Spokesperson of The Federation of Free Worlds, through John Armitage:

You know yourself as the human race. You are familiar with the types of bodies through which you can experience upon the planet. Originally differences were created by heat and cold, but in fact you are not the first humans that were created upon this planet. Where are those humans now? They don’t exist upon the planet anymore, because they destroyed themselves. But the spirits that inhabited their bodies, or shall we say to make it easier to understand, the souls that inhabited their bodies, now inhabit your bodies. You can see that even if you destroy yourselves, or destroy your bodies, you don’t destroy your true self.
From the perspective of Mother/Father God, free will was given to this planet along with other planets within your solar system, and through this free will you already made other planets uninhabitable in the way that you understand habitation: Mars and Venus just to speak of two. Through the action of the beings that were also humanoid beings on those planets, it is now impossible to live there in this type of body, for the ecosystem and the atmosphere have been destroyed. And if the ecosystem is destroyed, these biological forms, or physical bodies, cannot exist without water and oxygen. There is no breathable atmosphere. We would remind you that even your investigating scientists at this moment say that they think they have found frozen water on the planet Mars. They already are starting to think that there must have been an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere of Earth there. In their naivety in the past they always said that life would not exist in a place like that. Of course, in the circumstances they see now it would not exist, but in the past it was.
You have the free will to destroy yourself or live in your own power. This is the choice of every individual, and the things that you see happening around you upon the planet are a representation of what happens in your hearts and your conscious minds. These struggles, the need and the hunger for material power, the feelings of need of having power over others and to control others in their actions, these are the reflections of the consciousness of many, the outward manifestation of their inner realities. It is very easy to change the world. Change what happens in your hearts and in your minds, and the world will change with you. This is the choice, and it is yours to take; for every human being, it is the choice to make.
For we, Mother/Father God and the creator gods, have all the time that we need. We have all the time we need because time is an illusion. We are not governed by time. Only humans govern themselves by time. We can wait as long as it takes, but our choice is that you listen to our words and stand in your own power, be steady in your hearts and minds, and you move forward very quickly. Cease the inner struggle, allow the perfection to manifest through you, and the next level of your experience on this planet will start to manifest very quickly.
[from Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 53ff]


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Most of us were brought up to believe in Heaven—and some of us in Hell as well. Whatever you call your conception of the afterlife (if you have one), it’s probably some sort of place that’s better than here. Heaven with the pearly gates and streets paved with gold; the Happy Hunting Grounds of some Native Americans; even the 300 virgins or whatever (though the virgins might consider that a kind of Hell…). According to John and the Upstairs Department that he channels, these are illusory places that our consciousnesses go to if we haven’t yet raised our vibrational level enough to enter the 5th dimension, to move beyond duality and reincarnation.

John Armitage:
A friend came to me after she died and told me about her experience. She saw this tunnel of Light, and some of her older relations who had passed away were there waiting for her, saying, ‘Come on!’ Actually this is all part of the recycling of souls, and if you go through this tunnel of Light, with your family and all this, they’re living in another illusory created reality. Sometimes people even write books about this; they channel information and they say, “Oh we’re living in houses, we’ve got dogs and kids and this kind of thing.” What? It’s totally illusory. This again leads to reincarnation. So actually, going through these systems and into these illusory realities is all part of this control matrix all over again. What we need to do is to bring in some higher frequency energy, this expanded energy of Divine Love, and through radiating this through our Sacred Hearts, to dissipate this matrix that we’re living in. …
What we think of as reality is totally illusory. Actually, we’ve collectively created it, and we relate to it as real. Ultimately, what we consider to be real is part of this artificially created matrix. Kuthumi’s saying to me again, take care what you say, because the idea is to empower people, not to drive them into fear. This is one of the reasons why I don’t talk about the control system too much, how it works, the reasons for the control system and all this, because I leave that to other people. And I don’t want to drive people into fear.

Ultimately, you see, this “matrix” that we’re talking about, or the artificial or illusory reality, is actually created to keep humanity in slavery. And also, as well, you see, you think to yourself, “When I die, I’ll be free.’” But then, if you end up in another illusory reality, or come through the tunnel of Light, then actually your soul gets recycled, and then you reincarnate again. Because you have this desire to be in a human body, you reincarnate and keep going around. In Hinduism they call it the circle of the wheel of birth and death. In Buddhism they say the same thing, although they don’t explain how it works. You get stuck in this 7th level of the 4th dimension, this illusory reality which could be manifest as “heaven”—it could be the Muslim heaven, the Christian heaven, the Jewish heaven, the Happy Hunting Grounds, Valhalla and all this kind of thing, or it could be like just a community of souls that are living the same as they did on earth—like in these channeled books I mentioned before. They’re stuck in another part of the illusory matrix. And then their souls are recycled again—in other words, reincarnate back into human bodies. The whole idea is to keep this aspect of human slavery going.” (Living in Freedom, pp. 28, 126-7)