A Message for Your Soul June 9, 2016

Channeled by Salena Migeot

Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we greet you today. You are rapidly spiraling into a higher manifestation of yourselves. This process will continue for some time and while it transpires, you will feel that you are on a roller coaster – sometimes experiencing ease, flow, and oneness seemingly effortlessly, and for brief periods of time, you will experience the exact opposite. There is no ‘cure’ for these symptoms. We have said before that you will have some odd physical sensations which many of you will interpret as symptoms of something. Know they are not something that can be cured, but something that must be endured in this process. They include everything from minor to not so minor aches and pains, tingling, dizziness/vertigo, visual strangeness with light and color, greater awareness of movement in your peripheral vision, headaches, digestive rumblings, greater awareness of movement or energy in certain parts of your body, and many other odd sensations. These are not things that need or can be addressed through medical attention. They are merely side effects of the recalibration you are going through that is by no means only physical.

As far as your emotional and mental bodies, you are not having an emotional breakdown, a psychotic lapse, or anything other than transitional surges in your energy field. These will be different for each person but some common manifestations are the feeling that you are very vulnerable in a way you might not have felt since you were a small child or a teenager. This may cause you to be defensive, blame others, or want to avoid others for fear of what you will say or do that is a departure from your normal balanced dealings with them. We are talking about those closest to you whom you love and adore. At times they will feel like the enemy as though they have become different or are acting differently towards you when they are actually the same people that you know and love and who know and love you dearly. It is your perception colored by the emotional residue that you are releasing on this journey to a higher version of yourself.

As you continue this process, you might find you are keeping score of things loved ones said or did that ‘prove’ they don’t really love you. This will be a challenging time for those who are already questioning their relationships or another’s loyalty toward them. Dearest Ones, the most beloved advice we can give you is to recognize that all tests will be passed as long as, and as soon as, you recognize it is a test. If you give credence to these thoughts and feelings, you can manifest that which you do not want as far as your relationships are concerned. For those whose questioning of their relationships is an on-going process, it is basically your choice if you want to give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt and accept them as they are, knowing they are going through similar growing pains or end your relationship with them.

We lovingly suggest that you do not judge them on what you are perceiving, but on what they actually say and do on a day to day basis. Focus on all the things you love about them and everything about your relationship that you are grateful for. Do your best to allow the blessings of your relationships to exceed any perceived wrongdoing on the other’s part. If, during an honest assessment of your relationship over time, you find that it is consistently out of balance, then you might want to think about making changes. If however, you find that your problems with the person in question only arise when you are feeling defensive and emotionally challenged, that is an indication that it is a mood that will pass and not a true reflection of your actual relationship. We are spelling this out very clearly for you because many of you are questioning things as your emotional wounds surface to be released. These wounds have a way of skewing reality and clouding your perception.

Your reality is largely whatever you believe it is. Religion is the belief in a certain reality. Every religious person has accepted a version of reality that their particular faith espouses. The same can be said for every political party. Every form of ‘ism’ is a belief for or against something. You will soon see the extent to which you have been made to believe in a certain reality that is largely a construct of what those in power have wanted you to believe. When this ‘reality’ is exposed, many of you will feel a wide range of feelings and emotions – angst, betrayal, confusion, to name a few. However, there will be those of you who will feel relief, validation, and maybe even feel that you are being exonerated from stirring the pot or mistrusting what is. You will all feel that the Wizard of Oz has been exposed and you will not enjoy the feeling of learning the extent to which you have been duped. When all the players who make up the role of the Wizard of Oz are exposed, you will be shocked at the seemingly good guys that are part of the hoax and to what extent they have been working with those who you may have suspected all along were not so good.

As this exposure continues, you will question the reality of everything. Therefore, you will need your loved ones close by. So again, we caution you to be very clear about who your loved ones are and keep them close as you will need one another for support and solace as the emotional roller coaster of your life gets a little more scary. Remember that a roller coaster goes up and down and for each down there is an up. You will experience higher ups and lower lows than you ever thought possible. And things will continue to go on in that way as you begin to feel that you are living in a fun house that does not feel so fun but just gets weirder and weirder. And each time you begin to despair, there will be another up that assures you that the reality you are moving into is so much better than anything you have yet experienced. Trust that.

