John Armitage/Hari Das Baba [continued from last post]:

Recently someone forwarded to the New Paradigm MDT™ e-list, “Let’s give up free will and do God’s will.” I thought that was really beautiful. That is the middle path, isn’t it? It’s not giving your power away, and it’s not exercising your free will to such an extent that you’re rebellious. Let’s do Mother/Father God’s will, and Mother/Father God’s will is the empowerment of all beings, in every dimensional reality, human, reptilian, and insectoid. It’s the remembrance of the perfection, and the remembrance of the mastery in perfection. It’s the remembrance of the beauty, and the remembrance of the love; the remembrance of your male and female aspect in harmony. That’s really what we should have in focus.

All this thing about protection and always checking in with agencies outside yourself before you do anything or make a decision or whatever is just totally in the human psyche through the conditioning of disempowerment. Let’s get out of it. We don’t need it. We can create whatever we need on this planet. Through our own disempowerment, we’ve created what we see around us, the so-called state of the world as it stands. We’ve created it. It’s come to the stage now that our co-creations as humans are showing us that we don’t need this. We don’t want this on our planet.

I don’t want any of what’s going on to be happening on my planet. All this strife, struggle, hunger, these struggles for power, for money, struggles for power over the people through systems of medicine that disempower rather than empower, education systems that totally disempower rather than empower—I don’t want that on my planet anymore. When I say my planet, I don’t think that I own it or anything, but I live here. It’s my home at the moment. I came here voluntarily and made it my home. I wasn’t forced here for any reason. So when I say it’s my planet, I mean it’s my home, and I don’t want this on my planet, and I’m not going to have it. So I’m going to change it.

What I’m saying to everybody now is, shall we co-create something different with our love, and our harmony and balance, by standing in our own power? Let’s not give our power away to anything. Let’s stand in our power, be ourselves in our perfection as Mother/Father God in our love. It’s as simple as that.  [Living in Freedom and Love Without Conditions, pp. 65ff]

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John Armitage:

As the founder of New Paradigm MDT, I have always asked that people send healing on request only, or first to ask the I Am Presence, or higher Self of the person concerned for permission. I also say though, that if you decide to send any healing whatsoever, it should be in accordance with Divine Will and the will of each person’s I Am.

I learned many years ago that including my will into the equation is not the way to go. I used to do healing sessions and always had a desire of the outcome. My ego told me I was good. My ego was happy with itself, because it thought I was good. But at one period in my life, I was into willing people, willing their bodies into changes. I was generating karma with the people, interfering with their life streams. It seemed like I was working miracles. People would come knocking on the door looking for healing. I was famous, working miracles. But some people would come back in a few months. People with seriously bad backs would come, and 45 min. later they would walk away. I would actually will them to come into alignment. They would say, “It’s a miracle!”

Not everybody came back, but enough to get me to question. They’d say, “You know, you fixed me a few months ago. It was a miracle! Can you do it again, please?” There’s a cause for every effect in this. In general, unless it’s manifested by our I Am Presence to give us a lesson in what we have to learn, we’ve actually created our illnesses ourselves. People don’t realize we’ve actually created our own disease, by the way that we think, our emotions, the way we relate to life and so on. This is how we manifest our own disease. It’s not sensible to will people’s bodies to do something. This is why I’ve been saying for years that there is no such thing as healers, only facilitators. People heal themselves. We just facilitate the situation so as to allow them to heal themselves. It was a big lesson for me.

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