness and health.

Every one of us is a healer. …Once we realize our own Divinity the rest is easy.

We possess a wonderfully constructed human body with a marvelous immune system to keep us healthy. In the 12th Kryon book, on DNA we learn a lot about this. We also find out that:

Fear disables almost every part of the quantum Human Being’s power. It’s a takeover and brings the Human to a basic survival modality. Many of you know this, for you have conquered it and know how it operates. Within moments, fear shuts down almost everything but the basic survival instincts. (p. 209)

Kryon also acknowledges Master Germain (the founder of New Paradigm MDT):

We honor the great Human Saint Germain. His work continues to this day, for he gave information on an energy called “The Violet Flame,” which is a direct use of DNA Layer Nine! This is the part of the Human body that St. Germain works with, for it is, indeed, multidimensional and part of an incredible healing process. (p. 183)

So, we create our own disease by giving our power away to fear. What we fear most we draw to us. Essences can help us to deal with these fears and to open to Love without conditions, for our Self and others. This is the real antidote and way to regain our true Self, to take charge of our lives and our health: to live in freedom and love without conditions. Yes, we suffer from ourselves; but we are also our own healers.


-Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, Gurudas.
Collected Writings of Edward Bach, ed. Julian Barnard, Ashgrove Publishing, London, 1999.
The Twelves Layers of DNA (AnEsoteric Study of the Mastery Within). Kryon: Book 12. L. Carroll, Platinum Publishing House, 2010.

PHOTO: Night Blooming Cereus-The essence (10MM) is for incorporating infinite multidimensional growth. The human ego is the only thing to stop this from working. With an open heart and a desire to love, there’s no limit. It’s a process; you still have to do the personal work.




—Master Germain through J.A.

Shamballa is a place in time and space, or Shamballa is a number of places in time and space. When I say a number of places in time and space, I mean that in every dimensional reality there exists Shamballa. So what really is Shamballa? In some ways I see the easiest way of explaining this to you is that Shamballa is a place in time and space where harmony, balance and love is the totality of the energy. If you wanted to see Shamballa in your mind, or in your mind’s eye, you can see Shamballa as a crystalline city of light. This is what you are connected with when you receive activations to the New Paradigm MDT energies, the Shamballa energies.

So where does the closest aspect of Shamballa exist? The closest aspect of Shamballa to your dimensional reality exists in the fifth dimension. But at this time, as the vibrations of the planet heighten or rise, sometimes there is an intermingling of the fifth dimension with the third or fourth dimension. This brings about sometimes very interesting results. Shamballa starts to manifest upon your planet as a city of light. So where does it manifest? If you could think about a map of your world in your dimensional reality, that area which takes in Mongolia, the place that is known as the Mongolian steps. This also, as well, spreads south towards the country of Tibet on top of the Himalayas. This is where the energy of Shamballa anchors into your dimensional reality.

It is also interesting to note that during these times, when the vibrations are so high upon the planet, and Shamballa starts to manifest into your dimensional reality, that some of the governments of the world see Shamballa manifest. Shamballa is perceived by them by means of the satellites that they have flying around the earth. Some of these satellites have very powerful imaging devices, and all of a sudden they see upon their screens something new that wasn’t there before. So they start to zoom in on this manifestation. You should realize that these satellites are powerful enough to zoom in on you to see which page of which newspaper you are reading in your garden. So when they see Shamballa manifesting, it makes them think a lot. They send their airplanes to check it out. Usually by the time the airplanes get there Shamballa has again disappeared.

So that is the first manifestation of Shamballa, from the fifth dimension. But you, my friends, the New Paradigm MDT™ family of light that live around the whole of this world, are the means by which Shamballa continually manifests itself energetically into your dimensional reality. As you focus, or as you keep yourselves aware of the fact that you can continuously bring through or ground the energy of Shamballa, through the New Paradigm MDT™, you can hold connections with multi-dimensional Shamballa.