Your beliefs create your reality so choose your beliefs wisely and well. And you are completely at choice as to what to believe. Our suggestions: Believe that the mass exposure that is happening is happening for the highest good. Once all is exposed, you will be more well-informed about everything that is possible for you to know, and you will not feel so small in terms of your personal power. You will feel small in relation to the vastness of the multiverses that you will learn more and more about. And you will feel empowered to be a part of the Oneness of All. You will recognize that everything matters and everything has significance including you. Dear Ones, there are such wonders in store for you! It is as though your world/perception/”reality" is a tunnel you have been living in and right now you are fast approaching the end of the tunnel. Soon you will be at the end of the tunnel and you will discover the wonders and limitlessness of who you truly are and what THE TRUE REALITY is.

And so it is.

With All of Our Considerable Abundance of Love for You, WE ARE:

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PHOTO: “Souldance” silk painting by Phyllis Brooks


A Message for Your Soul May 7, 2016

Channeled by Salena Migeot
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Dearest Beloved Ones,

We rejoice in sharing with you that there have been great developments in your world being secured by, with, and for the light. This includes legions of workers both on and off planet including extraterrestrial and angelic realms. These beings are following orders from Beloved Source to assist you in reaching the realization of your divine birthright. The changes are underway and will continue until you are living in total and complete oneness with All That Is. In order for you to realize your potential, it will be necessary for you to let go of so many perceived limitations. We ask that you stay in the highest vibration of love as much as possible.

As these changes progress, you will be challenged by previous traumas, emotions, emotional outbursts, illnesses, and stressors that must come up and out of you to be released once and for all. You have suppressed them and stored them somewhere in your mental, physical, or emotional bodies. As such, when they are released, you will find it is easier and more effortless for you to move forward without them than it has been in the past. In the past, it was more challenging for you to maintain new ways of thinking and being and you often went to great efforts to make positive change in your life only to backslide into your previous ways. This has changed as the universe now supports you powerfully in letting go of that which does not serve you and in supporting new ways of thinking and being which are truly in your highest good.

Whatever way you proceed, we invite you to think of it as your particular service to humanity. Whatever excites you, draws you in, whatever you are curious about is worth exploring as it most likely has a good deal to do with your purpose in this lifetime. If you feel that you don’t know what you want or where you are ‘supposed’ to be, or what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing, know that all will be revealed to you in divine timing. That does not mean you will be given a written invitation to the rest of your life. It does mean that the more you follow your intuition (inner guidance) and allow yourself to be led to the next step and the next, life will unfold in a way that you will not miss your calling.

The more you stay in your personal integrity and move through the changes in alignment with what you know is in your own highest good and/or the highest good of all concerned in any situation, you will do no wrong and you will experience no unwanted consequences unless you choose to. By this we mean, do not make yourself wrong about anything when you follow your intuition. When you follow your inner guidance, you are living in alignment with your own highest good and often your choices are prescient and therefore you may be blessing many others through the wisdom of those choices.

As your choices seem to depart more and more from the status quo or what you thought was true/right/in the highest good in the past, you will learn more and more about the true reality you are living in. Those who continue to conform to stale ways of being and doing that do not serve the highest good of all, will feel very confronted and very ‘wrong’ about many things that come to light. For that reason, we ask you as much as possible to question everything you thought you knew. Do not rely on what was. Rely on what is becoming. Know the old ways have been controlled in ways you cannot currently conceive of. As your benevolent guides, who love you beyond your comprehension of love, we are faced with the awesome task of lovingly informing you of the extent of the illusion you have been living under. This is a momentous task for us and one that we are proceeding with very gingerly as we do not want to offend you, insult you, or do anything to cause you not to trust us.

