John Armitage/Hari Das Baba at a recent 13D Teacher Training:

You don’t have to struggle. Don’t struggle. You just have to remember your true essence, and we know what that is, don’t we: the divinity of Love. You’ve just got to remember that. Remember that this separation business is an adventure that we chose. We don’t have to struggle our way and claw our way back into Oneness. All we have to do is step back into the understanding, “Yeah, that’s it. I remember. We’re all One,” and change the way we relate with the matrix. This is the great thing. Change and the whole world changes with you. The whole universe changes with you. To get down to basics, you can’t piss in the corner over there without affecting the whole universe. This is the Oneness.

Once you say to yourself, “Yes, I understand this”—living in the energy of Divine Love isn’t a state of mind, it’s not an intellectual  concept. You can know all kinds of things on an intellectual level, the question is, what are you doing about it?  Knowing isn’t action. The mind says, “I’m very clever. I know this, I know that.” But the million dollar question is: what are you doing about it? Action is needed. 

Intellectual knowledge is like dry bread. But if you start acting from your heart, it’s like putting butter and jam on the bread. Then it’s pleasant to eat and it slips down easy in the mouth. Once you act, it’s like putting the butter and jelly on the bread. So please do your best not to think too much. It’s analysis paralysis. The mind is loop-loop-loop-loop. The ego goes: “What if, what if, what if. More what if, what if, what if.” Don’t allow those loops to run through your mind. Break them somehow, with some kind of mantra like “I am that I am, the Mahatma in love” and “I affirm I am standing in my own power NOW. I Am that I Am.” Not tomorrow, not some time in the future. NOW. Because that’s where we’re living.

Do you know why they call the present the present? Because its a gift . Every moment is a gift, if only you choose to accept it. Marvelous, isn’t it, the adventures, what we’ve chosen our human lives to live. Marvelous! The sunshine today, the trees. It’s a marvel! We’ve chosen to experience this. The thoughts about ourselves and thoughts about all the things outside of ourselves, they’re irrelevant. This is the paradise on earth. Bob Marley is telling me now, “Yeah mon, tell em. The preacher man will tell you the heaven’s in the sky. But I’ll tell you heaven’s here on earth! Remind em of other things I was telling the whole world about. Could you be love? and Get up, stand up, now you see the light” It’s about standing tall in your own light, This is the message. He’s asking me to pass it on to you. “Stand up for your right”—it’s not about revolution and confrontation, but it’s about your birthright, to stand tall in your own light, to stand in the Light. That’s what the message was. “Hey mon, stand up, let your light shine bright.”

Photo: JEREMEJEVITE– Release and be Present.  [10MM]– A big release.  This essence helps one align with their higher self open-heartedly in the moment.  Helps one to be present.  Helps one release what is holding them back from being in the present moment.

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John Armitage from the New Paradigm MDT 13D Teacher Training 2016:

How do we escape the matrix? This is all by understanding that you live within it. This is the first step of escape. Then working out how you can operate within the matrix without being a slave to it. These movies about the Matrix, many of you will have seen them. The first one especially was designed to trigger human consciousness. Actually the concept for these movies were created by one of the world’s most experienced and learned Kabbalists. But that’s not on the credits. I’ve actually had contact with these people. The second movie they asked me if I had anything to contribute that might assist them in reinforcing the message. A lot of movies are designed to bring you into fear. Fear is channeled into the content. Other movies are designed to trigger thought. This is what the matrix movies are about.

Even some 3rd dimensional scientists—and remember, on earth right now these people are considered to be gods, even though they’re working with some very incomplete theories. If it’s scientifically provable it must be real. But even now, some scientists are publishing papers that say “I am sure we are living in a matrix. I am sure that we are living in a computer generated hologram.” We reinforce the hologram by believing it’s real. I’m often saying to people, “Do you know why the sky’s blue? Because you believe it. You’re told that as a child, so it’s seen that way collectively.” This is how the matrix works. It’s a collectively generated and accepted reality. So actually in order to operate outside the matrix, you need to know this. Remember how we’re always talking about standing in your own power?

OK, I know I’m living within this illusory reality, but I know how to operate within it. What we are doing when we are radiating this love, non-judgment, compassion and so on, actually we’re creating cracks in the matrix and it’s starting to fall apart. How do I know the matrix is starting to fall apart? Because more and more people are starting to say, “This can’t be real. What we’re living. This can’t be real.” Somewhere in their minds and hearts they’re waking up to the fact that it isn’t real.

This is how we can change it. We just need enough people. Easy. Well it sounds easy, doesn’t it. I keep saying, we only need the 144,000 to be focused. When I say “focused” I mean not having a foot in one camp and one foot in the other. I’m often speaking about this. People say, “I want change! I want change! I want change!” and then when the changes start, they say “Fuck this! What’s going to happen? I want to know what’s happening, what’s going to happen!”

Glowing with the flow, glowing with the flow of your life stream actually allows things to change. Remember, we’re not in control of anything. You might be a control freak, but you can’t control anything. Unless we let go of the idea that we can control it, we haven’t let go, have we? We’re not flowing.

Photo: Papyrus–Preparation for 5th dimension Unity Consciousness. Balances the brain so that we can perceive reality beyond time.