Master Germain has also told us that the grounding of New Paradigm MDT on the planet at this time represents a bringing together of the Violet Tribe. Master Germain is Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray of Transmutation. People come into each lifetime under the vibration of a certain Ray, according to who they are and what they wish to accomplish during that lifetime. You don’t have to be of the Violet Ray in order be activated to the NPMDT energies, but many who find themselves called to a NPMDT class have incarnated this lifetime under this Ray.  [from Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions]

PHOTO: Water Hyacinth–This essence helps one know Self as a part of a greater whole, merging with the greater whole and reaching up and out, ever expanding. Energy of Mahatma (Love without conditions) and of the Silver-Violet Flame of transmutation (of Master Germain). Joy, connection, wholeness, aspiring to ever new adventures in consciousness.

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As I was reading a recent astrological report from Lorna Bevan  this phrase jumped out at me: “Life begins beyond my comfort zone.” I can relate. Looking back at my own life, I can see that such times “beyond my comfort zone” have been the times of greatest growth. The trick is to recognize this while immersed in new and probably fearful and painful territory.

The comfort zone represents complacency. I LOVE my comfort zone! It’s cozy, predictable, won’t push my buttons or push me beyond my perceived limits. It’s a great place for a rest. It’s also eventually boring. Why are we here? To feel comfortable? Or to experience life as a human in its fullest possibility, as a part of and representative of Source? I’m sure it’s the latter.

I’m not talking about drama, here. We create drama when we want to avoid dealing with something outside the zone. Drama drags us back into the zone, and is another form of it—a distraction from discovering and facing truth. To many, pain and suffering represent the comfort zone, because they are familiar and “predictable.” We can avoid self-searching and self-knowledge, we can avoid taking responsibility for ourselves, by immersing ourselves in drama and victimhood.

I remember John Armitage once telling a story about when he started teaching Shamballa as Master Germain wanted him to, helping people move beyond Reiki. Those who felt challenged by his teachings, who were afraid of losing comfortable doctrines and ways of doing things that they held dear, or perhaps just losing their livelihood, protested. Some sent hate mail. As he was driving to teach somewhere in Europe, he was remonstrating to Kuthumi (John often has conversations with multidimensional Masters on his road trips). “Why should I continue with this project? Look at how these people are reacting!” etc. etc. Kuthumi came back with, “My friend, you are not here to become the world’s most popular person.” John says that got him back on track. Yes, he was outside his comfort zone. John usually is. He’s learned to live there, and that is the mark of mastery.

One of my favorite quotes is from Neal Donald Walsh’s Conversations With God:

The reason that the true master does not complain is that the true master is not suffering, but simply experiencing a set of circumstances that you would call insufferable.

I’ve got that one up on my bathroom mirror, staring me in the face every morning as I wash the sleep out of my eyes and the dream-webs out of my brain. There are many times in my life that I have found myself muttering, “I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing! I’m merely experiencing!” Such as the time my car died at a stoplight in the middle of a 4-lane highway (it turned out a tow truck had pulled up right behind me. THANKS, universe!). Or when my house burned down—and two years later my temporary house as well. Or last week when the water froze and the chimney got stopped up, all during minus 20 degree weather. That time I was shouting “What the bleep am I supposed to be learning here!” Not my finest moment.

Once we can get over ourselves and laugh during such experiences “outside our comfort zones” we are on the way to mastery, to living a joyful life, to experiencing life on earth as a true human and a spiritual being having a human experience.

So, pat yourself on the back when you remember to be thankful for those times that life pushed you outside the comfort zone. Laugh at yourself when you remember times that perhaps you went beyond merely experiencing, and those around you learned a few new words. You’re human! But not ONLY human. And human is a pretty cool thing to be.

In love & light, Phyllis

Photo: Phyllis at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

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In The Magdalene Version, Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis share information from the angelic being Alariel about the teachings of Mary Magdalene. These teachings are all about illusion, Reality, and Truth.