Your institutions of government, education, media, sciences, and medicine have been operating as though you are small children who need to be controlled and misinformed about the big bad world. The irony is that your very existence is based on a set of universal laws that are in place to maintain universal balance. These laws are quite neutral in one sense, benevolent in another sense. There is nothing about the universal laws that warrants being shielded or protected from them. Quite the contrary. If you were living according to universal law, your world would be much more balanced. You would not experience the extremes of poverty and wealth that you do. You would not experience the extremes of ignorance and knowledge that you do. You would not experience the extremes of control and powerlessness that you do. To the extent that your world is out of balance, you are living under an illusion. The reality is divine perfection where every one of Creators beings is loved and cared for and accounted for as worthy of His/Her love and divine abundance.

The reality is you have a long history of being taken advantage of, controlled, and manipulated in countless ways and those ways are ending. There has been a very long battle ensuing between what you might think of as the dark and the light. Make no mistake that the Light ALWAYS wins. In your case, in your world, one of millions of worlds throughout eternity, you feel that you are just living your life, trying to figure things out the best you can – be a good person, do a good job, and hopefully contribute to the world in some meaningful way. The reality is: you are a very divine being living out a divine mission to wake up at the appointed hour to play your part in a grand re-structuring of the light coming into greater prominence over the dark. The dark has been allowed to have their way for some time. Part of the evolutionary plan you were created for and into is to become a legionnaire of Light to help humanity advance beyond the 3rd dimensional ‘reality’ you have been led to believe is all there is.

As you awaken, you will remember your true divine calling. You will remember the skills and abilities you possessed in previous worlds and previous lifetimes. While not all of you are ancient souls, many of you are and you will be called into service to recall all the ways you have learned throughout many lifetimes to dispel darkness. The more of you that respond to this call and the more quickly you do so, the smoother the transitions will be for all of humanity. The suffering will be relatively short-lived given the ease that will be on the other side of it, but many will experience darkness in order to move through it. For some that might mean deep bouts of depression, for some it might be escaping into various addictions, for some it will be mistreating others just to feel a sense of power and control. There will be a great deal of uncertainty as you and your world shift into a higher vibration. However the darkness shows up for you, we ask you to call in the light often to assist you through the darkness.

Whatever you consider to be good, pure, divine, call it in. It might be angels, saints, ascended masters, animal allies, the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, the elemental beings or faeirie folk , ancestors, bodhisattvas, or whatever you feel is the universal force or intelligence behind All That Is. Some of you might refer to this as God but many of you have a very skewed sense of what God is. What you perceive as God never intended for you to treat one another, Mother Earth, and all her beings the way you do. If you truly believed in God, you would believe that every being is a part of Gods’ creation and therefore sacred. You would not have war, poverty, capital punishment, prisons, and so many other mis-creations. You would greet the sun every day and give thanks every single day for the grass and the waters and the birds, trees, flowers, and so much more. You would truly respect ALL life, not what is convenient or popular or politically expedient. You would not waste so much so frivolously and you would not give Mother Earth the burden that every one of you contributes to every day to bear.

And so we ask you to communicate with whatever you deem pure and good, including an expanded version of what you perceive as God knowing that He/She is truly compassionate and does not hold any wrath, ire, or anger toward you or anyone else for anything you have done in this or any other lifetime. There is no concept of wrong in the world of the divine. There is only what is. If you have contributed to something that is, that you perceive is not in the highest good, that you know you could contribute to making better, it is in the highest good that you do so. If you have hurt someone, ask their forgiveness. If you have not forgiven someone, do so. If you wronged someone, right it. If someone wronged you, let it go and trust that that is the highest and best response. Detach from the choices of others and be mindful of your own choices.

We invite you all to consider yourselves beloved children of Creator who wants nothing from you except for you to live out your divine expression to the best of your ability. We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones.