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John Armitage & the Upstairs Dept:

We hope that what we’ve shared with you, the Upstairs Department, and what I’ve personally shared with you in the last half hour or so, will assist you in integrating the fact that it’s necessary to allow, allow, allow, allow, and not to question, question, question, question. This illustration that I just gave of our sister’s, it works if you allow; you’ve just got to give notification—and you’ve not got to block it.

I could share from my own experience too, that it’s not always the easiest thing in the world for your ego to stay on the case and be focused. Sometimes we get a bit sidetracked and a bit forgetful. Watch out for this forgetfulness. It seems to me from my own experience that it’s easy to fall into this forgetfulness. It’s not a question of constant neurotic self examination. That isn’t going to take you anywhere either, except expanded neurosis instead of expanded consciousness. I must remember that one, it’s a good one.

Ultimately we don’t know where all this is going. The results are going to be distinct energetic changes on the planet, which will give us the opportunity for further understanding of the nature of our true selves. But also to break down the constructs—as I said before when I spoke a bit about illusory reality, or about the “matrix”, if that’s what you want to call it. That’s the trendy name, that’s the disease of the period. We’re stuck in the matrix!

But by bringing in these expanded energies and preparing ourselves to be able to process them, this is going to break things down, break things down, break things down. Also as well, you have to expect your lives to change. This doesn’t mean total destruction of your lives or whatever. But you can’t live in the old way anymore. OK, you can live within your society, you can live within your relationships, you can live within the tasks that you may have chosen to interact with society, the way you make a living and so on. It doesn’t mean to say that you have to destroy all that. But the way you relate to it will change.

From our hearts—of course we don’t have hearts, the Upstairs Department, but you understand what we mean—we encourage you to pay attention, but don’t struggle. Use this affirmation, “I’m here, I’m ready, I’m open. Bring it on!” And sure enough, it’s here.

I don’t know whether anybody else feels this, or if it’s just for me personally, but as soon as I say, “OK, I’m open, I’m ready, bring it on!” I feel this distinct download coming into my system, into my body.  I’m just wondering if it’s general or if it’s just that I’ve made the affirmation.

So let’s do an experiment. This is all experimental, so let’s do another experiment. Let’s all repeat out loud, “I am ready and I am open to receive. I am ready and I am open to receive. I am ready and I am open to receive.”

This is really interesting, isn’t it. I’m slightly flabbergasted by it, the influx of the energy here. Sai Baba is saying to me, “Do you need any more proof of keeping it all simple?”

To really experience this energy, go to:   Feel the Cosmic Heart energy beamed to you from a group of people who have experienced 5 days of the Cosmic Heart workshop. Just sit and allow the energy to flow into and through your being. It takes about 7 minutes.  Enjoy!

Living In Freedom & Love Without Conditions, by Phyllis M. Brooks,,


A reader recently made some interesting comments about the Archangel Michael and Illusions of the Matrix posts. Since I am new to blogging and am still learning the ropes, so to speak, these comments didn’t get seen until days later, and are now somewhat buried in the former posts.  So I include them below, along with my answer, and invite anyone else out there to add their input.

I see this [Archangel Michael on Karma] controversial to the post of illusionary heaven where it’s said you go to recycle of souls when you incarnate. I’m a bit confused. If every incarnation is slavery, where is the free will and how the avatars for example are allowed to enter that matrix if its controlled. They must be also part of it.–Bodhi

Here is my reply:

Well, reincarnation isn’t exactly “slavery”. We are enslaved to our own attitudes, emotions, decisions that keep our vibrational level below that which would allow us to transition to 5th dimension. Of course, there are energies, entities etc. that work to make sure we keep our low vibrational attitudes, etc., but it’s our job to rise above all that. We do it by opening our hearts to Love without condition and without judgment, for ourself and others. Once we decide to let go of the illusion of separation and acknowledge our oneness with all life, then we are on the road to break out of the reincarnation cycle. It’s a lot easier nowadays than it was before the changeover in Dec. 2012, but we still have to do the work.–PB

Anyone out there have something to add?  I remember how deeply scary it was when I realized that no God or Ascended Masters or Miraculous Extraterrestrials were going to swoop in and save us from ourselves.  And yet, it was also exciting, because at the same time I was learning how truly powerful I AM, and what I can do when I begin to believe in myself.  This was at the Mt. Shasta 1998 workshop with John Armitage. I could choose the fear and continue to feel impotent and a victim, or I could choose to accept the inner KNOWING that energy moves when I tell it to.  I decided to accept whole heartedly responsibility for myself and my life.  After all, I now knew that I was creating my life through my unconscious belief systems and fears; so why not start creating it from my consciousness, from love and non-judgment?  I decided I wanted to live in the freedom that aligning myself with the Love without conditions and non-judgment brings, and I have never turned back.

Is it easy? Not always! It may seem easier at times to curl up into a ball and pull a metaphorical blanket over my head.  “It’s not my fault! Help! I’m the victim here!” and to get caught in the illusion that I can escape responsibility for my self and my decisions.  But since this is illusion, then I’m living a lie.  Recently I saw a quote attributed to Will Rogers: “When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!”  I might add, “And start climbing!”

Is it worth it?  As Master Germain tells us, “Freedom is the only thing worth spending time on.”

In Love, Phyllis

Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, by Phyllis M. Brooks– or Amazon, etc. or from me.