Concerning Truth and Freedom, Mary Magdalene said this:

You either want to find the Truth of things or you do not. if you are dedicated to the Light, to the Truth, you will let everything else go until you find it. And even if the Truth is difficult and challenging at times, you will keep on treading this path until you reach the Light. Because when you know the Truth, it sets you free from all the illusions of this world. Standing within the Truth, you can see things as they really are, and you can understand the nature of the All.

True awareness, she says, is Supreme consciousness of being One with the All. This is our true state. This 3D world of duality is illusion.

The world of illusion was appropriate for you when you were spiritual children, but when you seek to know the Truth and enter Reality, you begin to function as spiritual adults. The Truth may not always be easy, and it may not always be comfortable, but it dissolves the limitations that bind you. Above all, it is the Truth that liberates you from your littleness and shows you the great Beings of Light that you really are. This is the way you can tell if it is the real Truth, for the Truth sets you free.

Spiritual children give their power away.They avoid making decisions, avoid taking responsibility for themselves, preferring to wallow in the illusion of being a victim. It seems easier. Becoming a spiritual adult means discarding all that and putting your feet on the path of mastery–mastery of the Self.

Alariel: You have searched the world to find the Light, and now you discover it was there all the time, deep inside of you like a seed waiting for the right time to burst into flower.

This is the time, this is the place, this is the moment to wake up and realize that the Light outside you and the Light inside you are One!…And when you realize that your own inner Self and the universe are not two things but one thing, everything in your life will change.

Master Germain has also told us this, through John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

There is nothing else in creation other than freedom worth spending time on. Yes, freedom in Love. So stop searching. Look within and be free. [publisher of The Magdalene Version: the Never Before Revealed Ancient Teachings of Mary Magdalene and Jesus]

Photo: Medieval painting on wood of Mary Magdalene


My beautiful friend Jennifer showed up at a 13D workshop I was facilitating, all excited about an old volume she’d picked up at a tag sale. It was part of the I Am Discourses of Godfre Ray King (Guy W. Ballard) with Master Germain, published in 1936. Since then, I have included the excerpt she shared with us as a handout in all of my classes.

The I Am Presence is a part of us, the part that knows it is divine, knows it is a part of the All, and All is One. Each of us has an 8th dimensional I Am Presence that is easily accessible to us. We have only to ask and allow.

The excerpt Jennifer brought to class speaks of the creative power of the I Am and how we can connect with this to fulfill all our needs and desires. We have only to connect and work “to correct [our] own human discord in thought, feelings and spoken word”. But also as well:

No matter what the individual requires for his own use, the first condition on which he receives it from the Supreme Source of All is that he calls it forth into use NOT ONLY FOR HIMSELF, but for EVERY INDIVIDUAL on this earth as well.

When we do this, our blessing is multiplied by the number of humans on the earth. 75% of this energy comes to the individual, and the rest goes out to the world.

By one call, with intense feeling, to his “Mighty I Am Presence” to release what he desires into his own use and then expand it to the use of all, he accomplishes infinitely more in that call to his Presence than could possibly be done in any other way.

When you write a check to pay your bills, you can intend “WITH INTENSE FEELING” that you and everyone on earth have the resources to pay their bills. One of the New Paradigm MDT teachers always writes “Joyfully!” on her check for her students’ School Fees. Another friend writes “with blessings!” on her checks.

We hear daily about the plight of people in war torn countries and refugees. Often I start to feel helpless in the face of so much suffering. Before I begin a meal, I always say, with great love in my heart, “Mighty I Am Presence, may all people everywhere have as good or better food as I have here today.” I like to add as well, “May all beings be free! Freedom for all!”

The Discourses continue:

Oh Beloved Ones, do you realize what it means to work with intense sincerity and deep feeling for the Freedom of all? It is the greatest joy and privilege of all lives.

Jennifer is no longer with us in body, but as I say the Mighty I Am Presence affirmations, I remember her beautiful spirit.

May all beings free themselves from fear and open to the Abundance of the universe, which is their birthright.

In love,

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