And so it is.
The Collective of Guides

Photo: KYANITESword of Truth; Lightbody detox. My whole body became centered, my emotional, mental & physical bodies separate and balanced. Everything not in that balanced state just floats away. A releasing. www.taliloquay.com
Kyanite is the speaker of truth and will combat fear of speaking truth.Uplifting to the Soul as it seeks its maturity and to find its purpose. Encouragement to break loose from the chains of ignorance. ~from Crystals and Their Properties by John Armitage.

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From John’s ASCENDING WITH THE NEW EARTH workshop, July 2015, MN.

The planet and universe ascend at the same time. This is the project. The Schumann resonance used to be 17.5 hz. It will go up from 17.5 to over 26 hz. The vibrational frequency of the planet’s going faster, and everything else that lives on the planet will rise.

Ascension is about frequency/vibration. As we do this workshop, earth ups the basic frequency of her body. This expanded frequency will transmit energetic tone sounds on the frequency of 528, and this is the frequency some of the Russian esoteric scientists have been using to repair DNA. If earth vibrates on 528, this means the DNA of humanity will have something interesting happen. Russian scientists have told John they have seen miraculous results with this frequency on DNA.

A lot of diseases are coded in our DNA. As this 528 frequency activates, it will have a profound effect on the DNA of everything. John has personally accessed the 144,000th dimensional reality (not just 12). We must have presence in these realities. Ascending with the New Earth means, if we have multi-dimensional presence, the earth does too, and all beings (plant, animal, mineral) have multi-dimensional presences.

New Earth won’t be a new planet, but we will collectively move into the next dimensional reality and so will Mother Earth. 3D will be gone because the vibrational frequencies will have changed so it won’t be present. We will be moving into 5D reality for earth and the whole universe. We have already been going through 4D, and 3D’s been melting away. 4D is still very dense and has energy imbalances, and this is why we see a lot of imbalance on the planet now. We are programmed with fear to keep us in 4D via the media (TV, movies, etc.). Get away from the fear program by turning it off.
©John Armitage 2015– used with permission.

THE NEXT ASCENDING WITH THE NEW EARTH WORKSHOP with John Armitage will be July 16-17, 2016 in Chicago, IL
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Photo: Flower of Life Grid over the Earth, showing the energy vortexes/”sacred” sites

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Opening The Heart, with Grand Master John Armitage & Mark Lepuss

March 1 at 10 AM in UTC

The Chalice Well in Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom




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John Armitage: If you’re going to ask me, “What’s going to happen in the end?” I’ll tell you the truth. I don’t know. All I know is that the universal ascension is going forward. We’ve had all this talk about going to the 5th dimension. We aren’t going to the 5th dimension anymore. At one time that was part of the project, but it’s like all these projects in creation, it changes. First of all, they give us a concept, and we say, “OK, now we understand this concept, in a certain way, and it’s always ascension to the 5th dimension.” Now they say, “Well, what’s the point of ascending to the 5th dimension, when you can actually ascend to the 12th or the 13th or even beyond?”

So, as we bring in more of this energy of the expanded Divinity of Love, the higher frequencies, and we ground, we have the opportunity to go beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before, not only in this universe, but in other aspects of creation. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. We’re living in a gigantic experiment. All this has never been done before. It’s never been done before. I actually find it quite exciting. It goes beyond all of the previous concepts that we’ve had.

There’s a part of my mind that says, “OK, I understand,” and then the other part of my mind says, “Well, what’s going to happen afterwards?” As I said to you, I don’t really know. Somebody asked me recently, “Do you have any idea of what life will be like on planet earth once this matrix is broken down? Do you have a vision of it?” I thought for a second or two, and I said, “Well no, actually I don’t.” And then my I Am Presence said, “Yes, you do.”

So I said, “OK, yeah, I’ve changed my mind. I do have a vision. The only vision I have, though, is that we all live under equal circumstances, and there’s no controllers. Everybody has the same opportunity. Everybody understands what human life is about, and how we should love and support each other, and see that all people are equal, and everybody has what they need.” They said, “Well, how will that work in society?” So I said, “This is why I said I didn’t a vision of it before, because if I have a vision of that now, actually I’m limiting the manifestation of the future.” Then I thought to myself, “What did I just say?” And I sat and thought about it for a couple of seconds. And I thought, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Now, in the past, also, we’ve sat down and said, “It’ll be like this” or “It’ll be like that”, or “It could be like this or that”, but actually, again, what we’ve been doing is limiting: implanting these seeds in the matrix and actually limiting the way things can manifest. So what we have to do is, as I said, get away from our minds, because our minds are very limited. Really, really limited. And we’re always trying to relate to concepts that we have a reference point to. These reference points are in some ways not correct. I mean, they might be correct in the moment, but they’re not correct in expanded reality. So let’s stop thinking about it, and let’s allow it. And let’s not limit the creation of it, because we don’t understand it. We can’t understand it with our minds.

The thing is, the Cosmic Heart, or the Sacred Heart, actually connected to the Cosmic Heart of Source, or the Cosmic Aspect of Source, does know already that our minds can’t think about it. So we’re going beyond all the things we thought of.  Just think about that: we’re going beyond all the things we thought of. “Aw yeah, we know that, multidimensional. Aw yeah, yeah, yeah.”

But another thing that I’ve realized is that, although we’re multidimensional beings, and we have multidimensional presences, actually we’re multi-universal beings, and we have presences in other universes. Think about that. Then you say to yourself, “Well, what are these presences in other universes, these multi-universal presences?” Again, we can’t talk about it, because if we attempt to explain it in 3rd dimensional words, we’re limited to 3rd dimension all over again. We can’t have a concept of it. But ultimately, the Cosmic Heart knows. The Cosmic Heart knows.

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John Armitage/Hari Das Baba:

Disease is a multi-dimensional manifestation of something. Where disease is concerned, there’s no hard and fast rule about how the disease manifests into the physical, or into the mental faculties attached to the physical.

Disease has many trigger points, many different types of triggers. On the third dimensional level, it could have to be with defective nutrition, with total denial of who you are, etc., and you actually want to get out of it. Parkinson’s is a bit like that. Usually there you find people who don’t want to be here; they’re not totally present, they’ve never enjoyed themselves here. They may be arch controllers, but in the end they discover that none of this works, and they’re afraid to kill themselves, so they manifest “I’m not here.” The lights are on, but nobody’s home. But a lot of abnormal behavior is caused by multiple occupancy of the body. Once you learn to communicate on an I Am Presence level, it becomes simple. You just ask the I Am Presence of the person what’s going on, and listen to the answer.

There are so many different things happening in our world, and in other dimensional realities. I’ve been facilitating healing since I was a small boy, and I’d always known that disease manifests first in the emotional, in the astral bodies, and then works its way down to the physical. That’s where the doctors fall short in their treatments; they don’t treat the cause, only the symptoms.

But I never realized, as well, that there’s multi-dimensional disease, that disease can be manifest in many dimensional realities. It could be manifest in the eighth dimension, or the seventh, and then it falls down eventually into the third/fourth. We have a body that equates to each dimension. We are actually experiencing in a body in every dimensional reality, up to twelve—some even higher now. So you can have disease in other dimensional realities that actually also starts to manifest here, in the physical. So it’s not quite as simple to explain as our human conscious minds would like it to be. But when you work with guidance, it becomes dead simple. There’s nothing too much to work out.

One of the problems we have with our ego-driven conscious mind is that it wants to know the ins and outs of everything, to put everything into a box or pigeonhole. That’s impossible. Creation is complex. It’s not that it’s incomprehensible, it’s that everything affects everything in creation. The only way we can get to the bottom of it all is to work with our guidance. Your 3D ego mind can’t comprehend, in many ways, or easily, how you even work with your guidance. The information often that you’re given in guidance, your conscious mind says, “What?!” Just get out of the way, so we can do the job. Just allow rather than control. Humans think they have to control everything. No, you have to allow everything, not control.

[From Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions, p. 34]

[Photo: Calendula, a great healer]




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Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds (through John Armitage), continued:

We are a group of beings that are a collective consciousness. We are not the Ascended Masters, we are a group of multi-dimensional and beings from multiple worlds, humanoids, reptilians and insectoids. We belong to a group which is know as the Protectors of the Emerald Covenants of the Free Worlds, and our group, or you can say our organization, is know as the Confederation of Free Worlds.
You might ask: “Is planet Earth a member of the Confederation of Free Worlds?” We would say to you officially, “Not yet”. For the simple reason that human beings haven’t realized their freedom yet. Or I would rephrase that slightly and say that there are many human beings that still have to realize their freedom.
This day is coming quickly. This is why we are asking each and every one of you to stand in your own power, because then you will achieve freedom. When you stand in your own power, you cannot be coerced by governments, for you are not afraid of governments anymore. The most extreme scenario is that they can destroy your human body. Notice that I didn’t say the worst, I said the most extreme, for you can always incarnate again, so it is not really bad, it is just a change of body. As you stand in your power, you are free from the fear of oppression. You become unshakable in the faith that you are pure love, that you are Mother/Father God incarnated in this body. The will of Mother/Father God will manifest through you.
You have choice, humans: spend another few million years in the slavery of the illusion, or be free now. We hope you make the choice of freedom, so we can welcome you with open arms into the Confederation of Free Peoples.
My friends, I have told you who we are, we have told you what we do. We have given you some ideas, some advice and information. Don’t give your power away to us; we have all the power in creation. Stand in your own power and be the gods and goddesses that you are, incarnated on Earth. Don’t campaign for peace outside of yourself. Make peace with yourself. As your great teacher, your great master Gandhi spoke, “Be the change you want to see upon your earth, and though your change everything changes.”
With our love we leave you now. My name is not important. I am just a spokesperson for this group. This channel has agreed that, within the coming one or two years, he will convey some of our messages to you. We will, at some time perhaps, give you some names, but at this time names are not important, and we know the human potential for getting caught up with names. At this time we will only say that you may know me as the spokesperson.
My friends, in the energy of Mother/Father God’s perfection and purity, I salute each and every human upon this planet, and we leave you in showers of our love.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]




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Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds, continued:

Would you understand that Mother Earth is a multi-dimensional being like you are? She has a body in every dimensional reality, just as you do, and it is the same for her and her children. When she decides to take her ascension, she just integrates in another dimensional aspect of herself.
You have the choice of making those steps along with her. As said, Mother/Father God is in no hurry, and if you don’t wish to make the steps into wholeness and power, that’s all right. There is no judgment. We already have other planets prepared for you where you can continue to disempower each other, print your money and build your weapons, control each other through lack of food, through lack of education, materially and spiritually, lack of resources and housing, until such times that you realize that this is not what true life is.
For us, we would see that the most preferable choice is to move into your own power and cease the struggle. Ask yourself: “Is my continual struggle making me happy? Does my continuous denial of my god/goddess-ness help me in standing in my own power? Does it make things easy for me in my life?” We would hope for you, not for us, because we love you exactly as you are without judgment, but we would hope for you that the answer would be: “I want to make changes now”
Of course, the constant human question is “How?” The answer in totality from Mother/Father God is “Just do it”. Just allow the glory of your I Am Presence to manifest through you. There is no question or argument. At this moment the human race stands upon a crossroad. The more people are standing in their own power at this moment will have a strong effect on what happens to the human race next. Would you prefer the creation of a heavenly situation upon the Earth? When we say a heavenly situation, we don’t mean anything religious or Biblical. A heavenly situation is where all are taken care of, supported and loved, and given the situations that they need to learn who and what they are. Or would you prefer another ongoing period of struggle?
There is a choice, but I know, we know, that humans deep within them have knowledge of their god/goddess-ness. It is not only coded in their light bodies, but in their DNA. Deep down everybody longs for this Oneness and this wholeness. Our advice to you is not to long for it, but to do it.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]




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